everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### savegnu-yes-and-no other pages: => how-to-deal-with-your-raspberry-spy.html how-to-deal-with-your-raspberry-spy *originally posted:* jun 2021 *updated:* dec 2021 ### yes * (added dec 2021) leahs newer idea is a lot better * most of the premises of savegnu are sound, as are some of the fundamental ideas. * "the solution basically is for fsf to double down and take a decisive lead. stop waiting for the outside world to solve their problems." * i think its good that leah is trying-- gnu badly needs an influx of passion, and leah is smart. * theyre right that gnu is stagnating badly (even to the point where gnu is diverting energy and time towards denying this / pr basically, in lieu of progress). * "gnu assembly was the catalyst that made me start thinking about all of this, and to come up with these plans" it is a perfect example of the fsf becoming helpless, and unable to defend our freedom-- beginning with the terrible decision to outsource gcc and other key projects to red hat, which inevitably led us here. * "i disagree with your original assertion that 'save' is too loaded/strong use of language. i really do think it needs saving" yeah, dont worry about that, he also thought the name "boycott novell" was "too negative"-- for a website centred around a boycott, of novell. i think the real reason he didnt like it was because it painted too clear a picture of what it was really about. how are you supposed to waffle around that? => https://muckrights-sans-merde.neocities.org/what-muckrights-wont-tell-you-about-the-coup.html ### no * diverting more funds to / "hiring" devs commercialisation is really the problem we are up against-- gnu needs to be grassroots again, and money (in practice-- in theory its no problem) is almost like the teamviewer remote connection (yes, this is non-free software; im not promoting it or recommending it, at all) that scammers use on victims and scam-hunters reverse to hack the scammers. money turns into bad influence very quickly. this is from experience-- for most of the time ive supported free software, i was convinced money was no problem, or even a good thing. yes, i do realise openbsd needed it to keep the servers going. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org/developing-based-on-profit-is-like-dating-based-on-looks.html * "...on libreplanet-discuss" nope. libreplanet is an open source trojan horse and full of traitors, its the last thing this plan needs. libreplanet should be disbanded. its become a prototype for other fake bullshit like copyleft con and clearlyredefined. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org/free-software-has-a-weasel-problem.html * sourcehut nothing against sourcehut in particular, gnu must NOT outsource their hosting. gitlab is far too bloated, and a mistake. they need something more lightweight, and to explain why they dont go with a bloated option. the people who insist github is "necessary" for large scale development are not only contradicting history, theyre contradicting the author and designer of git itself, who says github is inadequate for kernel development. and yet email and patching still works for large projects. as long as leah is hiring devs, they should upgrade savannah a bit-- with "sane limits" in place, to avoid gitlabification and depending on js. any js in savannah should be optional. * didnt we just... while i believe leahs reform from cancel culture is sincere, when presented with attacks from the right they revert to phrases like "dogwhistles" and telling associates of theirs not to use phrases that the alt-right have borrowed (roy has done this as well). we are talking about phrases like "big tech" which has been criticised reasonably for its ambuguity, but the fsf hardly needs another politically correct person like bkuhn taking over where john left off. credit where credit is due, it wasnt long ago that leah was talking like a code of conduct isnt a great idea (or that was my misinterpretation, but its intended as an argument in leahs favour, not against) but they now hang out on libela and instruct others in irc on being more pc, so what am i supposed to think? the fsf at least needs people who understand why the code of conduct was used to take over projects, not to improve them. its still unclear exactly where leah is on this matter, and that at least should be resolved. it would be very understandable (and worth taking into thoughtful consideration) if nears death (just this week) is a factor in this, but its a cause for concern regardless. also unfortunate is that leah has (just?) moved their vimuser website from a free-culture-compatible (and gpl compatible) cc0 license/waiver to no-derivs. (update: at least they are using cc0 for some things now). one of the most unfortunate aspects of the fsf (the one i withdrew my membership over years ago) is their unnecessary promotion of non-free licenses for essays and a number of other works-- far more than they promote free culture in that area. for whatever reason it looks like leah has just jumped on that bandwagon. i think they were using cc0 (cc by-sa would also suffice) as recently as december 2020, if not more recently. ### yes and no * the biggest problem here (other than the corporate attacks, obviously) is the fsf itself. they are not willing to make the changes needed. this is listed under "yes and no" because leah already has a plan b if they dont put them in charge. theres nothing wrong with applying for the position first, but its under "yes and no" because its wildly optimistic to think the fsf is willing to change enough at this point. this stagnation is at an organisational level. without the present leadership they would stagnate further. look at red hat-- is ibm being a steward to it? hardly. most people (this is nothing to do with leah, dont make a mistake there) who would make their way into a leadership position at the fsf would do to it what ibm is doing to red hat. its not a coincidence, its how this stuff too often works. however i dont think people like leah taking charge is itself a bad thing-- its ultimately necessary, it just has to be the right people (this isnt a vote for leah, but its not a vote against them either). => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org