everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### why-cooperation-misses-the-point-of-free-software other pages: => the-fake-stallman-foundation.html the-fake-stallman-foundation *originally posted:* mar 2021 im not a nihilist-- i believe in a soul. as an agnostic, i dont worry about religion as much as the politics that abuse it, though im not saying every religious idea is a great one. the soul however, has my vote. i treat these things as a matter of poetry, metaphor, philosophy-- and if every soul is not (as one incredible tradition puts it) "a piece of god" then it is the least superficial, the most essential, the part of "beingness" that has the most potential for what we call "greatness". when debian glibly says "be excellent to one another" (something debian will never sincerely or truly strive to be again) that excellence, bar none, is something we can call "soul" for some philosophical, symbolic shorthand. nothing against you if you really believe in it as a thing, i would say its the same idea either way-- you neednt agree. thats also the beauty of non-cooperation, but thats getting ahead of the story. the worst sort of death then, is the death of that soul-- you dont have to go to the library or sit in on sermons (or convert to anything) or even buy a book to find examples of this notion; "selling out" is not about money, its about trading what really matters for something that does not. superficiality is the cancer to this soul, and as a reminder to everyone, i am speaking philosophically. this does not require a belief to understand. when you take away the soul of a meal, you get mcdonalds-- you take the soul out of music, you get the shit they play while they put you on hold. the concept of soullessness is hardly my invention and its hardly religious-- at least it neednt be. the alternative is beauty, its sincerity, the alternative is meaningful and heartfelt ("learn to fake that, and youve got it made!") and its the divine spark (metaphorical or if you like, otherwise) that the speaker bows to when they tell you "namaste". because everyone is born with this potential-- every good idea begins with this potential. every act has a capacity for this potential. and we live in a cynical world that spends so much time ignoring each of these possibilities. maybe its because society loves quick fixes; maybe its because many people are too scared to really get to know each other properly (im not just referring to social anxiety-- im talking about the actions of OUTGOING, "social animals" who hide behind so many layers of bullshit, primarily). maybe its because our media (and leadership) fucking LOVES to put narcissists first. whatever the reason, we spend so much time ripping the soul out of what we consume and what we do-- or having that done on our behalf when we subjugate ourselves to the whims and vices of the zeitgeist. and media exploits things on their most base level. look, this isnt prudishness talking-- i like pop music, mcchicken, EVERYBODY gossips and every person who sincerely works to better themselves will make themselves a hypocrite on SOME LEVEL. the extreme examples im talking about arent found in a magazine in the checkout aisle or a nun waving her finger at you-- the true "extreme" of this awful superficiality is when it hijacks everything else, when it takes control of humanity. when people begin to strive primarily for this sort of idiocy, instead of merely suffering it to exist (if you know anybody who is perfect, that actually sounds a little bit scary). so when richard stallman says that "open source misses the point" what he ought to say is that open source takes the point, bounds and gags it, throws it in the backseat and leaves the point dead in a fucking ditch in the middle of nowhere. but most of the time, hes just too nice for that. if these people who call stallman an "ableist" had one fucking ounce of personal integrity left, they would realise that THEIR OWN TAKE on stallman-- a man who has dedicated his entire LIFE working to better HIMSELF as well as the lives of others-- is ableist as fuck! but UNLIKE stallman, these people have NOT dedicated their lives to bettering THEMSELVES-- theyve dedicated themselves to fixing OTHER people. and stallman looks like a great candidate, because if theres one thing a hypocrite cant fucking stand, its the real thing. im not saying hes perfect, only that statistically, he probably tries harder than you. im not saying he understands everything, only that you fucking dont either-- but he probably cares about that shortcoming more than you do. but thats always easy enough to just say, isnt it? you know how i know he cares more about his shortcomings than you do about your own? *BECAUSE HE ISNT LEADING A FUCKING LYNCH MOB!