everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### two-and-a-half-seconds-of-admiration-for-system-76 other pages: => dividing-things-pointlessly-and-inaccurately-along-age-lines.html dividing-things-pointlessly-and-inaccurately-along-age-lines *originally posted:* nov 2021 i dont even have to open a shell, ill just run it in the editor where im typing this article: ``` echo starting now... ; sleep 2.5 ; echo alright. ``` that was lovely. i think its funny as hell to hear gnome and chris davis denounce ANYTHING. gnome has been a weapon against software freedom, devouring gnu like parasitic wasp hatchlings for decades. in short, fuck gnome. and i dont know if "chris davis" is the same "christopher davis" that signed the anti-stallman letter, but thats fucking fraud. gnome is shit and it hates all users, maybe chris will denounce them as being "toxic" for choosing something other than gnome; he can get in line behind the people saying its a form of bigotry to not use applications developed in rust. but the trick is finding something low enough on the fucking ladder for anyone from gnome to be able to denounce it. and i dont think system76 sucks that hard, even if it does suck. and what is this all about? theyre not pushing the one true desktop that is microsoft gnome? oh, i know i usually reserve that prefix for github projects and actual microsoft products, (they should be called biproducts, because the only real things microsoft produces are user control and bugs) but gnome has been in bed with microsoft since... basically forever. just imagine microsoft denouncing anything as toxic! and then youll see what i think of chris davis. when does he join miguel and stormy at the mothership? this will certainly teach people to go creating software. i was hoping debian and canonical would denounce '76 for creating their own distribution, but i guess they figured it was small potatoes. but a desktop is the last straw! leave gnome alone, you bastards-- theyve had enough "trouble" after losing molly or whatever. this is actually the first ive heard of gnome having a monopoly on the desktop, but its certainly not for lack of trying. they practically own xfce now, theyve owned debian for ages, theyre really getting to be a "powerhouse" (cartel) but its still the kind of power that stands directly against the user and freedom. why the fuck are we still talking about these people like what they say means anything more than if it was said by gates himself? i dont like the hypocrisy though. microsoft already offers a desktop, and here goes gnome creating an alternative. i guess theyre like disney, then: whats yours is mine, and whats mine isnt yours. if you want to create a desktop, youre free to ask permission like xfce does. seriously system76, get with the program. i am really, really tempted to side with system76 of course, and i really do admire them (albeit very little) for standing up to gnomes ridiculous "moral" tyranny. (dont tempt me, mike godwin...) why does system76 suck anyway? lets talk about what they offer: OPEN SOURCE. that alone makes them next to worthless. but lets have a quick look at the website: im assuming its their-name-dot-com. not .org, theyre selling hardware. alright, thats not a crime. (i mean it should be, given what most hardware is like these days, but that doesnt make system76 stand out in any particular way). > System76 is built on web technologies written in JavaScript. > System76 is built on web technologies your browser doesn't support. no, it supports them, i just dont like you in that way. "web technologies"... i remember when people just said "this website requires javascript", it didnt try to sound all sophisticated and "high-tech" about it. already im really impressed. lets scroll down through some of this "web technology"... oh, a github logo. really excellent. so already we know this IS open source, NOT free software. once you spot a github logo, its no longer about your freedom-- just exploiting it. but we can do better than that... lets do a search for "free software"... no. "gnu?" nope. lets try "open source": whoa, even the fake version of freedom is too "granola" for the front page. they must really mean business. okay, lets keep looking... a pop os link (im not participating in their attempted branding of extraneous punctuation) and... > loading... nope! view source... "Imagine an OS for the software developer, maker and computer science professional" hahaha... im going to do someone elses job for them and add some plausibility to that. feel free to use this, system76: ### "imagine an os for a web designer who notices quality control at apple is doing about as well as steve jobs these days" lets click on manifest.json and see if theres anything. nope. lets run some non-free software then. i wont be making a habit of it, certainly not on this website. oh, a spinny "wait a minute, this is bloated" thing-- the mark of quality. and what does it say? > Pop!_OS is an operating system for STEM and creative professionals who use their computer as a tool to discover and create. Unleash your potential on secure, reliable open source software. and there you have it. system76 is part of the same open source scam that has destroyed free software, spawned and colluded with pure evil like gnome and chris davis, who they enraged and unleashed the wrath of by having the audacity to abandon them-- i can relate, i left muckrights and had a similar experience... but thats another reason i should feel a bit of affinity, in that when i left muckrights almost a year ago there was an immediate, ridiculous and dishonest smear campaign against me led by its primary author, who still lies about what really happened to this day (i mean technically not THIS DAY, actually it was a few days ago) and says WHILE LYING, quote: "I want to set the record straight" DO YOU REALLY, ROY? if you want to set the record straight, why not fire off an email to stallman and apologise for the lie you told HIM last year, hmm? THAT will help set the record straight. what you want is to cover your flabby, smelly arse. the point im really trying to make here, is that system76 is a pointless waste of cash. * they dont offer a free operating system. * they dont give a shit about freedom at all. * they pissed off gnome and that IS cool, but since gnome pivoted to being the WESTERN MORAL POLICE theyre pretty easy to piss off. i mean im happy to give them the finger regarding chris davis and his royal services to double standards much, though "better than gnome" isnt much of a claim to fame; i think even saudi arabia is working on that. * before they were (probably still are) in bed with canonical, and thats just a pretty way of saying "microsoft" at this point anyway (as opposed to "gnome", which is the fucking hideous way to say it). perhaps still more to the point, years ago i actually tried to do business with system76. true to open source, they baited me with something they didnt even have anymore, then tried to upsell me to some other piece of shit that wasnt anything like what i wanted. thats when oliva recommended a lemote, so i got one of those instead. now, as it happens, the lemote was NOT the coolest thing i ever owned. but it was the most free, and stallman used to have one too, and thats definitely cooler than any product system76 ever shat out. i never tried to buy anything from them again, and looking at their website im glad i didnt. but hey! credit where credit is due. i would never use a desktop from system76, but thats a never that comes way before me ever using a desktop from gnome again. oh, and fuck you, chris-- you really should emigrate to saudi arabia. they have a government just like you. whats that? this wasnt about system76 creating a desktop per se, but about spreading "fud" against gnome? thats even more hilarious! imagine a lying, slandering sack of crap trying to hold a monopoly on FUD! heres a thought, why not PATENT that shit-- and then allow system76 to SETTLE, eh? => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org