everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### muckrights *originally posted:* jan 2021 *updated:* aug 2021 this website started in january, in response to events that occurred throughout december and continued into the new year. its goal is to combat misinformation and other insidious forms of bullshit in the free software movement. the goal is definitely not to make free software look worse than "open source"-- open source is a scam, and a lot of the contemporary crises in free software can be described as open source continuing its infiltration and co-opting of what we do. open source is a cynical, corporate astroturfing of free software. it has been so for many years. based on an old and famous open letter from co-founder bruce perens, we can likely trace the beginnings of this "cynical side" of open source as far back as the first year osi was founded. the specific events that led to this websites creation constitute a sustained campaign of smears, co-opting and dishonesty. we arent here to nitpick every possible example of bullshit, that would only double the size of the internet. but there was a threshold of bullshit that was crossed before we got here, and with new all-time levels being reached, ewwfs is now in full battle mode. the original goal was to talk about the good and the bad-- acknowledge the good (some credit is still necessary even now) and address the wrongs. when this started, there was no way of knowing whether the campaign of nonsense would be sustained-- there was no assumption it would be, it was actually difficult to believe or even assume the possibility that it would go on this long. now there is enough wrong that it can be the focus. that doesnt mean that ewwfs will only talk about negatives-- the biggest problem this website was designed to address is that these negatives (only the contrived ones-- honest critique isnt the real problem here) are making it more difficult to *move forward* against the problems created by giafam and the corporate infiltration of key organisations. the if-by-whisky approach that muckrights takes to serious problems has reached absurd, obnoxious and even exploitative proportions. this website began as an act of self-defence against a bully. now it goes directly after the unrepetant charlatanism that has not only irked us, but targeted us. i have no problem with amateurs, modest efforts or practice-to-learn. this website is a deliberately modest effort that encourages and celebrates modest efforts-- but it will still stand up to bullies and lies. this started when someone with a well-known media platform was smearing and misrepresenting me personally, and the pattern has continued to demonstrate the false pretenses, the similarity between what theyre doing now and what debian and fsfe have done to volunteers, the hypocrisy along with example after example of dishonesty. all of this comes as a surprise, but its a surprise that will be met with sustained resistance now that the time has come. there is no muckrights defending me, or standing for truth. muckrights only uses truth as a foundation for lies. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org