everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### why-techrights-is-an-open-source-scam other pages: => dividing-things-pointlessly-and-inaccurately-along-age-lines.html dividing-things-pointlessly-and-inaccurately-along-age-lines *originally posted:* dec 2021 bait and switch: for it to work, you have to have bait. baiting free software advocates used to require a lot more effort; this was before free software abandoned its goals (decades after the fact). i would call free software a bait and switch scam too, if it wasnt systematically infiltrated and taken over by corporations, shills and scammers. free software was the real thing. at first this is going to sound like a year old rant. it probably should, its been a year since roy lied to his readers about what happened. and he lied for nearly a year (still ongoing) and it was only last month (november 2021) that he did it again. i told him a year ago why i left. he still pretends its about something else. truth doesnt matter, he insists on speaking for me (both condescendingly and dishonestly) even when im explaining my own actions. its the easiest excuse to misrepresent them: speak for them (also leave out the whole truth). ive tried to demonstrate how far this goes-- ive spent the year documenting lies and fabrications roy told about richard stallman, lies he told TO richard stallman (i was a lot more angry about his lie to stallman than anything he said to me directly-- you think roy is going to admit any of it? hes a fucking liar, ive presented PROOF of this-- proof doesnt matter, facts dont matter. roy just lies on top of it) but it doesnt start or end with roy lying to me. roy lies to EVERYBODY. he lies compulsively. he lies repeatedly. he lies on top of other lies. he lies RECREATIONALLY, the way that a dancer or a magician or musician does what they do: with FLOURISH. roy fucking dazzles himself with his own fucking bullshit. and roy lies about free software. he lies about open source. he tells the truth about something, then he uses that as the foundation for a lie that goes far beyond ANY GOOD the truth does. => https://muckrights-sans-merde.neocities.org/the-second-biggest-lie-at-muckrights.html yes, roy has helped expose some really interesting shit, too. but after he does that, he uses this as a form of currency (he abuses whatever trust it builds) to manipulate his readers. roy enjoys getting people to do things for him for free, under false pretenses. this labour under false pretenses IS practically the same thing as the open source scam ITSELF. its UNETHICAL. its DISHONEST. and its BULLSHIT. this is what techrights is all about. now because i have years of experience that is first-hand, i use that to explain things in terms of what happened to me. when i say what happened to me personally, i definitely know what im talking about. i know i know. some other people know that i know. im not alone in this. and i go out of my way not to reveal the involvement of others. (except oliva, but even then i barely ever go into detail there-- oliva is not likely KEY to this. not that ill ever know for sure, but i dont think he is-- oliva could be a pawn in this really. he even apologised for his role in it, and i told him he didnt have to, for what its worth). this is about roy. and its about what he does at the expense of both truth, and the expense of other people. lets talk about what roy and i REALLY fell out over, because he claimed just last month that once again it was about a single irc conversation-- in december 2020. so ask roy (he will lie to you) how it can be about an irc exchange in december, when you can read the article of mine he posted AT LEAST A MONTH PRIOR saying i was leaving and not returning. yes, he talked me out of staying a little longer (one or more months) though i was ready to go at the time. and he lied (again) to convince me to stay. I SAID HE WAS MISREPRESENTING ME (in an article) and thats why i was leaving. he said it was a misunderstanding. i believed his lie and stayed. hes told much larger lies than this. again, this happened before december 2020, but just last month he said "i want to set the record straight" and told people this was all about something to do with msg. seriously-- hes been hung up on that for more than 300 days now, telling everyone who will hear that i just flipped out over this thing. its a huge lie of omission, his version of the story is more fabrication than truth. still not the biggest lie hes told by far, but its relevant because hes saying this to smear me and to try to make me look crazy to people. i have plenty of people in my life who know im eccentric, but not nuts. what i take issue with is roy pounding this non-fact into peoples heads as a "thank you" for YEARS of helping this ungrateful, unethical, completely exploitative lying piece of shit. i even told him-- look, i just want to leave. leave me alone. i dont want to fight with you. just stop talking shit about me like this, stop throwing me under the bus. all he did was step it up. roy wanted this fight, so much he could not be pleaded with to stop lying. a year later hes still doing it. hes also getting sued (i guess) for doing this to