everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### olivas-crimes---in-defence-of-oliva other pages: => why-bsd.html why-bsd *originally posted:* mar 2021 *updated:* aug 2021 this isnt clickbait, its a solid defence of someone ive fought with for ages-- in both senses of the words "fought with". today, for about 5 minutes, i joined him in the trenches one more time. this is not intended to sound heroic, this was a "walk on part in a war" and i could have done more if id bothered to stay. i signed a petition (something i practically never do) for good old stallman and i corrected a couple typos (yes that part is funny, coming from me). oliva stayed to fight. but thats not what i found moving, its simply a counterpoint to my own momentary involvement. the thing that has always and truly fucked me off about oliva is i cant put my finger on him. in my experience, such people do not fare the test of history very well, sooner or later their real motives are shown and arent we a bunch of damned suckers for ever trusting them? thats my typical experience with such "difficult" people. of course stallman is also a difficult person, a good person but difficult to be sure. i would say, as many do, that its IMPORTANT for stallman to be difficult. people love eminem just because "he tells it like it is" and he doesnt water down his words. but take that off the stage of entertainment and find a similar example in activism, and what do people do? they say its all wrong, its "divisive" (this from people who stole his work and pretended to care, like that isnt the big corporate fraud in all of this) and "ineffective". i defy you to show anything the fsf accomplished while stallman was gone. even oliva couldnt do it, but hell-- he was just keeping his seat warm. all in all, not a fair trial run. i think having oliva take the wheel was a damned fool move, chess-wise. ill get back to oliva in a moment, though what it now seems like really happened at the fsf was nothing more than castling: stallman was in check, knauth was rook and oliva-- (hes the one person there with enough sense of humour to be put in drag) would have to be the queen in this game. why do we make him the queen, then? because it can (and does) go anywhere on the board, in any direction as far as it wants. thats oliva to a t. and while he and knauth MAY have succeeded in keeping the board safe for stallmans return, the rest of the game is a shit one. it was a hell of a castle, but its still a lot of fuckery. and finally we make him the queen because they rule the game together, and sacrificing that piece is a damned stupid thing, to put it mildly. i have never *deliberately* been unfair to oliva, on that i am consistent and he has been too understanding about our misunderstandings. when he has tried to make amends ive admonished him-- "why do you bother with me? i either have you right, and its pointless-- or i have you wrong, and its still pointless!" ive tried to get him to leave me alone, if only for his own sake. because like no other person, when i put what trust in him i cant help giving, he always lets me down. and when i think ive finally got him nailed for it-- he always slips away and does something seemingly noble again-- the arsehole! i know this game, and some people DO play it deliberately, and thats definitely how it has appeared with oliva. thats what was pissing me off so much. such people, i will spend years trying to understand their motivations. each time im sure, im CERTAIN, ive got it-- but something always sneaks into the equation to make me doubt again. this is the hazard of working with (even in the vicinity of) interesting people. some people just walk away when things get bad. i try to understand them. often that makes things worse-- its a recipe for trouble, and i can honestly say that if oliva ever proved to be a traitor-- ive already given him more than enough grief. like stallman himself, hes done his time on the cross (if i was his worst tormentor, i was far from the only one) and come back for more trouble again. note also, that no matter how many times ive been right or wrong about him, im pretty good at this. no, no, i only mean in general-- at least above average. DEFINITELY not perfect. and when free software is (like it is now) in peril, it isnt just some game to me to try to understand just what the hell is going on. for the past few days ive struggled to understand the news about stallman coming back. i didnt merely want him on the board again, ive spent more than a year demanding it. and indeed, ive complained that they would probably bring him back as a figurehead, in some superficial way: "stallmans back everybody! say hi, stallman!" *waggling his hand for him* "hello, im richard stallman!" i cried foul when they made that cartoon of him, i thought it was terribly insincere and i still have my doubts. and although it isnt actually impossible to treat a real in-house person like a cartoon mascot or a cardboard cutout, im not satisifed to merely guess. ive gone over and over the details, "is this for fucking real?" im willing to be wrong, folks. even if im not wrong as often as id like to be, its not a problem if stallman comes