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 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### [generate-title] other pages: [[the-fake-stallman-foundation]] | [[muckrights]] *originally posted:* jan 2021 *updated:* aug 2021 this is more about the fsf than it is about lxo. oliva and i have a complicated past. i said for years he would have made a good second president of the fsf when stallman retired, that could have been true. to the best of my knowledge, he supported knauth (i truly did not) and so did stallman. oliva has a history of being censored and "handled" by the fsf, if you read his blog about the coup. in my opinion, the best thing hes ever done is expose the coup from the inside. i dont trust him. every time something goes wrong, hes right there. this does *not* mean he is the cause of any of this-- but every time i try to trust him (as i want to) i end up being sorry. thats not the sort of trust that creates friendships. im probably at an incredible loss for not keeping oliva as an ally-- but i still rank him as better than the fsf (unless i can ever prove otherwise, which im neither trying to nor want to-- but i dont think i could). like i said, its complicated. just a few days ago, i was reading an exchange between roy and oliva-- i did not like it, and i dont think it says anything good about whats going on. but even days or maybe weeks before that, oliva was telling me that things were about to get better at the fsf. and what happens? more crap! first i discover cartoon stallman-- oh i hate that thing. its not the artwork itself, the artwork is alright. its the implications. why did the fsf oust oliva? if you read his article about the coup, they could just be looking for any excuse they can come up with at this point. but supposedly this was about a more recent article, on using your donations to push the fsf to support stallman. corrections welcome if i got that wrong. for the second year in a row since ousting stallman, the fsf has had to extend their funding campaign due to not meeting their goal. this is also the second year in a row that oliva suggested people explain their positions to the fsf. without question, oliva is more connected to the broader free software community than anybody else at the fsf-- possibly including stallman at this point. while everybody else is conservative and trying to build a condescending childs playpen between stallman and the community that formed around the movement HE CREATED, while the fsf has spent years ignoring members (oliva disputes that by the way, at least he did a year or so ago and my guess is he still would but im not sure) oliva has (for better or worse) engaged with them. thats what the fsf *should* be doing. instead, it is acting exactly like torvalds handlers after he was exiled, reeducated (that particular point is a bit facetious) and brought "back" (but not really) though they didnt go so far as to make a little cartoon torvalds they could use as a puppet [lit]/[lit] shield [lit]/[lit] idol to support them later. take notes, microsoft [lit]/[lit] linux foundation! oh who are we kidding? i wouldnt be surprised if the same p.r. companies are responsible. let this sink in though: the fsf ousted oliva for suggesting that new [lit]/[lit] renewing members use their donations [lit]/[lit] fees to support the founder of the organisation. the fsf is NOT a movement-- it is acting exactly like the corporation it is. and it ought to be a failed corporation, so that whats left of the movement can get back to being a grassroots effort-- instead of spending another five years in (mostly) unpaid corporate servitude. the fsf has turned into something farcical. oliva was not ousted over a scandal-- he was ousted for doing the right thing and for trying to give members a voice in an organisation that no longer cares about its members. the board should be fucking ashamed, and so far the new president STILL doesnt seem that great to me. *oliva should not have apologised*-- the fsfs fundraising efforts arent suffering because of anything oliva said, theyre suffering because they have turned their backs on their mission and their members, and sold out the best people in the movement to appease corporate sponsors-- at least thats what it still looks like from here! *is this the kind of shit you want us to throw more money at, roy?* a few months ago (i dont have the email or the date it was sent) i sent mr. stallman an email suggesting that he should take free software in the direction of a grassroots movement again. he asked how that would be different from what it is now. i (most likely) told him that the fsf is becoming a corporate mouthpiece and that the coup is ongoing-- i know i warned him that all was not well, and he said that he thinks my concerns were exaggerated. now that his right-hand person in the organisation is out, are my concerns still exaggerated? the coup continues. the "real" fsf would never have done this. this is the fake stallman foundation (not based on the real stallman). i find it interesting to note that in the video i watched about this topic, roy also thinks that oliva was "pushed out" like what happened to stallman. *i agree.* werent you just saying two days ago that the traitors were out? sometimes he said out, sometimes he said mostly out. if they were out, this probably wouldnt have happened. within the fsf, stallman and his supporters (and the importance of members) continue to weaken-- corporate sponsors get stronger. now roy is talking about how people (like stallman, like oliva) are abused into thinking they did something wrong when they didnt. the topic youre referring to is gaslighting, roy. stallman and oliva were "beaten" (through bullshit, lies and abuse) into blaming themselves for upsetting the almighty sponsors, no differently than people are beaten into signing forced confessions or even believing they did something that never happened. as you obviously know, thats a thing. also, in the video roy seems to be backpedalling (its too early to say) and shifting the blame from the fsfs critics back to the fsf, where it belongs. its funny, because theres scarce that ive said of the fsf that the muckrights community isnt saying immediately (a day or two) before and immediately after this happened. you could have listened, roy. instead you went and shot the messenger. for a muckraking website, thats pretty fucking sloppy work. i invite mr. stallman to reconsider whether my concerns were exaggerated. we (roy and i both predicted this based on earlier events which have proven to have additional connections) *predicted stallmans ousting in the first place*. i said the coup was still ongoing. if it isnt clear yet roy, it is *still* ongoing. but since you wont listen to me, or you will only twist what i said, i suggest you listen to your own community. they seem to have a firm enough grasp on whats happening with the fsf. => the-fake-stallman-foundation.html => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org