* personally i think its wonderful that society is so highly evolved at this point that we can finally TRUST OURSELVES to handle everything with angry mobs who dont even care what the actual fucking story is, but lets all head in that direction over there because these guys have some stones to throw and they must know what theyre fucking doing. i mean fuck, lets cooperate with those people! im sure we wont make any mistakes we can actually regret! no, no, no, you say-- cooperation is the OPPOSITE of an angry mob! i beg to differ, its not always any smarter when its sincerely polite. when i was protesting illegal wars, the warmongers called for "unity" and "support the troops", which was their way of phrasing "invade the wrong fucking country" that you just cant argue with unless you want to look like an arsehole. they wanted cooperation. go ahead and try to paint this as unpatriotic-- ive got some smedley butler for that if you want to play rough. lets agree to agree, or agree to disagree, or hell, we can disagree to do whatever, but ill just throw this out there-- there is a good form of cooperation. it doesnt work as the sole ingredient, in fact it is meaningless without other things (and thats the real problem). under the right circumstances, in a certain context, cooperation is a beautiful thing. just like music. but a soulful (metaphor!) cooperation, a sincere and *meaningful* (non-BULLSHIT) form of cooperation, isnt an idea you need to beat into people. it CALLS to them. it sings, it draws people together naturally. when you see people calling for cooperation for cooperations sake-- theyve already missed the point. lets take another look at the dark side of cooperation-- something ibm sure knows a fuck of a lot about (fuck you, mike!) and when cooperation is really exploitation, serfdom, poaching and slavery. PEER PRESSURE leads to "cooperation" too. i suppose peer pressure can be good sometimes, but on the whole its not usually associated with wonderful things. when its good, they call it "social mores" or "the fabric of society"-- or some other flowery shit. it can sometimes do a good thing. but its no guarantee-- if your peers are fucking stupid, theyre going to pressure you to be fucking stupid too (david revoy) so lets hope thoughtfulness (always out in spades in an angry mob) and introspection (as opposed to just fixing OTHER people) are qualities you value in your peers, because either way theyre going to try to get you to be more like them. and if theyre throwing stones, theyre going to want YOU to be throwing stones. and if you want to throw stones, the EASY way is to not care about a good reason. dont argue, dont waste time with debate or "philosophy" (and heaven forfend POLITICS) just fucking do it! "oh, well, you know *YOURE* judging them right now..." FUCK YEAH! ive been watching you fucking twits trying to dismantle a really spectacular human being for 20 fucking years straight, AND throwing a whole percent of the population (autists) under the bus to justify your ignorance (not to mention willful DISDAIN of facts, proportionality or even perspective) and hatred-- the whole lot of you salem witch killers can go STRAIGHT to fucking hell if you want to! (bite me!) YOU WANTED A WAR? OKAY! you GOT IT! these people crying racism and discrimination, throwing around words like "neckbeards" and PRETENDING to be politically correct. do you even KNOW what a sikh is? think hard! a bunch of people (groups) who are targets of systemic discrimination have "neckbeards"-- *Fuck YOU!* this is why i call you liars! youre so bad at it you cant even get your own fucking racist / bigoted / ableist slurs straight! but we were going to talk about cooperation! i wanted to start out by pointing out the completely batshit, insincere, contrived backdrop against which all this "cooperation" is meant to TAKE PLACE. i mean, if youre going to have COOPERATION, it obviously needs a *venue* > "HI, IM MICROSOFT GITHUB!" oh, yeah, like THAT! theres no bastion of tolerance, freedom or "doing great shit together" than fucking MICROSOFT! googles fucking kidding themselves, really... but by "venue" i mean we are going to be working TOGETHER with a bunch of liars, traitors, backstabbers and witch hunters. whos ready to get started? now i know witches look a bit different than they did in colonial times, they almost never wear the hat (again, i find david revoy of all people, joining a WITCH-hunt pretty fucking backwards...) and they dont all have a wart, the main criteria hasnt changed though-- theyre different, somehow. somethings just not right! (hooray for tolerance, yeah? no, no-- i like it when its the real thing!) witches are different than we are! thats why we keep trying to destroy them. and richard stallman is obviously a witch. he wears funny clothes, he says things i dont like the sound of, some people claim he said something terrible, will somebody please help me tie him to this thing? im calling for your cooperation here! many years ago, richard stallman wrote an article called "why open source misses the point of