everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### natalie-wynn---mining-lefttube---and-richard-stallman *originally posted:* aug 2022 ive spent A LOT of time watching lefttube lately. ive watched entire channels by some lefttube/redtube/breadtube creators. my previous article on the real life drawbacks of utopianism was inspired by a youtuber i really enjoy, but i didnt like that particular video only because i thought his defence of utopianism was maybe a little bit bullshit. but who knows? he went to school for that stuff, i didnt. he has read more books on stuff like that-- and i havent. perhaps his points were also better. but regarding that particular video, i doubt it. i do however, sympathise very much with the emotional slump that seems to have inspired that video. my primary interest in lefttube is standing against the root cause of so many of these other (also important) issues: the inherent inequality created by capitalism. when i say "the inequality created by capitalism", i dont mean not everyone gets the same pay-- although they dont. i remember feeling "enlightened" once by the video christina hoff summers did on the gender pay gap, and ive seen that video TROUNCED by "facts and logic"-- and as lefttube is fond of quoting (shapiro) ironically, "facts dont care about your feelings." when i considered myself libertarian, i considered myself left libertarian, only because i believe that no matter how "free" you are to amass wealth, i think the best thing you can do with that wealth is put it back into a world that needs it. and i wasnt swayed by (i openly mocked) billionaires who tried to blow their savings on a bullshit legacy that was divorced from both reality and facts about who they really are and what they did as people. facts may not care about your feelings, but facts DO (sometimes) value money over themselves... i think libertarianism is a fantasy, a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too sort of idea that i dont blame people at all for being tempted by, but i think its possible to trounce that fantasy with (tada) facts and logic. or ive simply spent too much time reading and watching leftist stuff. but i gave the libertarians and the an-caps years of my time, and i feel they had their chance to convince me they werent bullshit. note however, that some of the concerns of libertarians are not something ive ceased to care about. for a lefty, i still have some libertarian tendencies-- not economically, which is an obvious dealbreaker for any serious libertarian, but in terms of other issues they bring up, i havent ceased to care about those. rather, those concerns have been adequately, broadly and repeatedly addressed and even AFFIRMED BY SOME of the left... which is sort of what this article is about. because of my interest in free speech, ive gravitated (not exclusively, see where i said ive watched entire lefttube CHANNELS) towards various takes on this topic. one of the most important misconceptions to address about the left, in my opinion, is the idea that the left is in any way unified on these topics and concepts. if you are getting that impression of the left, then you are either dealing with a right-wing caricature or you are dealing with a SINGLE faction. and the faction that cancelled stallman is a faction i will never sympathise with. people like that make the left fucking lousy. the video natalie wynn made about cancel culture (which doesnt exist, according to people who are completely gaslighting you about cancel culture) is far from the only outstanding video ive seen on lefttube (im not just putting myself through this out of stoicism or its kinky relative, masochism-- some of this stuff is genuinely interesting) but its the second video ive written an entire article about and... wow! you can watch it here, though at 100 minutes it might be THE longest video ive watched on lefttube: => https://yewtu.be/watch?v=OjMPJVmXxV8 she starts by talking about james charles-- the smear campaign against him was absolutely homophobic and opportunistic, but as an example hes unfortunate because he did actually do SOME of the worst things he was accused of, even if the case against him was made in a dishonest way that is still semi-useful as an example. then she talks about herself and trans adult entertainment star buck angel, and how many times shes been canceled over tweets that were interpreted as more or less the opposite of their intent, with very convincing context. but even above all examples, her explanation of how cancel culture works is simply the best ive ever seen. a better example of cancel culture still would be stallman himself, wynns explanation fits what happened at the hands of lieplanet traitors perfectly, and you should not be surprised if i choose to do even a second article about this video because i just found out theres a transcript :) here: => https://www.contrapoints.com/transcripts/canceling and i am so interested in this video i thought about watching it AGAIN and commenting in more detail than i do here. this is not TANGENTIALLY about stallman. this IS PRECISELY about what happened to stallman. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG with cancel culture. but consider this: when i talk about the "fake left", im talking about the trend towards more superficiality, more hypocrisy, LESS giving-a-shit about real people or real causes, people hijacking politics that ACTUALLY ARE about the human condition and "weaponising" that (as wynn herself says) for their own PETTY and PERSONAL reasons. in other words, these people have a PERSONAL agenda that has fuck all to do with honesty, integrity or the politics theyve latched onto and used to take down GOOD people. in other words, when i talk about the "fake left" im talking about all the rights worst nightmares that they love to react to. and its hard to blame them-- if THIS is the left, then the left IS a pile of shit. im still very pissed at christians (ive always been pro choice) for the roe v. wade fuckery, so im just a smidgeon less "live and