everything wrong with free software

 "free as in speech"

### why-we-cant-have-nice-things *originally posted:* oct 2022 what the fuck did i just eat? it tastes like raisins, but id know if i ate a raisin. these really are shitty chocolates. i got the best ones i could find, but i wont make the same mistake in the future. this used to be a good brand. when i bought them, i was planning to make a point, but the point didnt hinge on these sucking like they do. ill let you know if i find a good one. its true that these now do even more to serve my point, but i only bought them as ive been craving chocolate for about a week. i was hoping this would fix that. i dont think it will, except to put me off chocolate for a while. no, i was expecting these to pass for decent. when i bought them i had a nice conversation with one of the cutest people in this whole town, so it wasnt for nothing. but these really are terrible. theyre stale and the flavour is off. i could make better chocolates than these, and im not even good at that. aww, even the coconut one is shit. how is that possible? i should have just gotten a chocolate bar. anyway, stale and fuck-awful chocolates aside, this is meant to be an article about fun things and toys. when i first started using a computer, it was a fun toy. i got into computers because you can draw with them. i suck at drawing, i do, and computers help a lot with this. so that was what got me into computers in the first place. not very long after that, i found a book on coding. i wasnt any better at coding than i was at drawing, but typing in pointless little programs and running them and changing them was lots of fun too. it was also really interesting. lets put the lid back on these fucking things and get them out of my sight. i need something to get the taste out of my mouth. you know im perfectly happy with a milky way or something-- i wasnt expecting something fancy, just something edible. just a little morsel of brown sugar sorted that out. its still gross, but the taste is mostly out of my mouth now. im not exaggerating, those were disgusting. anyway, i havent had chocolates (chocolate itself, yes) in ages and i really wanted some. i guess ill wait until im in another city next time. that shop needs to be bulldozed, for so many reasons, but im sure that brand has cut corners until theyre worthless too. no names, but not because i wont speak ill of them. ill be sure to tell everyone i know in person how awful those were. i have my reasons for not doing so here. the point i was going to make here about the chocolates depended on them not being terrible. but since they were, ill tell you whats never been awful before: those shortbread cookies with a piece of chocolate on top of them. if id known, i would have looked for those instead. coding was enough fun to be my hobby since i was a kid. i coded for fun, and i coded to accomplish certain tasks or make them easier. i mostly enjoy using computers. sometimes, particularly during major changes, they are about as horrible as those chocolates. i was happy with dos, i was happy with early versions of windows, i even managed to tweak (and tweak, and tweak) later versions to be less terrible. im good at that. but every time a few years went by, microsoft became even more of a dick, and they would give me lots more things to undo that were (more or less) deliberate bullshit. i definitely got tired of that. microsoft wants to control their users-- they want to decide for you when you upgrade, what you ultimately use, how you do things youve done for years. they control users by controlling their software. when free software is forkable, they have a harder time doing that. free software is a great idea. note that i actually enjoyed using windows at one point. i had it doing what i wanted, i liked the functionality, when i learned how to code it was using microsoft products. this is not just about microsoft, though-- well i mean, everything is about microsoft now. it shouldnt be, monopolies are a bad thing that i worked very, very hard to get away from. when it was clear that microsoft were going to be dicks forever, of course i started looking for options. i hated apple as a kid, because they were such douchebags. their advertising glorified user ignorance and made it into a mark of quality. their products were even more proprietary than microsofts. i wont pretend i could afford their shit anyway. but i liked using a pc. i think dragging a cd into the trash to eject is stupid. theres a button right on the cd door (of a real computer). ive watched apple users get out a paper clip and unfold it to eject. thats so sad. i know you can do that on a "real" cd/dvd drive, but they were only doing it because the drive or the software wasnt working reliably, and there isnt a button to eject because the design is fucking stupid. anyway, i learned about "open source" (as it was rebranded by shills) and this sounded like a real step forward. so i explored my options. wouldnt it be nice, i thought, to not have all my computing