everything wrong with free software

 "free as in speech"

### the-fake-stallman-foundation other pages: => wont-be-called-free-software.html | => herding-teams.html | **update:** => oliva-ousted.html | *originally posted:* jan 2021 => corrupt non-profits that have silenced their own founders do not typically reverse course. generally most non-profits will abandon their mission eventually, as the quest for sponsors becomes more important than the mission itself. but 2021 has been a fascinating year for the fsf, so lets just make this into a bullshit-o-meter. "stallman is coming back" 1. he did come back. 2. though we are still waiting for major changes. 3. he was gone for a fucking long time, and there was definite fuckery involved that really demands a very good explanation we probably wont get. "much of the board has resigned and the board is under review" 1. yes they did. 2. we are still waiting for visible results from the changes on the board. 3. see most of #3 from previous section. "stallman understands the problems with systemd" 1. maybe more of them than most of us are told. 2. its been 6 fucking YEARS! 3. we are still waiting for SOMETHING. 4. it probably wont address / admit directly that systemd is an example though. 5. why the fuck did it take half a decade? not rhetorical-- WHAT IS THE REASON IT TOOK SO LONG? schestowitz anyone wanna help me proofread? Jan 08 15:40 schestowitz I'm trying to get people to join the FSF Jan 08 15:4 MinceR what for? Jan 08 15:41 schestowitz GNU funding Jan 08 15:41 Ariadne what is even the point Jan 08 15:41 schestowitz their infrastructure\ Jan 08 15:41 Ariadne half the GNU projects are using github anymore Jan 08 15:41 MinceR what's the point of funding GNU? Jan 08 15:41 MinceR it's pretty much dead already Jan 08 15:41 Ariadne yeah fund systemd instead Jan 08 15:41 MinceR what for? Jan 08 15:42 MinceR ibm is funding it already Jan 08 15:42 MinceR microshit and ibm took over the whole thing, let them fund it Jan 08 15:42 http://techrights.org/irc-archives/irc-log-techrights-080121.html => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org