everything wrong with free software

 "free as in speech"

### the-end-of-the-free-software-era---intro *originally posted:* sep 2022 i was going to call it "the end of free software", but this one is a bit easier. i am still a fan of the gnew project, a former contributor and a free software advocate. i still believe free software is a good idea. this book has been through so many iterations, i stopped counting them. originally it was intended as a sort of "vatican 2.0" for the church of emacs. the goal was to bring free software back up to its previous level of power and potential. that was just four years ago. and it was prompted by the awful bullshit coming to fully free distributions, as well as the purchase of the largest single repository of free software by the single largest enemy of free software. the sheer apathy of the fsf and gnu maintainers alike for the past four years, is treachery. a year later, just one month before open source sleeper agents launched their coup at the fsf and around the world, i redid the book (or close enough) as a warning: we need a fleet of smaller ships to rescue the titanic when it goes down. i believed i knew the bleak future of free software. i did not expect it to come just weeks later. as the coup unfolded, i began to learn where the real blame laid. some of it remains a mystery, though i have spent years researching this key moment in the history of the movement. the traitors are people ill have nothing to do with in my life, and i dont want their software (or anything at all from them) as far as i can help it. more importantly, they cant be trusted with the future of the movement-- they are the very ones who destroyed it, out of petty, greedy, but well-organised and corporation-supported hatred, with the desire to destroy a good person. if the future of free software is of their making, ill just assume do something else. they have no business associating their scam with the very thing it co-opted, it would be as ridiculous as osi calling itself the free software foundation, or the fsfe calling themselves the fsfe. if the "church" (of emacs) itself is divided then the movement will of course be divided. but i think this division comes from many causes-- i dont want to make it more complicated than it is, but i dont want to oversimplify anything either. i dont claim to be 100% right about everything so far, but the point of looking to the future is not to be right about everything-- its to assess options, goals and challenges. originally this book came from a more libertarian view. when i wrote previous versions of this book, i was not coming from an anticapitalist point of view, but any libertarianism i cling to is certainly more anticapitalist than it was before. i always leaned libertarian socialist. it was a question of which of these things i was in spirit and which one i was primarily (or "everyday"). i see politics as a tool, a way to get things done. i see ideology as a conceptual bridge between the things we have, and the things we seek. neither politics, nor ideology, should be embraced to the point where they defeat their own true purpose. some people take this to mean we should avoid these things altogether. i see it as a warning against excesses, and i see politics as unavoidable. free software does not (in its definition) require ones politics to be "left" or "right". it does not require you to be religious, or atheist. free software is not only for vegans, it is not primarily for a single group of people, it was never about rich vs. poor or commercial vs. non-commercial. i dont intend to change any of that, as far as the definition of free software goes. if free software is truly for everyone, then it does not care about your alignment, at least in that regard. the only group of people that free software is not for, are those who think non-free software is a good thing; for them, free software makes an argument for change. by its definition, free software is a quest for freedom. abandoning that quest is not a strategy, and strategies that abandon free software are something to be wary of. freedom cannot afford to be suckered. for it to survive, people have to be wise to (at a minimum, informed of) the tricks of those who would hijack their freedom and convert it into exploitation. the history of colonialism, in the broadest possible sense of the word, is the history of scamming entire peoples. this book is no more than an update of previous versions-- but with each version came new information, new lessons and further experience. this book is about the post-free-software era; which is probably already here, but perhaps something can be done. the-end-of-the-free-software-era---intro => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-01---a-perfect-plan.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-01---a-perfect-plan => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-02---controlling-your-computing.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-02---controlling-your-computing => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-03---miseducation.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-03---miseducation => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-04---computing-vs-marketing.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-04---computing-vs-marketing => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-05---the-psychology-of-developers.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-05---the-psychology-of-developers => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-06---freedom-is-personal.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-06---freedom-is-personal => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-07---computing-fundamentals.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-07---computing-fundamentals => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-08---dont-lets---throw-caution-to-the-wind.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-08---dont-lets---throw-caution-to-the-wind => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-09---for-the-want-of-a-pixel.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-09---for-the-want-of-a-pixel => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-10---dismantled-communities.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-10---dismantled-communities => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-11---a-forced-community-is-like-a-forced-marriage.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-11---a-forced-community-is-like-a-forced-marriage => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-12---the-thrive-guidelines.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-12---the-thrive-guidelines => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-13---i-would-have-supported-the-coup-under-very-different-circumstances.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-13---i-would-have-supported-the-coup-under-very-different-circumstances => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-14---education-and-free-software.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-14---education-and-free-software => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-15---understanding-users-and-3-kinds-of-computers---new-slow-and-broken.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-15---understanding-users-and-3-kinds-of-computers---new-slow-and-broken => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-16---fake-progress.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-16---fake-progress => the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-17---gnu-collapse-will-happen-by-2029.html the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-17---gnu-collapse-will-happen-by-2029 license: 0-clause bsd ``` # 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 # # Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any # purpose with or without fee is hereby granted. # # THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND THE AUTHOR DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES # WITH REGARD TO THIS SOFTWARE INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF # MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS. 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