everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### what-is-mike-gerwitz-so-excited-about other pages: => a-forced-community-is-like-a-forced-marriage.html a-forced-community-is-like-a-forced-marriage *originally posted:* apr 2021 poor mike, he has to do the gnu spotlight. i dont envy him, its one of the shittiest jobs at the fsf. "14 new GNU releases!" this is what i hate about the gnu project-- i mean, it has a dark side. lets look at the list to see what i mean: > bison-3.7.6 not even gnu anymore, its a microsoft github project. the gnu git is a mirror of the microsoft one. treacherous. > denemo-2.5.0 speaking of treachery, denemo needs a traitor project that i recommended be purged from gnu right before someone showed me the gnu ass-end-ly. lilypond can go jump in a lake, and i presume denemo is useless without it. im not blaming denemo, but what am i supposed to do with it? > emacs-27.2 this is stallmans own editor. or it was. now it uses microsoft harfbuzz. awful. i mean if you use the non-graphical version, im sure you dont need harfbuzz. so thats good. im guessing stallman doesnt use the gui version. > gama-2.01 gama-2.14 i guess if mike is excited about these, i cant fault him. > help2man-1.48.2 microsoft perl. > intlfonts-1.4.2 page seems to suggest these are mainly used for emacs, though thats not necessarily true. > mes-0.23 oh yes, gnu mes! i know this one from the various coups against stallman. but if youre unconvinced: "guix-devel is for general user help and discussion." how about FUCK NO? > mit-scheme-11.2 maybe mike likes mit-scheme. i dont have anything against it, fuck mit though. > nano-5.6.1 traitor. i had this installed (and promoted it) until recently. i only sent hatemail to three traitors in all of this, including todd miller. the author of gnu nano got one too. i suggest that gnu purge this one. > nettle-3.7.2 i dont know anything bad about this one, mike. > parallel-20210322 more microsoft perl! whats the non-github alternative? > poke-1.1 heres one, mike. > zile-2.6.1 this seems to be written in vala. i dunno, the project itself seems alright, but its too close to gnome as far as i know. so try this, then: "5 new GNU releases!" * gama-2.01 gama-2.14 * mit-scheme-11.2 * nettle-3.7.2 * poke-1.1 if thats enough to excite you, who am i to judge? nothing against these 4 projects, but the gnu project overall is in some bad shape. you ought to know by now that i dont blame stallman-- i blame the traitors. stallman created the project, and they moved it to giafam and told lies about him to justify doing so. that much at least is an easy choice. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org