everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### ten-things-the-friedman-software-foundation-couldve-done-that-would-help-more-than-just-fighting-boardom other pages: => mo-money-mo-problems.html mo-money-mo-problems *originally posted:* dec 2021 yes, the title is spelled as intended. 1. bring stallman back! 2. listen to members for once 3. stop bullshitting (they went for more instead of less, but everyones got a better idea dont they?) 4. actually fight against the coup-- pretty sure whats left of the board isnt the real issue, so lets fix that 5. fight for your freedom? 6. figure out where they actually went wrong, without pretending theres still time to be preemptive 7. maybe move gnu away from microsoft github 8. move gnu away from gnu rathole and gnustepbackwards (but the new president likes both gnustepbackards and github, so...) 9. stop reminding people of fsfe all of a sudden 10. admit what open source really is... then stop being more like it all the time the new board member guidelines (oops, rules, whatever) do more to ceremonially stand against whistleblowers from the board than they do to bring back stallman or anything he stands for. this guts the board of directors more than it reinforces anything useful about the free software foundation, and anybody who finds something good or useful in it finds that only because theyre that desperate to see (or maybe portray) good where theres none. the whole thing reminds me of the fsfes disproportionate reaction to daniel pocock more than it even reminds me of the fsf. theyre creating bulkheads around infrastructure but doing nothing to even reform, let alone solve anything. they really are going osi with this, this is SO fucking osi, whether the old osi or the new one. its not fsf at all, but less fsf than ever. meanwhile, all the other problems continue and now theres one less (potential) thing in their way. the sheer hypocrisy of telling whats left of the board to be "honest" when no one else has bothered to be is an absurdity. the whole thing reads like "you have to be honest-- as long as you are not critical". obviously its loaded with contradictions and vague nonsense that can be pointed to in its defence if anyone interprets in a way that divines its obvious purpose. the board (as it stands) is not the problem with the fsf. the entire fsf is the problem with the fsf. only now the board is unable to say anything about it, not that they were ever likely to anyway. also, it was not that long ago that josh simmons was crowing proudly about how the osi governance (which he belonged to) was similarly gutted. how ridiculous does techrights have to be to pretend this is progress? too much schmooze, not enough news. and as i understand it, one of the goals of the anti-stallman petition was to silence the entire board. for the coup at least, this move from the fsf could be a blessing in a very thin disguise. this isnt really a shutting of the doors against the coup, so much as a relief of the (admittedly useless) guard. its like stephen elop exclaiming that hes streamlined nokias board of directors. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org