everything wrong with free software

 "free as in speech"

### the-end-of-the-free-software-era---chapter-17---gnu-collapse-will-happen-by-2029 *originally posted:* sep 2022 as the coup becomes an occupation it rewrites its own history. rewriting history is a longtime favoured weapon of open source. the occupation of the fsf is in full swing, "restructuring" the destruction into the new normal. in management theory, the new normal is a predictable and intended phase, like the coup itself. in the chaos phase, which was intended to disrupt the status quo (not that open source hadnt already spent years weakening free software at every hinge, joint and support) stallman was brutally attacked. now he is silent and handled, and this is presented to us as his "return". i said before 2021, the real stallman would not come back. he hasnt, and (like torvalds) he never will. only the justification has changed. the justification of stallmans handlers echoes the demands of the coup itself. they speak for open source and corporations, they do not speak for freedom or for users-- stallman spoke for those. open source is itself bait-and-switch, so it has used bait-and-switch tactics every year it has existed. the coup and occupation are no exception to this. but the coup was brutal, and now, it is over. it continues, but not as a coup. the coup was the work of (but not the planning by) a brutal, disruptive, dishonest mob. the goal was never to be a mob, the goal was occupation. the first task of the occupation is to rewrite both what happened and its goals. the same people who participated in the coup-- not only in deed, but in name-- now say this is all about BEING NICE. imagine! remember when it was about stallman being horrible? now its about BEING NICE. thats all! its not lieplanet, its a love-in. we heard exactly this with microsoft <3 linux. its not a new thing at all. this is where coups go when theyve established themselves fully. theyre almost there now. the lies against stallman were propaganda. the new party line is also propaganda, but it has a kinder, gentler tone to it. its still bullshit, it is incredibly manipulative and when you pay the fsf, you pay them to lie to you and everyone like you. the fsf has entered a phase where it solely compromises the freedom it spent decades building. history has more dramatic examples of this, so its not like this is the first about-face for a movement at all. "counterrevolution" is not a word invented to talk about free software. on a related note, i already declared gnu dead in september of 2021. i predicted thumbdrives, fpgas and computerised (personal) music collections, the stallman ousting and the purchase of red hat-- but i could have been wrong about any of those (and really expected to be wrong more often than i was). but in practically all of these predictions, they were faster to arrive than i expected. years ago, some really treacherous developers rigged debian for demolition. like gnu, debian no longer stands for anything remotely like what it did once. when i say gnu will collapse, i mean the project will fall out from the middle of itself until it is flattened. already gnu contains a plethora of treacherous developers. im mostly focused on the gnu.fools, who were only the alpha team. not all of the traitors went with the gnu.fools, the people interested in selling out gnu never cared about any of the gnu.fools objectives (other than pushing censorship into the centre of the free software movement, a pretty universal goal of gnus attackers at this point) but the destruction has not ended. the gnu.fools coup was more like the invasion of poland. this is only the beginning. it is an occupation, however modest and laughable it may appear, stallman has been transformed (ceremonially) from leader to errand boy, being sent on wild goose chases and coffee runs while the rest of the project is dismantled. just to refresh you on what was being said about it years prior, gnu was already being carved up for parts and sent to the github chop shop (now owned by microsoft) for formerly libre software. i suppose we are intended to think that because stallman is back (hes not) that someone is going to put a stop to this trend (they arent). anyone dismantling gnu would be foolish to do it from the outside, ibm has clearly started in the middle with gcc and gdb-- not like anybody will miss those! the build infrastructure is is like an abandoned and corroded soviet bunker, while the replacements offered are ticky tacky bloated drywall shacks that wouldnt stand up to a stiff breeze-- designed that way because its the penchant of nearly every proprietary and mostly-proprietary copro-rate developer to do so. the overall pattern of gnu maintenance over the past several years is indistinguishable from termite infestation. but it doesnt matter, the termites were hungry and it wont be rot of any sort that brings gnu down, it will be pulled down directly by the corporations who purchased it just like github and red hat. the rot just means they wont have to pull so hard. the fsf would never sell off a big ticket item like the gnu project. but they were foolish and/or corrupt enough to pawn it off in individual pieces. i dont know what they got for it, but they did have sponsors-- and those sponsors have increasing control of gnu. the details are interesting, but the outcome is whats most relevant here. the gnu developers (overall) are not even interested in preventing this. the projects within gnu that get the most support are the same ones