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 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### the-gnew-messaging-system *originally posted:* jun 2021 ### Introduction This short paper outlines a messaging system that is supposed to serve as a no-nonsense means of communication between individuals with a knowledge of a Bourne-like shell on a UNIX-like system. This paper is the natural sequel to the paper ssh-over-tor available here: => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org/ssh-over-tor.html The GNEW Messaging System (GMS) is heavily inspired by the UNIX philosophy. The GMS is designed specifically to be an answer to the ridiculous extent that communications systems have descended into absurdity. ### Design Let us assume there are 3 operators on a system: * op1 * op2 * op3 We will have a layout like so: * /home/op1/mbox/op2 * /home/op1/mbox/op3 and such, for each operator on the system. Permissions for "/home/op1/mbox" would be 755 with owner as op1 and group as op1. And such, for each operator on the system. Permissions for "/home/op1/mbox/op2" would be 770 with owner as op1 and group as op2. And such, for each operator on the system. We will also have: * /home/op1/mbox/op2/read * /home/op1/mbox/op3/read and such, for each operator on the system. Permissions for "/home/op1/mbox/op2/read" would be 750 with owner glr and group op2. And such, for each operator on the system. This serves as a rudimentary notification system. Messages can be moved to the "read" directory by the recipient but said messages can't be modified/moved into the "read" directory by the sender. Every GMS message is a file. It's as simple as that. Said file can be any format; it can even be a zipped archive. Everything is a file. File names are prefixed with the sha256 checksum of the file. This makes organisation of GMS messages simple. A sample would be like so: 5891b5b522d5df086d0ff0b110fbd9d21bb4fc7163af34d08286a2e846f6be03-msg.txt That sums up the GMS. ### Context The GMS adheres to KISS and the UNIX-philosophy unapologetically. The GMS is supposed to let operators get on with their important work witout getting in the way. Automation can be done via shell scripts. Adhereing to the "everything is a file" (EIAF) mantra allows us to bear down the entire collection of powerful shell tools to assist us with our tasks. Credit goes to the founder of Everything Wrong With Free Software, for pushing me in a direction to abandon email. We've been using the GMS with marked success for several months now. The GMS, with SSH over Tor, allows for a powerful method of cutting down on bloat and absurdity seen in the Free Software world today. The GMS has definitely let me focus energy on more important tasks; it is my hope that the GMS allows you to do the same. Also, the GMS with SSH over Tor works on practically any hardware that'll work with a UNIX-like OS. I use a low-powered SBC for my communications, in this manner. The maintenance is minimal; the system has been frozen for months and works without fuss. Abdandon absurdity, whenever possible. Chief GNEWsance => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org