everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### will-knauth-find-someone-worse-very-soon *originally posted:* feb 2022 ever since lieplanet became the popular front, stallman has been out and the github-loving treasurer is in. often when these "interim leaders" find the coast is clear, they simply take office on the premise that they havent burned the place down yet, so they cant be too bad. everyone has stopped thinking about the dubious reasons they were installed "temporarily" in the first place. i doubt knauth has any personal ambitions about staying. hes a safe choice for whoever put him there, and its implied that stallman thought he was a safe choice as well. it would make sense for lieplanet to use this year as the opportunity to announce a new leader. there are rumours of greg; i dont have anything to say about them personally. other than knauths "ties" to github (nothing extraordinary, other than the pity of it) and how much i dislike an organisation chucking out freedom for cash appointing the person in charge of funds as president, i dont have much to say about him either. i dont think hes actually pro-stallman, nor do i think the fsf is. i dont even think theyre pro-free-software, but i think it will take more time for that to become obvious to some people. i think if knauth doesnt stay, then people are waiting until theres enough apathy to switch to a leader who is more ruthless and cares even less about the mission. the cynic in me is wondering if it will be someone from microsoft, the eff, or both. maybe mozilla? theres no cause for optimism here, the fsf has been acting pretty corrupt and ethically bankrupt for a few years now, and before that it was strategically worthless for a few more years-- standing up to pretty much fuck-all of whats now been going on for a while, as it does in the present. why should the trend in leadership be any different than this? at any rate, after stallman was ousted they went to pretty great lengths to make the position into more of a figurehead, not unlike osi just did. but since the fsf has been more or less "open source" since 2015, the fact that osi policies and fsf policies have been converging since before and after the stallman ousting shouldnt surprise anyone who is paying attention. this is actually a good reason to think the next president will remind people more of osi. either way, im guessing no one over 45 needs to apply. yes its illegal to discriminate, but corruption breeds corruption-- and lieplanet for all the ultra-left tendencies, is ageist as fuck. they dont want old ideas, not even the good ones-- they want ideas that are new whether theyre crap or not. at least it will help the rapidly decaying fsf collapse faster. oops, i got a bit optimistic for a second there. i doubt we will ever know to what degree knauth was instrumental in this. other than the two enormous donations the fsf got in 2018 (the same year the coup started, but its probably a coincidence) i really dont suspect knauth in the least. he could be an underworld kingpin or mister rogers and i wouldnt know, because i find him uninteresting-- thats probably his job now. i said similar (because i felt similar) about sullivan as executive director. but do you know who the fsfs first ever executive director was? turns out, it was kuhn. so if i have no faith in the leadership of the fsf, funnily enough, it may not have anything to do with knauth (in particular) at all. the fsf is in a transitional phase. i am pretty confident, after all the bullshit ive witnessed so far (even this year, and its only february) that what the fsf is transitioning to is something like a cross between national public radio and the bill and mel people-- in that the former has been "bought out" and taken as far away from its original purpose as it can without collapsing, and the latter is even worse than that. stallman is back, though to tell you might need binoculars and a parabolic microphone, and if thats how hard is to know hes there imagine what its going to be like with the next guy. saying the leadership of the fsf is rotten or useless is almost wrong and beside the point-- its simply too close to implying that anything else about the organisation is still good. of course, i would still agree that some are more to blame than others. with the fsfs increasingly apple-like culture of secrecy, the only way we will ever know is if people go in undercover. those who tried might end up getting sued over the nda, and who says new blood is ever trusted? it would certainly be interesting to know exactly how things went wrong, and who is to blame, but its only academic unless its really going to change anything. i think its much too late for that, and weve had many years of waiting for a miracle to happen-- or for anything else to work either. the board is subservient, lieplanet is dominating, and either way if you want to do anything with regards to the leadership, youll have to take virtually the same oath as the one over at gnu.fools. those who understand this will realise that no matter what, to lead the fsf now is to bow to its corporate masters. whether freedom, stallman or the mission is king-- this is checkmate. the game is over. or at least the chessboard is put away now and-- oh, hey! monopoly! => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org