everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### sfc-hijacks-github-promotes-self *originally posted:* jul 2022 dont get me wrong, bradley "penfold" kuhn could find a way to cure diabetes that only required petting a kitten and i would still take issue with it. but opportunism is still opportunism. the evil genius clan at sfc has figured out how you can fight github: by using it to promote sfc! first they hijack a movement to try to convince people why github is a bad thing. good so far-- wait, hold on a moment... how can you help fight github if youre not ready to give up github? link to the sfc website with the new logo they made for this cause! oh, and theres another link (in the template they recommend) that links to the sfc website itself. if youre thinking "but the fsf would have done the same thing"-- yes, they would have. i think the "s" in "sfc" stands for "scumbag", and thats why it would be okay for the (old) fsf to do this, but its "opportunism" if the sfc does. more importantly though, is that i believe it will indeed work out that way. maybe ill be wrong. or maybe ultimately, people will see this for what it is. theres no way to prove it one way or the other but to wait and see. but to make a wild guess based on everything we know so far? thats easy enough. by the way, what if the new fsf tried a stunt like this? on the one hand, anything they do at this point is also opportunistic. theyre just a front for the occupation that WAS the coup sfc helped lead. but sfc belongs to kuhn, and the fsf belongs to guix and red hat. on the other hand, id be too surprised that the fsf actually had a meaningful campaign for change that didnt toe the corporate line to write something like this about it. with sfc doing it, it just seems clever. but typical, in the most cynical sense of the word. call it a bias. call it experience. i call bullshit-- i think thats called for here. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org