free software"-- and this is highly relevant, now that the fsf pushes for open source and calls for missing the point in general. can you believe the fucking nerve of that guy? FIRST, a bunch of idiots wearing neckties and suits (but only ironically!) try to hijack a social movement so they can sell it off to corporations. again-- its not the money that makes it selling out, its the trading the soul of something for the soullessness (empty meaninglessness) of something. maybe money is the "empty" part of the deal, i dont fucking care about that, its not such an interesting detail. (i mean, it CAN be sometimes). and then he goes and argues that theyre WRONG to do this! look hippie, just because someone takes your lifes work and misrepresents it for the sake of profit, undermining a social movement and ensuring an endless narcissistic supply, DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE ANY RIGHT TO *CRITICISE* THEM (you prick)... but getting back to the point, if you can make money making the world a better place, thats fucking great. if the way you make money takes the soul out of everything you do, thats NOT making the world better. making the world better is "tikkun olam" and it RESTORES and REJUVINATES the "soul" of things. it never removes it or makes it empty and meaningless! open source is the soulless, lie-driven, EXPLOITATIVE version of free software. instead of being about freedom and putting the users in control of their computing, its about creating a serf workforce, a "gig economy" of software "developers" (SerfOps!) most of whom dont even fucking get paid, while the house- (ahem...) "elf!" (whew!) leads them and gets paid for the oh-so-difficult job of reinventing slave labour! and if theres one thing a slavemaster (SORRY! I MEAN "*SECONDARY-PRIMARY*") wants and NEEDS in order to do his (or her!) job on a digital plantation, its YOUR FUCKING COOPERATION! > "hey! dr. king! would you people mind a bit of COOPERATING? we were trying to serve lunch in here, you know?" > "im just trying to make people more free..." > "yeah, well! maybe they wanna be free to eat lunch!" > "okay, well, we wont stop them from eating..." neither will richard stallman. but that doesnt stop people from implying his work is taking food out of someones mouth. i mean if some of us are tired of hearing this kind of shit year after-- ok, decade after decade, its because people continue to be full of shit for a LONG FUCKING TIME! these days, even the fsf is full of shit. theyre going around talking about "cooperation"-- well heres news, folks-- cooperation is a meaningless word. its like "unity"-- unity is great! depends on what the fucking unity is united around, doesnt it? for example, since the new fsf (public relations grant, my arsehole!) is now joining the open source people in rewriting history: > "I fear that the Open Source Initiative is drifting away from the Free Sofware values with which we originally created it." - osi co-founder bruce perens, february 1999 they have clearly done so without reviewing stallmans article on open source missing the point: => https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.en.html > A certain amount of the "keep quiet" approach to business can be useful for the community, but it is dangerous if it becomes so common that the love of freedom comes to seem like an eccentricity. > That dangerous situation is exactly what we have. Most people involved with free software, especially its distributors, say little about freedom—usually because they seek to be "more acceptable to business." lately open source and free software have worked together to make the words "freedom" and "free software" increasingly meaningless, backing away from the idea that its a bad idea to outsource your freedom to "clown computing", surveillance platforms and corporate control. from the same article: > Radical groups in the 1960s had a reputation for factionalism: some organizations split because of disagreements on details of strategy, and the two daughter groups treated each other as enemies despite having similar basic goals and values. The right wing made much of this and used it to criticize the entire left. > Some try to disparage the free software movement by comparing our disagreement with open source to the disagreements of those radical groups. They have it backwards. We disagree with the open source camp on the basic goals and values, but their views and ours lead in many cases to the same practical behavior—such as developing free software. the article also claims that open source is not an enemy, though in the midst of a coup that is more than two years running and destroying the gnu project from within, i would beg to differ. of course when people say "cooperate" what they really often mean is "shut up". to wit, the libreplanet translation of "safety" into plain english is "shut up", libreplanets concept of "cooperation" is "shut