someone else. id be commenting on that, if the person suing him didnt try to destroy stallmans life with lies and bullshit. that doesnt mean roy is being honest, it means maybe i dont care so much about whats happening to his other victim. i mean i dont know who to root for in that instance, and im not rooting for either side there. im unsympathetic to both parties. but is roy lying about some of that too? it wouldnt surprise me. is the other person lying? i dont know, hes pretty pedantic. both of them lied to people about stallman. one to defame, one for non-defaming but otherwise selfish reasons. i dont have to pick a side, they might deserve each other. i really kind of think no one deserves either of them though. to understand the big-picture relevance of roys dishonesty and bullshit, rather than only the examples i have that are first-hand and personal (and not so big-picture, obviously) you have to understand what ive been saying about open source for years now: open source is a bait and switch scam. so is techrights. open source takes free software, pretends to give a shit about it SORT OF, then uses it to exploit people and sell those people BACK to proprietary companies. so does techrights. the difference is that open source is notorious for throwing free software under the bus and then capturing and controlling it anyway, and techrights is NOT notorious for this. i encourage people to rethink what they think of techrights, along these lines. the goal is the same: open source wants to control people who create free software. it wants to dictate what happens to those projects, it wants to tell people what matters and what doesnt, and it wants ZERO accountability, which it creates for itself with manipulation and lies. so does techrights. and techrights, by constantly starting out with scandals and things corporations are doing wrong, has the PERFECT ALIBI. until you go head to head with roy, at least. the motivation of a narcissist is to first, fool someone into thinking they care. they spend most of their energy on this-- every lie is an example of how much they care. why do you think this has gone on for fifteen years? he cares. why do you think his output is so heavy? he cares. why do you think he holds corporations so accountable? because he cares, he cares, he cares. its a foolproof plan, really. just look at all the evidence that hes sincere and honest and this matters. theres a fucking mountain of it. just try and refute that! hilariously, roy gives two REALLY big clues that this is irrelevant. theres a quote and a phrase he finds so dear to him that he brings them up routinely: 1. gish gallop a gish gallop is an endless stream of bullshit (basically) which no one can refute. theres no way to tackle a mountain, all you can do is fucking accept that its there. theres no way to refute a mountain of bullshit, if you start to work on it then all youll get is another mountain to deal with. techrights itself is a 15-year gish gallop of lies and half-truths. i have actually spent months dissecting the entire mountain, working on examples of that bullshit. you know what really stops me from doing that? PROGRESS. the more progress i make in finding people who know what hes doing, the less incentive i have to pick at the mountain. but ive also gotten better at reading his gish gallop a week or even a month at a time, so if im doing something more important i can get behind a whole month or two and still catch up. the mlsd project is more important right now. 2. "you have to get behind someone to stab them in the back" this is a pithy line from "yes, minister", an old british comedy both roy and i are familiar with. the idea is simply this: you can fuck someone over a lot harder if you know them and look like a friend. ive said this about open source (and microsoft themselves said it about open source about 20 years ago in the halloween documents) and roy knows an awful lot about stabbing people in the back. the industry is a cult, and you learn a lot about their tactics when you study their behaviour. the thing is, roy will then try to prove his good intentions by saying how INVOLVED he is. but alongside this he offers the perfect retort to his own proof: INVOLVEMENT DOESNT PROVE SYMPATHY! if a mountain of involvement demonstrated sympathy, then github would prove that microsoft loves "open source". rather, microsoft has done to this movement what it always does to competitors: it gets heavily involved, insinuates itself into everything, LIES ITS ARSE OFF and then takes things over. then once it controls them, it ultimately destroys them. roy knows this. roy documents this. roy also DOES this. but i dont think his reasons are exactly the same (they have some overlap) as microsofts. roy did to ME what open source did to stallman. NO, THE SCALE IS DIFFERENT. im not that full of myself, im no stallman! hes a hero to me, i dont think i could ever do what he did-- i dont have the skills. or even the charisma. yes, some people think its funny to hear that stallman has "charisma". what he managed to do would be quite impossible without that. stallman has a lot of charisma, with certain types of people. open source is now (and in