everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### techrights-continues-to-repaint-attacks-and-damage-by-oss-as-attacks-and-damage-to-oss other pages: => i-hope-techrights-can-take-down-github---really.html i-hope-techrights-can-take-down-github---really *originally posted:* jan 2022 techrights is an open source outlet posing as a "free software sentry". ill give it this, it can be subtle about its real goals. i have repeatly complained (i really used to give the benefit of the doubt about things like this, but i also used to think it was an honest source) that techrights has served as a foil when it comes to the coup; downplaying the damage done to the movement and several times repainting the attacks on free software as attacks on open source INSTEAD. each time i have stated, that the coup is NOT an attack ON open source-- it is an attack on FREE SOFTWARE, using open source as a vector. but techrights continues to use osi and open source as a decoy for people who need to know that free software is still under attack: http://techrights.org/2021/12/31/open-source-initiative-floundering too much coverage of this topic reads like my own statements about the fsf, with s/fsf/osi/g run on things ive said. i dont mean this literally (as in actual search and replace) but metaphorically, im quite serious about this. for as long as ive talked about attacks on free software, techrights has repainted this as an attack on open source. frequently, techrights acts like the coup (against free software) is a huge failure. when techrights tells its readers about what has happened to free software, it puts all the damage in "open source" terms and open source organisations. basically, techrights gives readers the picture that open source has been destroyed, when it is open source in particular that has decimated what really matters. ### this is treacherous, unethical, and among the worst misdirection that techrights has done. it is time for roy to disclose his professional ties to open source. his coverage is slanted, the perspective is intellectually dishonest, techrights is twisting the real picture around to make open source into a victim when open source is the villain in this story. the very least roy can do is tell his readers that he works-- has for a decade-- for OPEN SOURCE in a professional capacity. he is tied on a professional level to red hat, to canonical, to various solutions he has promoted by using them on his own website without proper disclosure. roy is shielding open source from responsibility for its attacks on free software, and minimising the picture of the real damage open source has done to the fsf, to the free software movement and even to richard stallman. techrights is a traitor, posing as a friend. but then this was always the nature of open source-- get involved, participate, interfere, and above all: manipulate the entire industry with lies. i am well aware that by strategically throwing other shills under the bus, this sanitises the image of techrights. i have long said that it uses kernels of truth as anchors, and that all lies (and incredible spin) are put on those anchors-- you have to use truth as a vehicle for lies. what did they say in v for vendetta? politicians use truth to tell lies. artists use lies to tell the truth. techrights is pure politics. it is a TREADMILL to keep people feeling informed, and whenever people set out to actually change, protect, UN-SPIN the bullshit there, techrights argues, distracts and misleads. i personally fell for this act for a long time. but there were instances where i had a crisis of faith, where the gaslighting was completely above par against the usual level, where the dishonesty was SO SMOOTH that i put my doubts aside and carried on "assuming good faith". i have repented of that mistake many-fold. but the bullshit from techrights continues, and AT A MINIMUM techrights needs to stop pretending it is "journalism" when PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS are not even properly disclosed! youre being lied to-- routinely, and shamelessly. > 12.31.21 > Why the Open Source Initiative Cannot be Saved (It’s Too Heavily Controlled by Monopolies) > Posted in Deception , Free/Libre Software , Microsoft , OSI at 2:55 pm > COMMUNITIES can see that the Open Source Initiative (OSI) does not represent them. The OSI cannot be salvaged. Throwing money at “membership” won’t help either > Techrights used to be an ally and a friend of OSI; heck, management figures from the OSI used to speak to us, send us material, and read us regularly. But today’s OSI is an entirely different institution, mostly riding the reputation of its past self why is osi folding? it has served its purpose: osi has kowtowed to corporate sponsors for so long that the companies that really control it have started to decommission it and take its place. techrights will not tell you that the same is happening to the fsf, but there is ample evidence that they are aware of the problem. instead, they give you the half of the story that makes open source look like its under attack. open source is stronger than ever, at the expense of freedom and both consumer and user rights. the only way to make open source into the victim is to pretend that its NOT a vehicle for monopolies to control free software projects and organisations-- but osi has done this for decades. just because the owners turn the lights off doesnt mean that open source is folding. floss has simply returned to the mothership. its not the sad or pitiful story techrights is making it out to be. open source remains at war, and it remains formidable. free software ignores this at its peril-- but techrights knows this, it simply doesnt care. no different than mainstream news, techrights is not out to inform the public, but to do whatever it can for itself. it misinforms, misleads, and like generic-fake-left-bullshit vs generic-fake-right-bullshit, it does what it does for the demographic it targets. but it still turns facts into bullshit, and truth into lies. and it turns useful information into a snare. the open source takeover of free software will be just fine, with techrights as its wingman. techrights fabricates things stallman never said, it pretends things are alright while voicing doubts quietly in irc side-channels, it completely misdirects people who need to know about what the coup is doing. techrights is becoming a misinformation powerhouse at a time when we need truth the most. but make no mistake-- it uses facts to do its dirty work. whatever it builds on those facts is misleading. the fact that roy is professionally involved with open source on top of all this and refuses to disclose it, is outrageous. disclosing it wouldnt fix the problem, though at least it would warn readers that roy (like osi) is potentially compromised. now, you may think im trying to single out his employer. this is not so. i dont think there is anything special about his employer at all, except for their ties to companies that techrights has NOT BEEN ENTIRELY FORTHCOMING ABOUT in their roles. i mean, the way roy tells the story, open source is failing and shuttering itself. but as i shared with someone recently (this is for a large summary of things im working on): > the coup is still going. the fsf coup is hiding behind ITSELF. heres how its (theoretically) done: 1. infiltrate organisation 2. strengthen numbers of infiltrating group 3. kick out half the group 4. congratulations, youre still there! only now youre HEROES! > ive seen this done (confirmed) in real life, with just two people. but doing it as a group is fucking clever. > all you have to do is find some patsies, either push them out (or get them to agree to leave) and then: NOPE, thats it, youre done. VOILA! and here is another story like that. EVERYTHING IS FINE, PEOPLE! look, osi is falling apart. no, theyre just recycling it into more weapons against free software-- save your tears for the former fsf. osi was NEVER our friend. a friend of techrights, perhaps. but never a friend of ours. if we are just spectators, then theres a place for keeping your fingers crossed and rooting for the team. if youre directly involved in getting them out of a major rut however, the best sabotage is to pretend things are fine when they desperately need work. techrights isnt doing free software any favours, and neither did osi. both serve monopolies. both swear the opposite. both lie constantly. this is the nature of open source. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org