controlled by corporate douchebags? that would be so cool! only it was a lot of work to get everything i enjoyed doing to work (somehow) on a new setup. i wasnt interested in just switching to something different. i wanted to transition. besides, i couldnt get any of it installed on my hardware. if you saw the old shit i was using at the time, you might see why i was having problems with that. but i did have fun removing as much of windows as i could. anything i didnt care about at all, it had to go-- ill rip windows out piece by piece if i have to. anything i liked, i would try to replace with a free (as in gratis, or when possible, as in freedom) non-microsoft solution. and this was fun too-- i was putting together a very unique windows system, to wean myself off the old crap i hoped to get away from. if i could have at the time, i would have just gotten a separate computer and put gnu/linux on it. oh, but what to buy, will it work with this network card? and so on. at the time these were real issues-- at least occasionally. i bought red hat for $30 and it would not install. i looked through the paper manual (i used to believe in those) but it said nothing useful in the troubleshooting section. i had (slightly) more luck with mandrake, which i bought shrinkwrapped outside of a coat store for $5. but until i found xubuntu (wouldnt exist for a few more years) and dsl, i did not have the tools that enabled me to switch. so i just took time to remove windows instead. by the time i removed my last copy of windows, i was already familiar and comfortable with gnu/linux. and that was nice for a while. i continued exploring distros and found the latest trisquel worked with a wireless device i couldnt get working before that, so i started using fully-free distros. then debian moved all non-free stuff out of the installer (a decision they finally reversed roughly a decade later, this year) and started using a blob-free kernel-- on top of this, a power-management bug was causing serious hardware problems, and ubuntu and trisquel were too good to do anything because the simple solution MIGHT not work for everyone. but debian (upstream of ubuntu and trisquel) decided to be responsible about it. so i moved towards debian. that worked nicely for a few years, but debian stopped caring about users and started telling them to go fuck themselves, so i stopped using that too. these people dont care at all-- they do not fucking care. they dont care about your options, your "freedom" or anything like that. theyre just cunts. if they fuck up every option you have, they dont. fucking. care. so i tried devuan. and i dont mean for a weekend. i spent years on devuan and derivatives of devuan. i learned better and moved on-- i started automating my own distros. but i still wanted a decent base to start with. i moved to void, but microsoft purchased github. ive spent years moving away from these dicks. did void care about microsoft controlling their repos? not at all. i moved to tinycore, thinking they had their own repo. turns out (found out later) that link just redirects to github. where all the free software is. you can have any master you want-- as long as its microsoft. well, no-- im not cool with that. these are sworn enemies-- we didnt swear it, THEY did! then they took over. i mean, i remember in the 1990s when they used to buy things as a way of taking over competition. they even had memos where they plotted to do this. they said exactly what they plan to do. dont be a sucker. anyway, i ranked every distro on distrowatch (yes, hundreds) based on features that tied them to github and microsoft. i wanted to get as far away from that shit as possible. microsoft just takes things over and then destroys them. i have always, other than initially-- preferred things they dont control. i want my computing to NOT be controlled by monopolies. thats why i went to all this trouble. but monopolists try to control everything. thats the antithesis of freedom. it makes the entire movement into a lie. i cant give away free computers like i used to, telling them "this makes it so monopolies dont control..." NO IT DOESNT! it takes you out of their hands-- and then puts you right back into their hands. the whole fucking thing is a scam now. ive probably done more research on this than anyone. the farthest i could get away from linux (the kernel) and github and microsoft was to move to bsd, preferably openbsd. freebsd does some development on github, netbsd uses it for funding, and openbsd has a mirror there but theyre strict about it being a mirror. you cant get away from github. but openbsd at least clearly does not depend on it. they even forked less-- a program that moved from gnu controlling the software to github controlling the software. that means openbsd less is a fork of gnu that makes it MORE free. thats how full of shit the gnu project is these days. but gnu was THE most free operating system ever made. its not anymore. theyre standing idly by while its taken over. free software is important. when it