my opinion, has been since 1999 when perens resigned in protest) a weapon against free software: a fake version of free software-- a way to EXPLOIT free software. techrights is a way to exploit free software 2.0. its certainly more modest than open source... but techrights IS open source. of course if you read techrights, youll find my articles saying that open source is a scam, and that free software has turned into it. i dont mean 100% of free software, i mean the bulk of it. the fsf was infiltrated. and corrupted. the fsf is still in too many ways, closer to open source than free software at this point-- and thats how far it has fallen. whats the alternative? to rebuild. when i said that a year ago, i didnt expect agreement. i was hoping to wake some people up. i wasnt the only person saying this. im not trying to take all the credit. there are more people saying this now than there were at the time. someday maybe we will know if my efforts helped. either way, roy USED me. he invited me to do an extensive number of tasks for him, under false pretenses. when someone lies to you while asking you to do things, i think thats a scam. you need to be honest with people about why theyre helping you. i mean, if they do things with you for 2 years (yes some things i simply offered, i cant blame him for those things-- roy asks people for favours all the time-- always to help with something fundamentally dishonest). one of the reasons roy gets away with this is because of the scale. he asks for small things. he lets people get used to being "part of" techrights. then when they leave, he denies they were ever "part" of it. he showers them with credit at first, but thats a lie-- later he proves to them it was nothing at all. its simple manipulation. but this is not as far as the scam goes, its only the beginning. roy claims to defend free software, to cover things as they really are. he makes things up. how many things i dont know, but ive caught him making things up about stallman and then telling those lies repeatedly. why was he telling them? to STOP people from trying to move FORWARD, pretending that stallman believed this or wanted that, or understood / felt this way about something... HE MADE IT UP! he made it up to STOP people from trying to have MORE control of their computing. and ive seen him do this to several people, several times. hes done it to mincer for YEARS. hes done it to me, too. trying to call off activists from a LEGITIMATE pursuit of freedom because of reasons that are FABRICATED and false is the very essence of the open source scam. and techrights does this. oh sure, if you peddle AWARENESS (like bono and his "charity") then techrights has LOADS of that. sure, some of it is made up and some of it is bullshit and some of it is deliberate lies, but its all for a GOOD CAUSE, right? its for awareness of the problem, dont you know? except when hes simply gotten close enough to you to stab you in the back. then its about misleading people. oh, and except when the awareness is merely a signal you can trust him, so when he gives you fuck-awful advice and tells you to not bother trying to be more free, that you believe he has a point. thats not really helping awareness. the thing is, the sort of awareness that open source wants to raise is shallow, meaningless-- and two-faced. you can ALWAYS help roy raise fake awareness! heck, even after he lied about me and spent (at the time) weeks lying to people about me, he INVITED me back to help AGAIN! THEN HE TOLD PEOPLE I WAS BACK, WHEN I WASNT! i was busy complaining about how hed taken a britain-sized shit on my december and january, and here roy was proud as a peacock for suckering me into returning! which i never did. i havent written for techrights again, nor done any of the other things i used to do-- roy says this is because im too proud to APOLOGISE-- for what, not helping him misrepresent and lie to people about me further? around the same time i was "sort of back" at techrights, he borrowed some (very specific) points i was making from a website he swears hed never seen (more than once it was "the first hes seen it", with different people, different months entirely... how is that possible?) but also i documented where he was talking about it with someone in chat nearly a year ago, so cmon... but there are so many lies it just starts to sound "petty" for holding him to all of them! might as well let some of those lies go. after all, there will always be bigger ones he tells. why not focus on those, rather than the sheer bulk? i mean, everyones entitled to their preferences, right? so how about this one? after he lied about me in an article, and i said id leave, and then he lied to get me to stay, and i stayed, and he threw me under the bus again months later, and said it was SOLELY about that for A YEAR to anyone who would listen, after i said "no, it was THIS" and "please leave me out of this shit" but he just couldnt let a month (sometimes a week, or a day) go by without telling the same lie again... after all that, AND he lied to stallman about me in an email, over something he not only KNEW wasnt true, but even said HIMSELF wasnt true months later in chat (did he