everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### open-letter-to-rms *originally posted:* may 2021 Dear Mr Stallman, Thank you for all you've done for socialised computing. I write this letter in solidarity. GNU and the FSF have laid out a roadmap for corporate takeover. The Linux kernel has fallen to the hands of IBM, Microsoft, Google, and their ilk. Much free software is free in license only - not free as in a free society. Having systemd tyranically imposed on computer operators isn't freedom; the license doesn't help at all, in this case. GNU projects running into the arms of the corporate bondage that is Microsoft GitHub erodes much freedom as well. I take it as an affront to the spirit of freedom you instilled in the movement that these corporations have been welcomed so warmly by people who pretend to care about freedom. The free software movement is a movement about breaking away from corporate control. The free software movement is supposed to be hostile to corporations and fight their attempts to take over our movement. Computing should be free in cost and free in spirit for every person on this planet. That is real computing for social benefit of all. Computing for the many, not the few. It pains me greatly to see that the old bastions of the free software movement have been put in bondage by pretenders - handed over to the evil that cares only about consumers and not about citizens. I can no longer support GNU nor the FSF. They are forever tarnished. I have seen the developments over the years and have seen the infiltration and propaganda spread on the mailing lists; I have seen the public smear campaigns; I have seen the defamation these corporate thugs have abused you with. GNU and the FSF are no longer about "free software, free society". But all hope is not lost. There are still those out there that believe deeply in socialised computing. We still consider your work inspirational. We have a whole foundation to build anew. You provided us with this foundation. I also greatly appreciate all the political activism you do via your RSS feed. We know you still care. It would be absurd to claim that you don't. There are a lot of projects that have fallen to corporate clutches. GNU/Linux is dominated by IBM and Microsoft. The rest of big tech has its hands on even the BSDs. Copyleft is either ridiculued or circumvented by oppressive software like systemd, dbus, or running things on remote servers. But there is still plenty of hope because of the work you have done. When you started, you were in a much worse position. You have given future generations foundations upon which to build anew, whenever the need arises. There is now a need to build anew. I thank you for all you have given us; I still look forward to every statement you make in your political notes. Let no one doubt that free software is a political project; free software is necessary for a free society. There are those of us who fight for socialised computing as opposed to corporate computing. The two cannot coexist. Every generation must fight the same struggles in different contexts. This generation needs to purge corporate influence by studying what you've given us; the lesson that software can be free in license but not free in spirit is evident. The infrastructure can be free of cost but not free in spirit. I take it as my mission to encourage, educate, and agitate with people who share the vision and spirit of "free software, free society". The struggle for socialised computing has begun its next chapter and we are building anew upon the foundations you have given us. A stalwart servant of socialised computing, Gavin L. Rebeiro => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org