everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### why-does-techrights-think-its-a-big-deal-when-lousy-people-step-down other pages: => mo-money-mo-problems.html mo-money-mo-problems *originally posted:* feb 2022 many years ago, bill gates stepped down from his postition of ceo at microsoft. the entire charade (not an uncommon variety) is this signified some kind of change. this is sometimes true when good people step down; if they were pushed, pressured or forced to do so. that at least, is news. even though techrights has articles that seem to suggest they understand the stepping down of a bad leader often signifies no change whatsoever-- the next two leaders of microsoft remained loyal to gates and nothing changed but rhetoric, and gnome has (with various people at the helm) sold out free software again, and again and again from the beginning-- techrights seems to imply (or want people to think) this really means anything whatsoever: > No more Bully de Blanc (fired), no Nicholson (OSI, stepped down), and Hashman ended up throwing in the towel; now, within less than a year, the most prolific campaigner against Dr. Richard Stallman is also leaving (announced a few hours ago); The GNOME Foundation lost both Bully de Blanc and Mr. McGovern in only a few months http://techrights.org/2022/02/14/goodbye-mcgovern/ what does it all mean? nothing at all. roy pretends the coup failed, he pretends stallman is free when hes a hostage, he pretends the fsf is improving when "restructuring" is one of the oldest bullshit tricks in the book (techrights has even made fun of companies doing it to try to fool people, but also insists its PROGRESS when the fsf does) and all in all, the evidence supports none of the conclusions techrights seems eager to jump to. but then thats why its a jump! it doesnt even bother looking around to see whats actually going on. whats treacherous about this is that techrights logs (all 1200 miles of them, loaded with roys own twitter spam BUT HE DOESNT USE "SOCIAL CONTROL MEDIA", he only reads and replies and loads it full of text, which is "different") will show that roy himself has seen: 1. that stallman is being deliberately quiet 2. that things have not gotten better (roys positions on the fsf in chat and articles are of a very different nature, and hes well aware of the problems he downplays) 3. that people we both considered good continue to be marginalised, despite all this "progress" and by pretending that nothing is wrong roy gets to pretend he had something to do with stopping it (but it wasnt so much help, if no one succeeded in stopping it) and that may make roy very proud to be the largest elephant whistle in all of britain. only this time instead of stopping elephants that arent there, he pretends that it stops elephants while people are being trampled all over the place by them. no, wait! its fine! the head of the ministry of elephant security just stepped down, and everything is wonderful from this point forward. worst of all, it lends a bit of stealth to the people now turning the coup into an occupation. but techrights is okay-- it acts like a cross between the murdoch news empire (dont just report the news-- EXPLOIT IT!) and switzerland in world war ii. either way, its a great scam. so what are these articles? frankly, theyre bullshit. i dont know EXACTLY why he writes them, though in general it seems that roy doesnt mind contradicting himself ENTIRELY and CONSTANTLY so long as he wants to make one point or another. one of the conclusions i came to over time was simply that he wants techrights to have something for everyone-- if you have one position, techrights supports it sort of. the exact opposite position? if by techrights... one of the positions roy pretends to have is of being "for" free software. as someone who pretends to be a journalist, he still doesnt have the integrity to disclose his paid job with open source. i suppose that might lead some people to believe hes being less than sincere about this free software business. but then this isnt a rule of honour that only applies if it wont lead to any (correct) understandings. when downplaying the coup actually lends them stealth, the treadmill of: OH NO! WAIT ITS FINE! OH NO! WAIT ITS FINE! serves to grab peoples attention and then shoo them away from getting excited enough to actually change anything, much like the mass media when it does more or less exactly the same thing. that keeps the occupied fsf happy, and roy gets access to news he then downplays for his readers, so he can know whats going on while keeping everyone else in the dark. what a service! what it also accomplishes is giving people the impression that the best way to CHANGE things is not to actually DO anything (in chat, roy actively discourages people from making any substantial changes in response to such news) but to STAY TUNED. funny how roy is against the monopoly and occult (hidden) teaching of the church itself, yet doesnt shy away from delivering his own latin mass. the way you make a real difference is not by changing anything. the way you make a REAL difference is by READING TECHRIGHTS. show up to church once a week, dont change a thing, everyone will be saved automatically. its such an old trick, but watch for it and STAY TUNED as techrights tells you too, and sooner or later youll catch him doing it. this being such an extraordinary ruse, i thought it was my imagination of course. you might as well. until enough people notice it, and they can say "aha-- bullshit!" heres why mcgovern stepped down: he was done. does anybody think they want HIS job forever? oh perhaps there was a scandal. sometimes the scandal is EVEN worse than what they did out in the open, but with gnome what it does in the open is bad enough, it makes you wonder why techrights chooses to downplay it at every (other) opportunity. gnome has changed the leadership countless times. when did it stop being a raging douchefest? never. stallman is not very big on calling people traitors-- roughly the only person he ever levelled such a critique at was gnomes own de icaza. since de icaza left, troubles at gnome should be LONG GONE. nope! gnome has forever gotten more treacherous, not less; forever siding with open source, forever lying to, pushing around and exploiting users. but techrights isnt worried. they dont even care. rather than painting a rosy picture, why not simply be honest? i know the answer to that too: techrights isnt about the truth. it has a similar mission as gnome itself; do whatever, for whatever reason, for the sole benefit of what it does. for gnome, that was never being fair or actually helping free software, only exploiting it. for techrights... uh-huh. maybe roy can slip in to mcgoverns old position. why not? hes got the right character for the job. and he can write in his very own blog: THIS IS PROGRESS! who actually cares if its true or not? it sounds good, and thats good enough for techrights. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org