ever apologise to me or to stallman for this lie? of course not... and stallmans a personal hero though why not tell him lies about me as a thank you for years of helping you out?) even after that, it really needs to be said that I SPENT A LOT OF TIME ATTACKING OPEN SOURCE. in my articles. in articles roy published-- while thanking me. a lot, to get me to write more. then he threw me under the bus. repeatedly. without remorse, without mercy, without ever relenting. i stood up to him for this. of course he continued to lie, roy would never admit a mistake so important. you know what else he wont admit? his own PROFESSIONAL TIES TO OPEN SOURCE. you think a guy like me would have ever spent 2 years writing stuff for roy to publish if id known he was OPEN SOURCE? i said its a BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM that USES PEOPLE and lies, it turns software designed to give you freedom into a tax-free way to control other people and get labour for prices so low even china is like "damn!" open source turns free software into a cheap corporate workforce. its pure exploitation. (free software, the real thing, is volunteer work-- no false pretenses means no scam. just voluntary collaboration). you think id have spent 2 years helping this guy if i knew he was one of these scammers? of course not. i hate these people. theyre really, really BAD, scummy people. (not everyone in open source knows how bad it is, but the people who actually run it and use people that way know exactly what theyre doing). when do you think i found out about roys PROFESSIONAL ties to open source? it wasnt until very recently-- more than half a year after i left. when i say open source, i mean ITS IN THE COMPANY NAME: "OPEN SOURCE". when i say that roy has spent years bullshitting people (not just me, also me) about red hat, about debian, about himself: i mean he during that time had professional (at a minimum, diplomatic) ties to these corporations and projects: * bacula * CANONICAL * flax * rackspace * RED HAT yes, i am well aware that you can find roy TRASHING the very worst of these companies. you can also find him spending YEARS giving people the runaround about certain things theyve done, and only when you hammer on about them for months and months and months does he (once again) PRETEND to give a shit. so he can control whats left of the narrative. you think id have spent months trying to solve the mystery of why the fuck roy didnt care for SO MANY YEARS about systemd, if id known HE WORKS WITH RED HAT FOR A LIVING? hell, i dont know the extent of that association, only the existence of it (i dont even know the dates, only that its still there). you think i would have TRUSTED roy if he had BOTHERED TO DISCLOSE that the company he gets PAID by has "OPEN SOURCE" in their company name? (its not hard to find, im not going to name them here). ROY HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO DISCLOSE THIS. i do NOT think he has to NAME the company-- i think he needs to say: "I DO OPEN SOURCE FOR A LIVING"-- well, HE FUCKING DOES! and open source is based on LIES and getting FREE LABOUR for people who turn around and throw their own under the bus. esr did it to stallman (perens complained) and debian did it to various contributors, roy did it to me and microsoft has done it to fucking EVERYBODY. and roy just freely admits that these companies do this shit-- then he turns right around and tells people not to do anything about it. how do you fix this? MORE AWARENESS. awareness for what? for just awareness. apparently, roy is a lot braver about how to control the narrative and "buy out the opposition" than most open sourcers. he claims to care about the fsf, telling people to join when he says hes never been a member (i was). he claims to care about stallman but he told people that it was better to "get away" from that topic when they suggested he promote the stallmansupport url. i linked to it immediately, and when roy realised techrights could just mirror articles sure! he got more clicks out of it. the more the merrier! awareness, awareness, awareness! now, try to actually DO ANYTHING to CHANGE the sitution, and he gaslights readers (even mincer) for years, bullshitting about systemd, about stallman, about so many things. whats the main reason he does this? so he can co-opt the solutions later. got a solution? great, we dont need it. then later he will come up with it on his own. then he will act like techrights was "always" about this. => https://muckrights-sans-merde.neocities.org/how-to-do-the-scooby-doo-maneuver.html just dont stand up to him. he will try to destroy you. a bit like microsoft. i know people are going to say that on the whole, he does more good than harm. thats really a change of subject, which is that he lies and misleads and manipulates (and exploits free labour). whether he does "more good than harm" in the process is a bit like saying bill gates can do whatever he pleases because HEY MAN, HE DONATES A LOT TO CHARITY! its a good bullshit, it fools a lot of people, but its still a fucking scam. when its about people reading (and writing) things that are all about techrights and how it LEADS THE WAY to solving