back and brings the thunder with him. i welcome him to do so. i dont think that will happen, but even if it doesnt its not like we lose anything if knauth gives stallman his throne back. note i said "we" dont lose anything that way; the traitors lose a lot. theyve lit their torches and grabbed their pitchforks and theyre frothing and screaming like never before. joining them are david revoy and julia reda-- SCUM!!!!! such a disappointment. i completely adored both and their work as well. they can both join a fucking commune or go live in the woods and stop being traitors or jump in a fucking lake for all i care. and though roy will probably miss this point, kde is becoming the new gnome and theres hardly any difference at this point, politically speaking. roy likes to schmooze a lot, so he will give them as much slack as mr. phipps, who once again showed this week that the "mink" is a member of the fucking weasel family. roy, I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO! no, the coup is still ongoing, and there are more scumbags than ever. but doesnt that prove-- no, their arguments are still fallacious and their spite is still unjustified. you dont judge the fairness of a lynch mob by its size, but thats a real argument they will make on their own behalf. fuck them! fuck every single last one of them. and that brings me to oliva, and why ive given him UNTOLD shit (really, very told shit, to be honest) over the years. ive finally got the fucker cornered now. i know EXACTLY who he is and why hes been an endless target for my scorn. ive toyed with many theories over the years. i had to-- none of them added up just so. NONE explained everything. sure, i always had enough evidence that SOMETHING was very, very wrong-- but ive always added that-- i just dont know! i just dont fucking know! but i sure as hell dont trust it! bahhh! i know what "crime" oliva is 100% guilty of, and no matter the wind-up, the twist, the parts that are tongue-in-cheek this much is completely serious: oliva supports the fsf. there you go! jokes aside, THIS is the reason i dont trust you, alex-- youre a damned dirty fsf supporter. its not that you support stallman-- heck, thats the biggest argument in your favour. i only got angry when i had my doubts you really meant it. but how, when youre always by his side, when everything you SAY is in his favour, could i even BEGIN to doubt? well i basically said it at the time-- you are SURELY in cahoots, with the free software foundation. and i saw it this week. i saw oliva working for the fsf again! i was RIGHT THERE, elbow to elbow (metaphorically, as we are generally on different continents) and on the same team (team stallman) for all of... 5 minutes. but i saw it! and i believe it. and before now (most of this is not a joke, even the jokey parts are not really a joke in where im coming from here) i did not have the sort of clarity about this, the conviction that i knew EXACTLY what was wrong (go back and look at all the times ive expressed doubt before, i was never content with this) only that SOMETHING, WHATEVER it was, was very, very wrong! WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SUPPORT THE FSF, if you support richard stallman? i dont have a good answer for that, and frankly neither does oliva imo. but for me its a revelation. to those of you who think im being sarcastic, or having a laugh at your expense, consider this: why did i make a stink when oliva was "ousted"? why would i care? hes a traitor, good riddance, one less "traitor" at the fsf. but i did think it was a stink-- i didnt think the fsf had any right to tell oliva where to go. granted i think it was a dirty trick, but thats beside the point that i didnt think it was right (and said so) that oliva was ousted from the fsf. why? because (even when im angry, i will say) hes PROBABLY better than most of the people there. and sadly for him, i will argue (even as he counters, because he will) that he is too good for the free software foundation, as is stallman himself. the fsf is NOT the fsf anymore. its the organisation that stayed neutral like switzerland in wwii (go fuck your arse, mike godwin) its the organisation that betrayed its founder and sided with open source, its the organisation that STANDS FOR FUCKING NOTHING! so i loathe the now-former "fsf", the shadow of what it used to be, and i really dont think they collectively give a damn about any of this, any of us, about stallman or about freedom. and alex always says they do. yeah, well, show me the fucking free software renaissance. you look at the NEW petition, (the pro-stallman petition i signed was a RESPONSE to the anti-stallman one) the smoking gun that shows the coup is in FULL swing and getting bigger-- more gnu developers (i already said gnu was full of traitors!) more FORMER fsf staff, and not just OLD former staff but recent ones, like deb icaza. not for the first time. all these petitions since the libreplanet one have had overlap here and there. its gnome, sfc, its gnu itself, now its kde (theres plenty of debian and google in there, theyre happy to say so themselves-- keep using and promoting debian roy, you fucking coward!) people will say, or