everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### to-all-contributors-of-gnew (resolved) *originally posted:* sep 2021 normally a message like this would be written by the chief gnewsance, but in this particular situation it is not possible. there is a minor crisis, the details of which will not be found here, though it is not a personnel-related crisis nor is it political. the chief gnewsance is still the chief gnewsance. as i just said, this crisis is not political in nature, and this is not an effort to downplay anything-- in fact the wording of this message probably (though not intentionally) makes it sound worse than it is. it is possible that tcg (or even other contributors) will be able to glean the nature of the crisis FROM THIS MESSAGE ALONE. it will hopefully be fully resolved soon, and this should not pose a serious threat to any of the work being done nor any aspect of the structure of project. nonetheless, it is important enough that those participating should be informed, even without disclosing any details here. on an almost entirely unrelated note (you are certainly forgiven if you do not believe that-- the timing at least, is relevant to this message), i have created a new UNOFFICIAL website about the state of free software 2.0 in general: at some point (not necessarily immediately) after this crisis is resolved, this link will be moved somewhere more appropriate. you will note how clearly the page explains the non-authoritative nature of its content, and it even links back here to a message from the chief gnewsance saying that ewwfs is the only website for news about gnew-- this has not changed. solidarity with gnew, the chief gnewsance and its contributors: fig => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org