everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### the-work-of-john-davis-can-replace-nano-and-microsoft-less *originally posted:* nov 2021 i sometimes use vi (not vim, the actual vi). it comes with openbsd. im not the biggest fan of it, but its better than just redirecting cat. this isnt hate, its definitely a matter of preference. im not an emacs fan, either. its a very cool idea and ive always liked it in that regard, but i dont care for the implementation. i realise the implementation counts for a lot of what people love about it, but its not a good fit. i wasnt able to make use of either of these without a tutorial, and i really prefer more lightweight emacs alternatives to the real thing. i find the buffers (again, the implementation) really unintuitive. and i need the text mode version thanks, for a graphical text editor ive already got my own. for many years, nano was my text mode editing solution. if i needed more features, id pipe text through a program of my own. (i still do this with my graphical editor). but the author of nano is a backstabbing, lying piece of shit and i want nothing to do with anything of his. so i dropped nano and rarely edit in text mode-- when its something quick, i use vi. vim is nicer than vi but its microsoft github, and thats betrayal of the public. vim also has more features than i need, as ought to be evidenced by use of nano. having a graphical text editor, ive toyed with making my own text mode editor. ive used curses before, but i find it pretty tedious to do anything sophisticated with it-- by tedious i mean "less fun", more work. urwid is fairly tedious as well (potentially less so), and github-based. so ive tried making a text editor that uses neither of these-- sort of a multiline ed (i believe thats where vi comes from) with some extra features. while working on the more libre software directory, i found both jed and most. gnu less has unfortunately been sacrificed to the black altar of microsoft github, so i havent used it in a long time. i could definitely write a replacement (even with curses) but ive settled on using more. if anyone wrote a less replacement, it would probably be better than mine anyway. the good news is that most is a good replacement for microsoft gnu less. since i wont use the latter anyway, most is sufficient. if anybody ever forks gnu less, that would be great-- but until then, ill recommend most instead. its available for openbsd, i didnt even have to compile it, and im very pleased to have a replacement. ive certainly heard of jed before, but i really had no use for it previously. its a little more feature-ful than nano of course, maybe its even like a cross between nano and emacs (if those arent strange bedfellows). but i didnt need a tutorial to start using it, its not too tedious (and less so than vi, in my opinion-- yours may vary and im glad vi is still readily available) and its buffers are simple enough for me to deal with. best of all (after not needing a tutorial-- though im sure one would still be worth writing and/or reading) is that it shares my favourite feature from my own graphical editor, in that you can run shell commands straight into a buffer. i know my editor isnt the first, i know jed isnt the first, and im sure emacs can do that because its basically an editor / operating system. all the same, jed makes all the basic stuff easy (or easier than vi and nearly as easy as anything ideal) and so for the first time in at least a year, i can finally recommend a good text mode editor to people. like most (the less replacement), its available in openbsd. i dont recommend nano, the author is fucking scum and nano isnt the most important editor in the world anyway. it was my favourite editor for many years, but i dont care-- using it is something i would be ashamed to do if i had any reasonable alternative. fortunately, i do. some people might say that you should choose software based on the software alone, not the author. i can sort of appreciate that, i mean im okay using software written by people i disagree with. but there are people i consider so awful i certainly wouldnt PREFER to use their work, even if ive done so in the past. for example, people who lied and committed fraud, trying to destroy the life and lifes work of a good man whose spent his whole career up against scum like this. fuck those people, honestly. you may think its stooping to their level, but i think its acceptable to give them a taste of their own shit, as long as theyve attacked the entire movement with it-- and they have. they didnt just lie ABOUT stallman, they lied to all of us. they lied to everyone on earth. i have no sympathy for them. if they apologised, it might make some difference-- but these are malignant narcissists, and they will never bother to do whats right. saying they care about freedom is a joke, so id rather promote authors that DONT attack your freedom with deliberate lies and fraud. its really as simple as that. and this isnt about holding people to perfection either, because who the fuck are we kidding then? this is about the most egregious, sustained bullshit that has gone on for years and tried to take over the world. calling that "evil" is apt. at any rate, its my fucking computer and i DONT want nano or microsoft less. john davis certainly didnt write replacements for political reasons-- hes a self-proclaimed open source guy and claims to be apolitical about software as well. i believe both of these projects predate the coup against free software led by open source and sfc. jed and most are my recommendations for replacing nano and microsoft less. they are even gpl licensed. i would also welcome serious forks of nano and less, which are not written by scumbags or controlled by microsoft. because if you cannot fork it, its half-free at best. and ive spent months (maybe longer) looking for replacements, which is why they deserve their own article. you can find jed here: => http://jedsoft.org/jed/ and most here: => http://jedsoft.org/most/ in openbsd its pkg_add jed (or) pkg_add most. youll need to specify (pkg_add will prompt you) if you want the no-x11 version, thats the one i recommend (the other one could be lovely, havent tried it). use f10 (i guessed) to activate the menu in jed and arrows / enter to navigate and select, the menu will also help you learn other keyboard shortcuts. dont support the coup! the best (most universal) way to support free software is to use free software. contributing software (and time) also help-- though as the past few years have shown, contributions of time and software can both be used to help freedom, or help sabotage it. freedom and truth go hand in hand, all the lies that have been told these past few years are intended to mislead and control you. bullshit is the favourite weapon of corporate monopolies, because it does so much to keep things how they want. dont simply let it be this way, unchecked, unmitigated and tolerated. vigilance, reason and sincerity are always better than a fucking farce. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org