assume, or imply, that because i talk about how BAD things are, that im trying to make it sound hopeless. some of it IS hopeless. i am NOT implying that open source will win though. only that they arent losing yet. open source CAN be defeated. probably not by tuesday. we should be making it our mission to defeat open source. the fsf will never have that mission. the fsf plays host to traitors, and suffers true activists to PLEAD for justice. that is the best and worst thing you can say about the fsf-- it leans neutral, it favours the traitors. it suffers the good to beg for better. i have no sympathy for such an organisation. i have some sympathy (even now!) for gnu. i think gnu can be salvaged. im not just saying that because i contribute (in minor ways) to the project of salvaging it. ive said it can be salvaged for much longer than that. i try to tell people, many dont listen. its alright. just as the coup and the worthless traitorous bastards grow stronger, so does the fight. i saw the REAL fight this week. i dont think it was staged. i watched stallmans CLOSEST and true friends in battle. oliva is sincere, i wash my hands of the foolish notion (mine) that he could ever be one of stallmans handlers. ive been harder on him than the fucking house unamerican activities committee, and i am not saying this to try to make it up to him. if i wanted to make it up to him, if this was being done on his behalf, i would probably just shut up already. nor is this entirely about the politics around this. sure, ive made it about that as well, but that is far from the sole reason i say any of this. maybe "innocent" is too strong a word. he still supports the fsf-- and the fsf plays host to traitors. it brings them in for tea, and it dresses the real activists like french maids to serve them. > "can we get you another biscuit, mr. phipps, sir?" > "no thanks, just stallmans head on a platter, if you would be so kind!" > "ill talk to chef. be right back!" > "dont take long!" THIS, THIS, is EXACTLY why the fsf will never get another penny from me. and theyve had many. unlike roy, i am a former member. i left the fsf because of failure, not because stallman wasnt lynched yet. hes on the board, where he belongs. now, YOU TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AROUND YOU. you look at the people trying to control the fsf board by mob tactics. these hypocrites say that stallman is disruptive, divisive and has no respect for formal process. PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME how a fucking MOB can replace due process in making decisions on behalf of a board they do not belong to. there is nothing sincere in their demands-- they are their own judge and jury, only logic can condemn their fraud without any further evidence. a mob is worse than one outspoken critic of corruption. but they dont see it that way, because open source is ruled by narcissists, liars and sociopaths. yes, I DO blame the fsf for catering to these fucks. libreplanet is just as bad as GNOME itself, if not worse! i am told that the free software award does not give cash to recipients, is that true? is there no money involved? if so, that helps-- slightly. libreplanet PRIMARILY gives awards to past and future traitors. libreplanet attacked stallman and oliva alike, while fellating stallmans enemies-- our enemies. i still blame oliva of course, for supporting the fsf. but that is the extent of his "crimes", and i withdraw ALL other charges against him. i now understand, at last, what the fucking problem was. dont support the fsf! but i can understand why he does, even if it is not the thing to do. im certainly not condoning it, but i dont need to hold it against him more than i already have. and the rest? it was there because he supported the fsf at the worst possible time. you may have wondered, why would i continue to suggest he was the ideal 2nd in command for stallman, when there was nobody else as qualified? why he was the least of all evils, even when i condemned him. i have always wondered that myself. its a relief to know. olivas big crime is that he supports the fsf. i dont suppose we need a mob over that, really. i think hes more than paid for this crime, by now. ...for what its worth, that is. finally, although its a side point or even off-topic-- let me tell you why so many people SCRAMBLED to defend stallman when this happened. they had to scramble because they had spent so much time staying quiet so as not to rock the boat. suddenly the open source fucks were about to flip it over, and everybody scrambled to save the fucking boat! the boat is the fsf. FUCK THE BOAT! the old stallman used to say "stealing ships is very bad". well, the ship is stolen. FLIP THE FUCKING BOAT OVER AND MAN THE FUCKING CANNONS! fuck the pirates, fuck the traitors, fuck the lying scum. to hell with the fsf. you can let oliva go, hes not one of them. hes just a fool in the wrong place at the wrong time, half the time. its surely the wrong idea, but its for the right reasons. unfollow if i ever take it back, strike it from your feeds, and call me horrible names if i ever do. i wont ever be surer than this. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org