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### things-ibm-wont-do-to-help-the-gnu-linux-community-instead-of-trying-to-monopolise-almost-everything other articles: => the-fsf-doesnt-care.html the-fsf-doesnt-care => how-to-deal-with-your-raspberry-spy.html how-to-deal-with-your-raspberry-spy *originally posted:* mar 2021 gemini://gemini.techrights.org/2021/03/09/ibm-and-community/index.gmi original here like open source, trisquel or the new fsf, who outline problems with monopolies and promptly discourage or gaslight people who actually try to fix them, this "wouldnt it be nice" parody article muckrights offered earlier outlines problems with ibm before proceeding to do, propose or even encourage sweet fuck-all. to appreciate the sheer insincerity of this, one needs to go to irc for context: schestowitz__ I think this should not be out #1 concern Mar 08 19:20 schestowitz__ we can deal with systemd as vendor lock-in later Mar 08 19:20 http://techrights.org/irc-archives/irc-log-techrights-080321.html later? like in *another* half-decade? muckrights seems to have taken a similar line to hogwarts, after it was taken over by delores umbridge and the ministry of magic: "but professor, what about he-who-- what about voldemort?" "oh, just ignore him harry, maybe he will go away." -- said no harry potter book ever the article does contain good advice for a magical, imaginary unicorn ibm who actually gives a shit, but these problems were created by red hat and they are exacerbated, not helped by the ibm that exists in real life. so rather than let it be wasted on those who miss the joke, ive fixed the title and a few verbs and a couple other words in the article to make it something that can be read with a straight face. > Summary: The IBM stance on GNU/Linux and Free software is complicated to say the least, but there are ways IBM won't[1] assure the real community that it is in fact an ally and restore confidence in IBM’s motivations THE marketing blitz of IBM is insulting to our intelligence. Together with the Linux Foundation, a misleading marketing front, IBM tells us that it’s trying to domesticate the IT sector. It tells us that IBM combats racism, but it’s an inversion of what is true. IBM won't[2] quit the fake ‘activism’ whose purpose is to confuse and distract the public regarding IBM’s racism. Better to confess and apologise. Many people would appreciate the sincerity. Regarding the hosting of code, IBM won't[3] delete GitHub and stop outsourcing almost everything (even Fedora projects) to Microsoft, as it makes sense[4]. Does IBM not have enough engineers who know how to set up a Git repository (self-hosted) and then maintain it? It is outsourcing to Microsoft’s proprietary software trap almost everything of importance. It’s clear that IBM cannot compete with the company that controls its platform. It also sets a bad example. Suffice to say, IBM won't[5] facilitate better support for init systems that are not systemd and also remove systemd from GitHub (as noted before). They won't even[6] remove one cause of distrust or criticism of systemd. As noted in the video above, IBM won't[7] bring back CentOS (in its traditional form) or something similar. RHEL with some artificial limits isn’t the same as CentOS. Perhaps most importantly, IBM won't[8] quit lobbying for software patents. Indeed[9], IBM won't[10] use its clout to abolish all of those patents. Software developers everywhere would appreciate it. As we’ve just noted (in our latest Daily Links, under “Fedora is a community; Fedora Linux is our OS”), IBM staffers in charge of the Fedora project (not community) worry that they lose quite a few volunteers or non-salaried testers, who correctly perceive the project to be an IBM sandbox which IBM is only semi-heartedly committed to. Asserting that Fedora is a community is living in the past (it did feel like a community a long time ago). There’s not much legitimacy to this claim anymore; Planet Fedora is dominated by IBM staff and even they do not blog much anymore. IBM distorts the meaning of “community”… while distracting us from the real community, which it actively undermines (e.g. trying to remove RMS from GNU, which he had founded). Well, to IBM “community” means IBM pensioners and similar members of the corporation. IBM won't[11] recognise that it doesn’t exist in a vacuum and a lot of the software it leverages (and profits from) wasn’t developed for or by IBM. IBM won't[12] promote people who better understand the real community, instead of[13] Mac users like Jim Whitehurst who are good with words rather than technical stuff. > "muckrights[14]: this is your wake-up call." -- fedora-king lennart 1. changed from "can" 2. changed from "ought to" 3. changed from "it’s time for IBM to" 4. changed from "no sense" 5. changed from "ought to" 6. changed from "That would at least" 7. changed from "should" 8. changed from "should" 9. changed from "Instead" 10. changed from "should" 11. changed from "needs to" 12. changed from "needs to" 13. changed from "not" 14. changed from "Gentoo" => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org