all the problems free software has, roy is ALL FOR IT. and when its NOT about techrights, when its really about ACTUALLY SOLVING those problems, about changing the pathetic status quo roy JUST SAID A WEEK AGO (i mean, on ANY given week) is SUCH A PROBLEM! i mean, we can complain about the state of free software BUT WE WONT STAND FOR ANY IMPROVEMENTS! unless theyre made up, and in article form. THATS THE TECHRIGHTS SCAM. THATS the "big win" roys got people putting in free labour for. and as for actually rebooting free software, roy is going to try to stop people. then hes going to deny he ever did. then hes going to get even. then hes going to co-opt everything. this is exactly what open source does. if roy had ever said: "I WORK FOR AN OPEN SOURCE COMPANY" (for ten fucking years now, more or less) then you know, hed be meeting ethical obligations and i could say "hey roy, i love your website but i wont trust you for years when you work for OPEN SOURCE". and roy would say "whatever, you had a complete breakdown over some irc thing". i mean, i didnt-- all that broke down was my loyalty to a lying open source scumbag. but whats one more lie? there are SO MANY (and bigger ones, so who cares?) i know people dont care about what roy did to me personally. i care. i know that some people would have a BETTER IDEA what roy is really about if he PROPERLY DISCLOSED HIS AFFILIATIONS but it helps him to bullshit people. and again, he doesnt have to say the name. he PROBABLY should have mentioned red hat, though. just saying, roy. i would have left over red hat, if id known. fuck! i never would have done anything for him in the first place. i wouldnt have had anything to do with that piece of shit. instead he said he was "neutral or apathetic" about systemd YEARS after lying to me about how maybe he gave a shit about it (when i asked him even before i started writing for him). "neutral or apathetic, huh?" did you mean to say PROFESSIONALLY AFFILIATED? maybe it should have come up at some point. like the in the article where he said he was "neutral" about systemd. he talks it up now, a lot. of course he does. you cant co-opt the discussion without HAVING it, even if your side of it is all lies, right? PLEASE ROY, TELL EVERYONE THIS IS JUST ABOUT SOME MINOR SPAT WITH MINCER AGAIN! => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org/a-testament-to-roys-cluelessness.html i have nothing against mincer. i had nothing against mincer. i have a problem with liars who exploit people. i dont put mincer in that category (he never asked me to do shit). thats not a breakdown, either. thats the way people OUGHT to work. you know, honest people. and then theres people like roy. dont get scammed by open source. dont get scammed by techrights. it LOOKS REALLY GOOD! its bullshit. even when the truth is there, its mitigated with if-by-whisky and its there for dishonest reasons-- to build trust that will then also be exploited. calling that a "scam" is calling it exactly what it is. what you do with that knowledge, is up to you. and if bono (the musician, who has the same problem that roy has) raises "awareness", its really just about his image. its about awareness of bono-- not awareness of the problem, let alone anything really changing. if YOU want to raise awareness, dont start lying and misleading people strategically when someone wants to actually DO SOMETHING with that awareness, like try to actually fix the problem. THEN people might think you have an ounce of sincerity or integrity like you swear you do, eh? also dont spend a whole year fucking someone over who spent 2 years helping you, and getting thanked until the day it became convenient to stab them in the back. just saying! now, get a load of this shit: http://techrights.org/2006/12/25/happy-holidays-2006/ > dear reader[...] we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season and thank you for your loyalty, the input, and for making this project worthwhile. without you, the web site would serve little or no purpose[...] until roy wants try to ruin your life, at least. then the "gratitude" is pretty thin. it wouldnt even stop his fucking holiday season smear campaign of lies and bullshit. but i did practically beg him to stop... i can still prove he was lying, too. hell, ninety percent of what he threw me under the bus for was stuff he had already said himself-- AND STILL SAYS, now that im not there! but thats how it goes with monopolists (roy points this out himself)-- ibm can ban the word "master" regardless of context, admonish people for using it, then turn around and use it extensively themselves! its sort of funny that roy still gets paid to pretend to give a shit what they do. oh! i never said he was writing techrights as part of his job. all im saying is that theres enough overlap between what progress he runs interference on and what companies he has been professionally tied to (at his present job, of about a decade running) that they surely dont care what he says. and that he would be a little less full of shit if he bothered to mention TECHRIGHTS WORKS FOR THE OPEN SOURCE SCAM. or at least its primary author does. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org