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 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### [generate-title] other pages: [[the-fake-stallman-foundation]] | *originally posted:* jan 2021 the truth is out about *the new fsf*-- it *forces its best people to hide from the public, in the most horribly dishonest, discriminatory, unethical and ableist way*. normally i dont use the word "ableist"-- when used strategically by some types of marxist, it fuels witchhunts and crusades of censorship and political correctness, of precisely the type that was leveraged against stallman to cancel, gaslight and censor him in the first place. which is not to say that ableism isnt a real thing. having volunteered alongside paraplegics as well as having had numerous personal relationships with people on the autistic spectrum, ive witnessed discrimination and ableism first-hand. ive written about this problem already, and i have long complained about ableist discrimination against richard stallman. the bizarre thing is, that it is by the very people who grab words like "ableist" and "sexist" and use it against anyone they can misquote, frame or simply take offense to. but this is not about merely using a word or phrase that someone has taken out of context and taken offense to-- this is about *decades of workplace discrimination* and deliberate, corrupt and *discriminatory campaigns for profit* against people on the autistic spectrum, and how that has destroyed the free software foundation from the inside. lets be clear about this: *richard stallman is creating, allowing and exacerbating a hostile work environment--* *for himself*. but this is *deeply unethical*, because the fsf and the companies and organisations that surround it like vultures have systematically foisted this discrimination onto not only stallman, but all people on the autistic spectrum including fsf members and supporters. and the fsf will remain deeply unethical and discriminatory until this is resolved. what is called for here is not merely an apology, not merely a lawsuit, not merely *further resignations and dismissals*-- what is called for is a *systemic overhaul of the this new and extremely bigoted* free software movement. *please note* that for literally decades, *free software was better than this*. it was open source and its opportunistic, strategic bigotry that led us here-- *not* stallman or the fsf. but just as the system of democracy in the united states had to unravel and erode before someone like donald trump could even be elected president-- let alone be impeached twice (rather than removed from office by the first impeachment), the fsf (and the organisations peripheral to it) had to sustain discrimination and bigotry for *many years* before stallman could act in such a discriminatory fashion against himself. the amount of hatred, narcissism, dishonesty and gaslighting against stallman was something he stood against for *nearly 20 years*, if not more. ibm talks about finding a more "diverse" leadership for the fsf, because they want to paint anyone who fits a basic criteria as privileged regardless of abuse at home, real difficulties in daily life that most people (except a few doctors and advocates) have little or no understanding of, ongoing depression (its not something you can always see when people hide it) or whatever other challenges stallman has faced-- *including years of gaslighting by coworkers* and corporate trolls. "wait! this is sabotage! he is so close to rebuilding the"-- */SHUT UP!/* if the fsf is put back together by people hiding problems like this, so that every time someone discriminates against someone with autism in a computer-related endeavour, what is happening now is still *deeply unethical*. *nobody* should have to do any of this "from the shadows", or be constantly shamed for who they are when theyre a good person, nor should members who sponsor and prop up the fsf with their time and donations have to share these shadows with richard stallman-- even as they were censored by the fsf (wheres the fucking apology for censoring your own members?!) for trying to support stallman throughout this campaign of gaslighting, lies and abuse. stallman may do what he wants to himself, though this is ethically unjustifiable for everyone else in a situation like him-- including those who are foolish enough to support an fsf this discriminatory and corrupt. in order to put stallman in this situation, the forces of the corporate media *had to lie* about what he said and did. *he was defended*-- as someone committed to *social justice* and even feminism by none other than the *former president of the aclu*-- but nobody retracted their lies or apologised. *this was used to drive a man into the shadows* of