everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### theres-nothing-ethical-about-ethical-source other pages: => bullshit-of-the-week.html bullshit-of-the-week *originally posted:* apr 2021 ethicswashing, aka "ethical source" is a complete and worthless farce. i have been protesting illegal wars for longer than ive supported free software, and ethical source is just as completely useless to me as it is to the rest of the world. it has as little to do with ethics as pontius pilate had to do with ending the roman death penalty. its yet another intention-hiding polished turd in the long tradition of polished turds like it, from "the final solution" right up to the "patriot" act. first it weakens, dilutes, and ultimately makes useless the definitions of both free software and open source-- hijacking an existing social movement for its own purposes. that sort of move is open source to a t, but if theyre going to keep pulling the same old scam decade after decade theyre going to have to accessorise now and then. fewer people are falling for pseudo-equity now, what other disenfranchised group can we hide behind? how about victims of war crimes! the world has an enormous supply of those! after that charming start, it promotes itself through slander, lies, blackmail and mob justice. as leah rowe says, coraline ehmke is "a terrible person". ehmke is no fucking ethicist, she doesnt even know what ethics are. ethical source panders, condescends, commits sophistry and weaponises pure bullshit-- attempting to divert from its monopolistic opportunism with some claptrap about being against militarism or war. it is to peace what carbon credits are to environmentalism-- one being a way for wealthy hypocrites with apartment-building-sized estates who routinely use private jets, to pretend to give a shit about global warming. ethical source is a way for berkeley-and-mit-grant-sucking punks to live off defence and surveillance companies while feeling like theyve improved the very situation theyve made worse. the day you take posturing like this and name it "ethics" is the day you throw your credibility out the window and set it on fire, but hey if you feel bad about how coffee pickers are treated you can just get stuff thats fair trade! all of this is pure-and-simple one-stop-solution bullshit, for people who like one-stop-solution bullshit that changes virtually nothing. but it is at least, VERY useful to people who want to look good while being truly awful. years ago i met a man (a professor at mit in fact) who worked on the manhattan project, and as far as i know he never went around trying to invent some fake coalition of people who work on nuclear weapons telling people that bombs are bad and if you just join our superficial, pointless, feel-good bumper-sticker bullshit initiative we will make certain that from now on, all our nukes will be FAIR and ETHICAL ones! theyre completely ethical because everyone involved in the project got overtime pay, union representation, paid sick and parental leave and excellent dental and medical benefits. we MIGHT have lied to a few scientists about whether these weapons would ever be used, but thats on a "need to know" basis and they didnt need to know. have you even tried NOT re-electing a war criminal? that might also be useless, but its a far better bet and its CERTAINLY ethical! no? try it sometime. youll feel good. if youre involved in a completely unethical defence project, the best thing to do is learn from it, leave it behind, stop contributing to it and fight imperialism and global oppression in a way that makes sense and might actually accomplish something-- not try to paper over it with do-nothing feel-good nonsense like "ethical source". but then what about your paycheck? ahh, theres a license for that! even if nothing actually uses it because its a worthless (and meaningless) license. but at least you can promote it as a non-alternative (because it is one) and then feel GOOD about your death cult pay. be sure to start a fucking crusade of useful idiots, to prop up this scam youre running against your own decision making process! not that i necessarily think all war is unethical, but the vast MAJORITY of it at least certainly is-- be real, we arent doing this shit to make the world safe! rather this is the very industry of making the world LESS safe, so we can make big money. you want ethics? try admitting that most of the powerful nations of the world are engaged in a centuries-long crusade for mammon. and you think the real problem is the LICENSE, not the big CONTRACTS that multibillion-dollar corporations have? well, fuck you very much. "joe, check out this software! these suckers left the license WIDE open, we can more or less use it to dump peoples grandmothers into shark-filled swimming pools just for laughs!" "haha, poor fools! are you downloading the source code from the gnu website and compiling it yourself?" "nahhh, i got us a 200 million dollar contract with red hat!" "but wont they complain when they find out what we do with the software they support?" "heck, for 200 million i should hope they know where their priorities are!" ethical source is at best, a swindle. it cant do anything-- the dod doesnt have to honour copyright, patents or software licenses in the first place. im sure it takes very good care of defence contractors, because they could always peddle their wares to a rival interest instead. why would you fuck around on your best suppliers, when you can charge the public to take good care of them and keep the death machine rolling? "pilot to bombardier! pilot to bombardier! approaching primary target!" "its no good sir! there are women and children down there!" "this is no time to get sentimental! are the bombs ready to drop?" "almost, sir! im just reading the license agreement..." "the what?!" "abort mission! abort mission! this raid violates not only the license for the targeting software, but even the code of conduct!" "oh man, the captains gonna be pissed! returning to base!" "you know i have to say sir, i really didnt want to bomb those civilians anyway!" "i know just what you mean! thank goodness for lawyers, and fine print!" "where would we ever be without them, sir?" if such things were even enforceable (and anybody can figure out that the licenses would be read before deployment rather than during, but its not any less farcical to suggest they would be read at that time either) they still wouldnt be enforced, unless you think the children and siblings of dead civilians are going to bolster their human rights lawsuits by citing the licenses of the software used (of course they would know what missiles and bombs used what programs in the first place) and by the way, heres a protip: you can protest the unethical use of software JUST AS EASILY without trying to stuff the ethical argument into the fucking license agreement like an idiot, people do it all the time... "you guys could stop doing dumb racist shit with this algorithm, you know?" "im sorry, but the license allows it, there really isnt shit you can do now!" said nobody on earth, ever. after that, i want to go picket a home improvement warehouse because their hammers dont come with licenses that forbid beating people to death with them: "HOW DO YOU FUCKING SLEEP AT NIGHT?!" maybe we need to do something about that technology entering the public domain. (hammers with bluetooth, perhaps? they already sound a lot safer...) stripped away of its ridiculous excuses and feigned concern for humanity, ethical source is really just a smear campaign against free software-- which showed its true colours again recently when being used as a hate and libel machine against richard stallman. people who support ethical source are promoting, condoning and supporting numerous ethical and practical problems: 1. they support and prop up a dishonest smear campaign (mob justice) and bullying in the name of "ethics"-- thats strike one. 2. they support an absolutely bullshit, unworkable, fake feel-good "solution" (charlatanism) to global militarism, that cannot work because it is built on a profound (if even remotely sincere and honest) misunderstanding of how licenses (and global militarism) actually function-- strike two. 3. they borrow (hijack) the term "ethics" in a way that nakedly puts people who know and demonstrate fuck-all about the concept in charge of a monopoly that is enforced through crusading, lies and propaganda-- strike three. this is more of a cult than a council. "ethics" does not consist of a pathetic, naive and uninformed committee (with an argument a 5-year-old could punch a hole through) being the arbiter of justice across several industries. ethical source is nothing to do with ethics at all, it is merely a brand name slapped haphazardly on top of a giant pile of shit. it hijacks an existing movement, it misrepresents important people and ethical concepts alike-- and for what actual gain? merely a vehicle for narcissists and hypocrites to point fingers at people who both know and demonstrate more about ethical decisions and do more for social justice than they do. if you need a great brand for a mountain of hypocritical nonsense, you cant do much better than "ethical source". if you just want to make the world a better place than "ethical source" can possibly manage however, try starting and running a banana republic. its not like there are any REAL standards youll be up against. just call it an "ethical banana republic" and slap a license on it, and youre good! => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org