everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### stallman-comes-out-against-github-again---sort-of *originally posted:* nov 2021 ### minor update: this was sent in part to one of the gnu mailing lists-- but not by me. po lu upon receiving a copy decided it was either intended for or otherwise belonged on the mailing list, which is alright, it was already public. included in the email version was an erroneous note about guile-dbi, which i corrected by mentioning guix in its place. i also removed urls to avoid spam filters and tried to change all instances of "shit" to "HEYY" (as this article was never written for po lu, but i decided to send it to them and i dont know them or what offends them) though i missed one instance of "shit" in the last paragraph. i doubt the moderators will keep the email, though it was never my idea to send it to the list in the first place. i dont expect any good to come from the email showing on the list anyway, i consider the gnu mailing lists hopeless and pointless and i personally wouldnt have bothered. the emails have not yet shown up in the archives (which are updated every 15 minutes) and this does not surprise me either-- but this content does not conform to their rules, and was never intended for the list. its not on my agenda to scrutinise the following words back and forth for the next thirty minutes: > It's not good that they use GitHub. We do evaluate GitHub as bad[...] but we don't have a rule saying "Don't use GitHub!" see it for yourself: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gnu-system-discuss/2021-10/msg00013.html he also mentions that he thinks they started using github "before we had published even a criticism of it". actually, the fsf published criteria in june of 2016 that would give github an "f" grade, whereas both gnu radio and gnu aspell decided to move to github in september and december, respectively. gnu radio is by far the most condescending about this issue (even to other gnu developers in mailing lists) and their attitude about it is essentially shameless. they also signed the stallman-slandering petition earlier this year, demanding first that stallman step down "from all leadership positions" followed by demanding the entire fsf board step down for allowing him to return. they are part of the open source coup, they are not about freedom. however, the drift of gnu towards microsoft github is larger than most people realise, and muckrights has only downplayed the size of the drift (while admitting that its the most important issue affecting free software today). im not sure its the most important issue precisely, but either way its vying for that #1 rank. po lu does not mince words, he asks if gnu radio and gnustep are following the policy. he mentions that github is listed as "unacceptable" on gnus own repo-criteria page. its interesting that stallman has backpedaled on this, interpreting "unacceptable" as "its not good" but "we dont have a rule". the TRUTH, i believe, is that "unacceptable" was always a guideline but gnu really has no control (at all) over its projects. this is just as true whether stallman is in charge of gnu or john sullivan or bill gates is. im sort of giving stallman an out here, though i could go on about the various ways in which his leadership has gotten softer (beginning in november 2011 specifically). if po lu wants a longer list: * gnu freetalk * quickthreads (but not updated since 2013) * gnu lilypond uses github pull requests * gnu bison moved to github * cursynth is based there * freeipmi uses pull requests * gnu hyperbole is based on github * fribidi * gnu radio * gnu which (ive replaced it with a one-liner script that suits my needs) * guile-dbi note that several of these github-based gnu projects are also part of the anti-stallman coup, including: * fribidi is written mostly by a signatory * gnu lilypond is part of the gnu.fools coup * guix is part of the gnu.fools coup and keeps at least one component of gnu shepherd at github gnu has done nothing about this coup, and actually decided to do (precisely) nothing about this. the list continues though: * httptunnel * jwhois * macchanger * nana * psychosynth * xaos * d is now part of gcc but is developed on github but you know, stallman himself says theres no rule against this. so gnu is officially free to sell out completely to microsoft. this makes gnu developers nothing more than serfs for the empire, which is bad-- and "unacceptable", but technically theres no actual rule! on top of this travesty, stallman also pointed out a matter of policy: > the right list for this is gnu-prog-discuss another list participant pointed out that gnu-prog-discuss is a private list, and asked if there was "a public list for this" kind of discussion, to which stallman replied: > That's ok. This is a question of GNU Project policy, let me tell you what will come of this: nothing will change. nothing has since stallmans return. i appreciate that hes a hostage of the fsf (bullshit) policy too, despite all lies to the contrary. so my ire about this matter is not aimed so much at him, and my own OFFICIAL line on this is that if stallman wont fix this, its time for people to step up and clean up the bullshit around the free software movement. dethroning rms isnt necessary, never was-- his "office" is as symbolic as british royalty at this point anyway. you dont need permission from the chief gnuisance to fix this. you need permission from the fsf, who hold the purse strings (and trademarks and sometimes copyright) and run the servers, and THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT. enjoy microsoft gnu, its time to fork that thing anyway. ibm controlls gcc, wget (not listed above) is also basing a component on github, the gnu project is a joke. but its still the most important free software project in the history of the movement-- it wasnt really a joke until it migrated to microsoft and stayed there. stallman explicitly, personally told people not to move to github in 2015, a year before they did anyway. the anti-stallman coup began in late 2018, the same year as the github purchase by microsoft. his resignation came a year later in 2019, after the software freedom servancy con and massachusetts instigators of treachery became involved. i also want to point out that jean louis contradicts himself, saying in the same reply both that > I do not see that as problem as they contribute free software to GNU project. and: > Developers do get aware about Github gradually, there are many issues and many developers move away from it. so there are "many issues" causing people to move away, but there is not a problem? people riding the fence like this are exactly what has weakened the movement to the point of takeover by corporations bent on its destruction. dont be ridiculous, jean. gnu is being absorbed into a corporation-- its either a problem or its not. if your backstabbing un-maintainers (bums) move you to github, youre HALF a gnu project AT BEST. also credit (but as a favour, no attribution) to the staff who actually made a point against github. the fsf may not give a shit, but at least there are exceptions now and then. it may not be enough overall, but hey, credit where credit is due. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org