his own movement for human rights. and so far, nobody has done anything about it except censor people who had a *right* to know more, who had a *right* to speak up, who had a *right* to the truth-- all of which was denied by the actions and positions of the fsf, sfc, fsfe and others. the fsf is throwing away the rights of people on the autistic spectrum to promote other rights instead. this movement has tried to destroy an innocent persons life for speaking on behalf of another innocent person. *all of this was done out of greed and profit*-- all of this was done to give control of a social movement to corporations, because it didnt fit in with their plans. this kind of discrimination, *this political double standard has to stop*. absolutely none of this is hyperbole-- the extent of the lying, the abuse, the motivation, the duration lasting decades, the *entire section of the population* that is wronged by all this-- this is all deeply and systematically unethical. and it has been used to undermine and weaken a movement, which absolutely does not belong in the hands of an organisation that does this to people-- that exploits their own founder in this fashion. that of course, is not stallmans fault. but it is still unethical for this kind of discrimination and abuse to continue. this is not about some unpleasant words, this has nothing to do with political correctness, this is about nothing less than *fraud* and *systematic exploitation* of human beings to benefit corrupt corporations. this is patently unethical. and its time people stopped hiding this problem, forcing good people into the shadows, aiding and abetting fraud with corporate witchhunts against activists, and discriminating against people with "difficult personalities" that arise from being *unmistakably differently-abled*. this is not only ableism, it is an endless and deliberate campaign of injustice *for profit*. and the fsf can *never* talk about "ethics" again, until it stops *directly* aiding this injustice. this is not only wrong to stallman, it is wrong to every person who has similar challenges. this is not only wrong to people on the spectrum, it is wrong to everyone who struggles with a disability. its past time for the tech world to stop using someones autism as an excuse to screw them over-- and its past time for people who *stragetically pretend* to give a damn about "ableism" to learn what this man has actually gone through for his entire life. stop martyring your founder, and return to ethics-- or dont even dream of using the word "ethical" again-- youre full of shit, fsf. you have absolutely *defrauded your supporters*, including your founder, your members, and me. end this discrimination-- end the lies, stop forcing good people into the shadows, and stop hurting talented, brilliant and caring human beings like richard matthew stallman. all of you should be fucking ashamed-- your ethics are beyond the goddamned pale. as for "open source"-- they spent years *engineering this*. open source is *pure fraud*, it is *anti-*humanitarian, and it steals decades of work from the public and gives control of it to rich monopolists. *a note to greta thunberg*, who could just as easily be put through the same one day: you must know something about this problem. i wouldnt ask you to abandon your most passionate cause, but consider what has happened here. maybe in the future there is something you can do about this. [lit]http://techrights.org/irc-archives/irc-log-200121.html[lit] schestowitz__ [22:53] *are you sure it was a good idea to broadcast that RMS still has a strong voice in the FSF?* 📅 Jan 20 14:08 ⏰ schestowitz__ [22:54] *it seemed to me that RMS didn't want this out there* 📅 Jan 20 14:08 ⏰ schestowitz__ [22:54] *he wanted to pull strings from the shadows* 📅 Jan 20 14:08 ⏰ schestowitz__ [22:54] beacuse *he sees that he doesn't have a "presentable" character* 📅 Jan 20 14:08 ⏰ schestowitz__ [22:54] in his eyes 📅 Jan 20 14:08 ⏰ schestowitz__ [22:54] well, what that means to him, is that people on the left don't like him, and he only wants to appeal to people on the left 📅 Jan 20 14:08 ⏰ schestowitz__ [22:55] he is very much with them on everything else 📅 Jan 20 14:08 ⏰ schestowitz__ [22:55] and *i don't know how this will affect the plan* 📅 Jan 20 14:08 ⏰ schestowitz__ [22:55] but *it's out there, what's done is done* 📅 Jan 20 14:08 ⏰ schestowitz__ [23:16] RMS is OK with me supporting the FSF, which I do 📅 Jan 20 14:13 ⏰ schestowitz__ [23:28] i know, *it's just that he wanted to rule from the shadows* 📅 Jan 20 14:13 ⏰ schestowitz__ [23:28] *and now it's public* 📅 Jan 20 14:13 ⏰ *further reading*: [lit]http://techrights.org/2020/10/11/osi-and-rms/[lit] home: [lit]https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org[lit]