up", and since a decade ago when i first talked to a higher up at osi and he started spewing his hypocritial ableist bullshit at people, the definition of "unity" is "shut up and do things our way!" but somehow its not still bullshit if you ask nicely. speaking personally, my own experience with open source (which i left many years ago because of just this sort of double standard) was that they claimed (or at least exploited) "unity" and "do what you want" ("wtfpl", permissive licenses, "openness", etc.) and made it sound like this big countercultural love-fest where you dont need to bind yourself to the terrible modernism of big bad stallman and the "please refer to freedom, not pragmatism" brigade! alright, now these are people i can work with! no sacred cows! its just bait and switch of course, because once you walk away from four freedoms as a necessity and using language that resists corporations hijacking your movement, you find that some cows actually are sacred, theyre just different ones. instead of having to say "gnu" you are forbidden from putting a dollar sign in microsoft, because a tiny little joke like that makes you a doubleplus stupid uncool citizen! now watch the liars swoop in to point out that yes this IS uncool, and its very stupid, and some of my closest friends make fun of microsoft! its not a sacred cow though, its totally different... if you help people hijack a social movement, someone will advise you not to and this is restrictive, so thats not freedom. its almost like theyre saying youre a bad person or something. but if you make fun of a monopoly by changing a letter in a brand name, youre an idiot. alright, well, i guess the love-fest is over. open source acts like youll be thinking for yourself, and thats alright as long as it doesnt step on the toes of the really important things like giafam. okay, so know who your real masters (SORRY! "MAINS!") are-- the ones you can never make fun of. open source uses "unity" and "cooperation" to mean "lets talk about what we have in common, and [shut up] not about our differences". maybe it wasnt even stallmans article i was thinking of, but something homer wrote at slated. jono bacon called it "openrespect", the third and fourth waves call it a code of censorship (CONDUCT!) and now the fsf loyalists (ill take free software over whats left of the fsf any day) are trying to rebrand this as "cooperation" so open source can finish their takeover, ownership and rule of whats left of this movement. when you rebrand shutting up and agreeing with everything you say (but never contradicting it or speaking out of turn) as "safety", "respect" and "cooperation"-- you are removing the soul, meaning and honesty from humanist ideals themselves. as such, you are a dirty propagandist, a liar and a fool. you can take your so-called "cooperation" and "collaboration" and shove it up your arse. this movement was built on saying "NO" to subjugation. you dont get to redefine "yes" to mean "whatever WE say it means, just shut up and go along with it" without sacrificing your credibility. its actually extremely UNcooperative of you, but i already called you a bunch of fucking hypocrites. if you really wanted cooperation, you would have started by dismantling your lynch mobs, your lying corporate sycophant media, your circlejerking and arse-kissing, your lies, bullshit and fucking innuendo-- you would START by acting like someone who WANTS our fucking cooperation-- youd HAVE SOMETHING that we wanted to fucking cooperate ON, and above all-- you wouldnt need to go "selling" the idea, because people would be scrambling to your door to say "let us join!" youre selling "cooperation" the way that jesus people sell jesus! with the superficial, the backwards, the hypocritical and the pisspoor understanding (let alone, demonstration!) of the idea. do you think i care which god(s) you believe in? i dont give a shit about that! i care about who it makes you as a person, not what you tell me it is. i dont give a shit about your "cooperation" either-- if youre looking for cheap labour, maybe try to offer something real in return. for free software (the real thing, not the bullshit being peddled about lately) thats a sustainable means of putting users in charge of their computing. for open source, you get whatever they promised you minus the things they lied about. thats the sort of "cooperation" that is better described as "lies and bullshit". BUT YOU CAN CALL IT ANYTHING YOU WANT! thats whats so great about lies, and bullshit! people should expect meaning and sincerity to take a backseat to these sorts of "feel-good" buzzwords when the fsf gets a "pr grant" like the one thats been talked about. so its a really LOVELY offer, but if youll just get the fuck out of my doorway ive got cookies to buy and people who want to quote john 3:16 at me. thank you for your cooperation. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org