everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### the-fsf-doesnt-care other articles: => why-bsd.html why-bsd => how-to-deal-with-your-raspberry-spy.html how-to-deal-with-your-raspberry-spy *originally posted:* mar 2021 theres a difference between demanding freedom and begging for it. demanding freedom means youre willing to stand up and make changes. begging for it just means you hope that someone will listen. both want the world to change, they simply involve different attitudes and levels of dedication. if the fsf cared, people wouldnt have to beg. the fsf has abandoned freedom-- freedom of speech, user freedom, freedom from control by monopolies. they dont care. if you think they care, try begging microsoft to release their source code. its already been done and the results are the same as begging the fsf to listen-- nothing. they dont care. people have worked their asses off for years to get around all the shit done to users, and begged for support and credit and getting the message out-- from the fsf. then the fsf bagged their own founder, started censoring their mailing list when people wrote in to defend freedom-- did the fsf ever apologise? the fsf doesnt care. watching people beg the fsf is pathetic. dont fund an organisation you have BEG to put freedom "back in" to what it does. you know if youre begging them, theyre doing something wrong. they should know theyre doing something wrong-- but either they dont know, and thats stupid, or they do know, and they dont care. you can beg all you want, they just want your fucking money. i said years ago that the problem was they were probably getting "help" from pr companies who wanted to tie the fsf to less freedom and more image. the problem with that is it throws the fight. everything the fsf does these days is about throwing the fight, about false compromise, about image over substance. dont fund this, they hurt your freedom more than they help these days. there are projects (i can name two or three, i will not at the moment) that are doing more for freedom than the projects the fsf typically funds. one of them is fsf-approved. do they ever help promote them? not that i can tell. instead they heavily promote projects on github. they bring more github dependencies into the gnu project. they attack apple and say very little about google or microsoft. whats the story there? apple didnt pay the protection money the others did? the fsf didnt start as a protection racket, it started out by promoting (and creating and contributing) freedom. thats what it did for most of its existence. but its been a long time since they showed they still care. its been years now. this coincides with the corporate sponsors and the level of pr (and pr-related compromise) that has gone into everything they do. if youre still begging, maybe you should get wise instead. stop funding fake-- stop believing lies and letting them use stallman as a shield against criticism. its a trick. theyre going to keep saying "real soon now" for years to come. its not going to happen. they dont care anymore. at least withhold your money until they show theyre serious. at least then its a real demand-- its not begging the fake fsf for your freedom back. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org