everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### the-techrights-treadmill-again---forward---to-where-we-just-were *originally posted:* mar 2022 (here we go again) always fun to watch the microscope miss the very room its used in and for the techrights OH NO ITS FINE treadmill to make a full revolution literally from one story to the next one. as a bonus, this is the very fucking story i got thrown under the bus for when i was writing for techrights. as ive said, roy will appropriate everything-- the scooby doo maneuver is first you make it look like a story is dumb or purely divisive, then later when its not too far ahead of its time roy presents it as his own. no one works with roy, they are only exploited. "SORRY FOR THROWING YOU UNDER THE BUS, GUESS YOU WERE RIGHT AFTER ALL!" will never be said. "no worries roy, honest mistake on your part!" sure it fucking was. just shy of 12 months ago: ``` Techrights-sec Yes, there is a chance to move forward at this point. Again, as I have mentioned Mar 26 10:16 Techrights-sec over the yrars, as much as RMS is hoped to be with us for a long time, Mar 26 10:16 Techrights-sec his priority should be on finding and establishing a strong spiritual successor Mar 26 10:16 Techrights-sec figosdev brings that up in the long post, too. Mar 26 10:16 schestowitz fig is sort of back, albeit too shy to admit that he wants to be back after insulting a whole bunch of us (RMS and Oliva too) in a totally unwarranted fashion Mar 26 10:17 Techrights-sec well I'm glad he's back Mar 26 10:37 schestowitz too proud though to apologise to us Mar 26 10:37 ``` http://techrights.org/irc-archives/irc-log-260321.html even now my back still hasnt apologised to his knife. maybe its just pride, like he says. but of course he wont admit i was right-- these were my own observations at an unpopular (inconvenient) time. now theyre roys though! > Personal Views and Hypothesis About the Relationship Between the FSF and Richard Stallman (RMS) in LibrePlanet 2022 http://techrights.org/2022/03/01/libreplanet-2022-without-rms/ this is the one roy (and someone at the fsf) threw me under the bus for. like the opportunistic coward he is, roy published my article "the real stallman is never coming back" and then after throwing me under the bus for it, sat in front of his fucking camera and BEEP! smoke detector with BEEP!!!! 15-year-old battery and scrolled though the article of mine he published his own damn self, tsking like id just pantsed an auntie in the street. HOW CAN YOU SAY this! stallman is coming back and hes going to kick arse and take names! thats exactly what i said wouldnt happen. i said it in 2020, before he even returned. when he came back in 2021 it began a solid year (march to march, happy anniversary richard matthew assange) of exile in place. and ive been calling it exile in place for quite a while as well. now there are even other fsf people acknowledging what happened (i wont tell you who). > Based on recent communications with Richard Stallman (RMS), he's still very much in charge of the FSF, but the FSF seems reluctant to use him as the FSF's public face as a result of shaming campaigns open source roy might be rewriting history here, the shaming campaigns go back to 2018, not early 2021. if you only count the recent ones, his theory seems to centre around those. but the campaigns of 2018 and 2019 (the ones that lost him his position at mit and his home) are equally telling-- just like techrights fails to, they tell a bigger picture than roys snippet about what just now happened as i said not just in 2021, but in 2020 and even early 2019. but it gets better: > The short story is, it seems likely that monetary power of stakeholders contributes to alienation of the FSF’s own founder well yeah, ive been saying that too for more than a year. now these have somehow become roys "Personal Views" after he made me the bad guy for saying them while he was trying to verbally fellate some (presumably) higher up at the fsf, and my predictions of the future were INCONVENIENT to the task. im sorry roy, truth doesnt get put on hold while you talk out your arse to some bloke wearing a tie. after this spineless act of exploitation, he then goes on (sooner or later) to talk about how stallman never wears a tie, because it makes it look like roy has something to say. if he does, he probably got it from someone he either stepped on or planned to. what bill gates does to technology, roy does to blogging. but thats open source for you (roy defrauds his readers when he pretends not to stand for open source-- its literally what pays for the battery hes going to buy twenty years from now after the acid from the current one starts dripping from the ceiling). but he says he plans to retire in a few years-- in his 40s. all that scrimping and saving on accessories for appliances must have paid off. dont get me wrong, ive got a computer (not the one im typing this on) with a similar problem-- it doesnt beep at me when im trying to record something, but it would otherwise hold "bios" settings and its unlikely ill ever replace it. most people would think that an fsf which is too financially compromised to LET STALLMAN OUT IN PUBLIC (without handlers) or even talk on bigbluebutton or jitsi (wihout a script) is a VERY BAD THING. i did! but not our roy-- what was a prediction and warning in 2020 is just more treadmill clickbait in 2022! if roy let anybody actually worry (or care) about any of this shit, the council of timelords at the fucking fsf wouldnt return the email he logs but tells people he never sends. (im getting away from email, i only use it to stab people in the back-- im getting away from twitter, i only use it to pad the chatroom-- im getting away from open source, i only use it to pay the bills and exploit the movement i write about). OH, OKAY then! but of course im exaggerating. roy wouldnt be the voice of doom in one post then turn right around and sing "shiny happy software" the next: > Months ago the FSF chose Zoë Kooyman as its next Executive Director (ED) and today this decision was finally announced; the response we've seen or heard (alluding to this decision) has thus far been overwhelmingly positive http://techrights.org/2022/03/01/zoe-kooyman-fsf/ fuck, really? let me get this straight... stallman has been cancelled for three years and the fsf is still corrupt, but: OH MY GOD, HIS HEAD CAME RIGHT OFF! DONT WORRY FOLKS-- IM A DOCTOR! OH NO stallman is still oppressed and the fsf is bribed but YAY, ZOE CHANGES FUCKING EVERYTHING! no, thats not how reality works! thats a fucking fantasy where every tragedy is wrapped up neatly like a fucking half-hour sitcom and by saying it happened, roy is somehow the hero of the story. thats the bullshit that techrights peddles OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER-- tune in next week when putin himself invades the fsf but DONT WORRY! THE FSF JUST EXTENDED THEIR FUNDRAISER SO YOU CAN HELP! these people really are lying fucking arseholes. its important to note that i have very little to say about zoes new job. the real problem (as roy JUST SAID before everything was great again five minutes later) is the awful state of the foundation itself. i dont actually know anything zoe has done i can blame her for, other than being cheerful. thats (sort of) a problem too i guess, but if everyones doing it im not ready to single out zoe for being part of the culture. if you have something on whats rotten about this, great-- someone may tell me (im not actually eager to focus on a position i doubt is highly relevant, while others trump it up into being news but maybe theyre right and im not) but what i PERSONALLY thought was relevant was the story right BEFORE that one... WHAT STORY? oh, indeed! arse covered, both sides of fence happy, now we can write more articles. too bad it didnt accomplish a fucking thing, other than more pageviews. but that was the only point in ever saying what he so publically tried to destroy me for saying in 2020. once again: youre welcome? arsehole. make no mistake, shits going to get a lot more cheerful when the fsf switches from mandatory obedience to mandatory happiness (its exactly the same thing, its just nicer). roys forced smile isnt going to look so inexplicable when its the new hotness and everyones doing it. hes actually ahead of the curve, and only a year late for it. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org