let live" about religion lately, but i was never supportive of the sort of fundamentalist (and otherwise) bullshit done in the name of christianity and ive spent many years debunking the connection between THAT and people who honestly just read the bible and try to be good people. you know, REAL christians who arent just a bunch of overzealous, self-pious cunts. and for those who appreciate my-- lets call it "nuanced"-- message, even if i think "nuanced" is a funny thing to call what im saying here about christians, i have a similar message about the left. theyre not all fake. theyre NOT all stalinists. and they DONT all support cancel culture. although when i complain about thought-policing, the very reason i do it is because ACAB, and that (still!) includes the thought police. and it includes lieplanet, the fake bullshit corporate trojan horse that has rotted the fsf from the inside and even this year created TWO "separate-but-equal" events called lieplanet, because it just cant tolerate platforming someone being GOOD and HONEST and even RIGHT. as in the words of league of gentlemen, "we wont have any trouble here!" can the left be hijacked by corporations? ITS NOT EVEN NEW! lenin himself was disgusted with the "left communists" and even used some of the nearly identical terminology I GOT SHIT FOR using against the fake left as a libertarian. THE LEFT IS NOT A SINGULAR THING. at least some of the factions are really, just bullshit. you do not have to be right wing to realise this. and this should probably be no revelation. but like the most hypocritical and obnoxious so-called christians, the most hypocritical and obnoxious so-called leftists REALLY ARE fucking awful, awful people. they deserve the critique. and like fake christians, they only make the world lousy with their self-worship, double standards and pure self-serving bullshit. the real message here, is the distinction between the two. but make no mistake, i continue to loathe the fake left. its just that theres a left thats nothing like that at all... and then theres leftube, which i find educational and enjoyable, but sometimes teeters on the very edge of... i mean, the fake left is SORT OF leftist too. just in a completely bullshit way. does the "real left" ever get this way a little bit? i dont know. but the vloggers leaning real left on youtube might occasionally drift in that direction at times. sometimes they save the point from near destruction, and sometimes they dont. on the other hand, while some people ABSOLUTELY misconstrue, abuse and make opportunistic (and man-hating) applications for terms like "patriarchy" and "toxic masculinity", there are lefttubers who put these things back into a historical and conceptual context, where these terms are not really anti-male and being a man is NOT an inherently bad thing. which i quite like, as i too struggle with the idea of spending many years trying to be against sexism, only to be told men are an inherently bad thing. we already agree (that is, the vast majority of youtube and i) that terfs are a fuck awful thing. in my opinion, terfs are women that either hate, or envy men so much, that theyre unwilling to care about about the VAST overlap in identical concerns for trans and cis women that their conclusion is basically "fuck trans rights". theres a trope ive seen, MOSTLY trotted out by fake-left-brand feminists, which says "feminism is for men too", but the only feminists i spend any real time listening to are the ones who clearly DONT hate men, who already realise (and give an actual shit) that men can also be victims of various kinds of abuse, and that men can be allies (even while treating them like any other human being). the fake left divides people along these lines, and is based on hypocrisy, ignorance and hatred. the real left, while being completely intolerant of certain POLICIES and politics (just like im largely intolerant of certain policies and politics, and you PROBABLY are too) is not actually a woke pissing match. i mean in fake christianity, you HAVE TO show up to church because THATS where the piety pissing match is held each week-- but thank god, theyre (honestly) not all like that. but the ones you see the most may be, because theyre completely in your face about it. and of course, about how GOOD they are. even if... YOURE not. on the other hand, just because not all christians are bullshit doesnt mean youll want to be a christian yourself. i mean, finding out that the left arent all foaming at the mouth over the spectacle of a modern witch burning wont magically turn you into a leftist. personally, it makes me happy. i like knowing that relatively sane, relatively good people exist. i like knowing that not every effort towards a better world is based almost solely on bullshit and hypocrisy. even if the hope for humanity is still small enough to worry, and we definitely should worry-- i like the idea that we have a chance of redeeming ourselves as a species and maybe even possibly succeeding. cancel culture is nonetheless a thing that people actually do. and it may start out with good intentions and even good effects, but that does not preclude turning all too quickly into stalinism, as i pointed out when i talked about the idea of utopianism creating dystopian effects the harder you try to shove it post-haste from theory into practice. the vicious, destructive and public lynching of richard stallman remains a perfect example of this problem. they cannot even reverse the damage theyve done. they destroyed what was left of the free software foundation, and in its place all they can offer is bullshit, lies and hypocrisy. the fsf is the new osi: mostly marketing, not much about freedom, of more use to corporate takeover than freedom any day of the week. beware the fake left, because they stab the world in the back while serving corporate hegemony and counterrevolution. this isnt really new, and it goes back even farther than stalins regime, but at least there is still an alternative. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org