that have rigged gnu for destruction (and most likely the ones that forged stallmans personal website resignation). the fsfs culture of secrecy provides the perfect cover. note that years ago, daniel pocock (yes, stop reading there, this wasnt written for you anyway) complained bitterly about the fsfe enacting policies against whistleblowers. note also that pocock was the one who discovered and reported censorship on the gnu mailing lists of stallman supporters-- people within gnu were still censoring stallman (who never stepped down from the gnu project) after his return to the board and after the gnu.fools coup. a partial timeline: * political censorship at lieplanet, which kicked off the coup (december 2018) * official censorship policies at fsfe against whistleblowers * technical censorship of stallman supporters on fsf mailing lists * unofficial censorship policies backed by trademark fraud inserted into projects co-opted by gnu.fools * censorship of stallman himself (possibly even as internal policy / nda he cant override as non-president) even after his return * official censorship policies at fsf against whistleblowers (december 2021) the mention of fsfe may seem out of place, but the point is this is a pattern of organisational corruption (also there are overlaps in large donors) censorship and takeover. gnu is being dismantled faster than it can rot. the pieces will go where they go, and gnu will be reduced from an operating system to applications, requiring infrastructure (hosting as well as software as well as developer communications) that gnu itself has no real control over. at this point, the technical failure of gnu to follow its mission should be clear: gnu will be (already is) controlled by the same corporations that gnu was effectively a rebellion from. yes, gnu was created to stand against monopolies APART FROM microsoft and ibm. that really is a nitpick, when all the technologies that gnu was designed to replace originally have changed hands so many times and modern computing (the sort most people do-- including most of the people who use gnu/linux) is owned primarily by the same people that are working to dismantle and ultimately own gnu. the bleak picture described here is not without some opportunities for those who stand for freedom-- gnu will be rebuilt a number of times, the point is that what is now known as gnu will no longer be viable or free or maintained by people who care about your freedom. what the fsf (a defunct organisation) will ultimately do with gnu will be no different than what debian has done to itself or what the owners of linux have done to the kernel. and you would think that being an entirely (indisputably) DIFFERENT sort of organisation and project would prevent that-- until you realise that the coup was actually successful, it is hiding under the cover of presumed (but factually unsupported) failure, and that the different sort of organisation is no longer different and no longer runs gnu-- the FORMER sponsors do. to paraphrase kanye west: "that sounds like a PURCHASE!" gnu is not just dead-- it will be continually robbed for parts. now, you cant rob what belongs to everybody, obviously. but of course you can. what else do you call the privatisation of the public sector? corporations have been robbing the public domain for decades at a minimum. the way you rob the public is by taking what everyone has and putting it under the control of a few who keep the public out: private gatekeepers, public theft. not only is that the penchant of monopolies and the endgame of open source, it is the modus operandi of the tax-free software foundation-- to turn free labour into products that are controlled by monopolies, who put relatively nothing financial into their development. open source is a bait-and-switch scam. and this is what they scored from their mark: gnu itself. by the time this operation is complete, gnu will not be gnu anymore. the fsf will not run it, the gnu developers will be more like unpaid employees, and ultimately the present fate of red hat will be the fate of gnu itself. it was always the plan, but almost certainly NOT for the fsf, at the time. indeed, the fsf (and osi) posted the plan online many years ago. i wont really need to make it up then, even years ago when the plan was leaked, it had already been executed against countless companies-- and some organisations. some gnu developers will hold on, but you will see a shakeup in gnu the way that debian has had shakeups since 2014. the latter has only grown more corporate. gnu has done and will continue to do the same. neither project stands for anything anymore, least of all the freedom for users to control their computing. the avalanche has already started-- its at the top, while people further down are standing around saying "do you hear that?" instead of running for your life, youll more likely only be fleeing to look for whats left of computing freedom. but thats more than the money itself is worth, for the people that bought and sold gnu. license: 0-clause bsd ``` # 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 # # Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any # purpose with or without fee is hereby granted. # # THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND THE AUTHOR DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES # WITH REGARD TO THIS SOFTWARE INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF # MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS. 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