stops being a lie, when it stops being open source in free softwares clothing, that will be great. ive watched for years, i think gnu will collapse by 2029. the way things are going right now, it will be sooner than that. but im not going to help fake free software lie to people. thats not why i went to all this trouble. i dont want to give people fake freedom under false pretenses. these people are liars and traitors, who destroyed good software and a very important movement. just today one was saying how stallman wasnt really a good leader anyway. i mean, hello, the person who was saying this-- thats like an arsonist saying "really, that place was a fire hazard anyway". i mean okay, maybe it was, but youre the one who threw the fucking match on it. no sense of hypocrisy at all? i mean, ive said some of the same things-- youre the ones that fucking torched it. are you for fucking real? you were the bigger hazard-- youre trying to blame what couldve been? i dont want to be in a cult of corporate liars. if i did, i would have been happy to stay with open source. or even microsoft. i dont want any of that. i like playing with computers. i like it even more when liars and slavers dont come to steal all our shit so they can sell a crappier version back to us. but i still know what its like to play with non-free software. i spent years doing that. even when i bought a new (used) machine, id always play with windows for a few minutes before formatting the drive to install an operating system i could trust. you cant trust windows. and you cant trust github. being forced to use it sometimes (i try to minimise that, more than anyone i know does) isnt trust, its something else. at best, its temporary and partial defeat. i dont prefer to be defeated. as long as we are talking about "controlling our computing" i dont want microsoft or ibm or github to do that for me. and i stopped playing with windows when id get a new machine. its not for the sake of purity-- i went to all the trouble to get away from that shit, and id "visit" when i bought a used computer, so i would be relatively up to date on what windows was like, or so id be reminded of it and be able to compare. but it stopped mattering. i stopped caring about that-- even if it was just a few minutes or an hour before i deleted everything on the system anyway, even the momentary novelty wore off. windows isnt fun anymore. its just a way to control users. and thats what gnu/linux is quickly becoming now, and thats not fun for me either. so people who think this stuff is fun, they wonder how i can deny myself the pleasure of such luxuries. the thing is, theyre not much fun for very long. once monopolies control something, they break it to force you to do new things. ive seen this happen more and more with so-called "free" software. it happened with debian, and thats why i left. ubuntu was literally breaking my computer-- not in a way that could be fixed, only if parts were actually replaced. and systemd did that again, to firmware. these developers are fucking awful. theyre bad people, and theyre shitty developers too. so the very reason i moved away from debian is the same reason i moved to debian and away from ubuntu. they stopped giving a shit, and they started breaking things (even hardware) because they didnt care. and they were complete and utter cunts about it. this isnt fun! this is people stealing our toys and selling them back, only now theyre fucked up. thats not fun for me. i still like fun. what i dont enjoy, is a bunch of fucking bullshit. so, yeah. i still have fun with computers. but microsoft and ibm and narcissistic cunt developers like to take shit over. that ruins the fun. i know the old trope is to paint free software users as self-flagellating catholic zealots, like the guy in the davinci code, but i like fun as much as anyone else. i keep trying to find what fun is left, after microsoft comes to kick over everyones sand castles. and fuck them for saying im the one who doesnt like a good time. i was having a great time, without their fucking evil takeover, thank you very much. and despite all that, i still prefer to enjoy myself. i just wouldnt want to give the very people who destroyed it any credit for what i managed to do despite them. how does that sound to you, then? it may not be all fun and games trying to fight what theyve done-- but we could have (and did have) a lot more fun, without their help or their gatekeeping. maybe thats fun for them-- i guess i know what i like, thats just not it. license: 0-clause bsd ``` # 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 # # Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any # purpose with or without fee is hereby granted. # # THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND THE AUTHOR DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES # WITH REGARD TO THIS SOFTWARE INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF # MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS. 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