everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### more-time-on-the-orwellian-treadmill *originally posted:* mar 2022 roy, who cant seem to ever disclose that its the corporate coup against free software known as "open source" that pays his bills, recently got a mention here for doing a 180 from OH NO to ITS FINE in only TWO consecutive fsf-related articles. not to be outdone, the olympic champion bullshitter has tightened the loop (a dj mixing technique) even further and run the treadmill once or twice throughout a SINGLE article! somebody cool those treads down before they smoke! the problem isnt telling both sides of a story-- that would be honest, its basically always ok to be honest. the real problem is if-by-whiskey, and going to great lengths to disguise the fact (as open source has to, because it has no real values other than "make money" and "give control back to corporations") that techrights really doesnt stand for anything. if it did, it wouldnt lie about: > There was not much written about the displacement of Google’s founders. RMS and eventually Linus must pass on the reins and assume an advisory role if only to ensure a smooth transition and a continuation of the values they founded their respective projects on. Both waited a bit too long and got sidelined instead. Both can recover (AFAIK) but would have to expend effort. RMS can advise now, I hope the FSF and GNU are on good footing. Linux though is in a harder spot with so many Microsofters now in high places. A purge is needed there. http://techrights.org/2022/03/06/curtailing-founders/ it really pisses me off when he does this-- this is an extension of him pretending the coup is against open source again, rather than against free software. routinely techrights has deflected (all the article in question achieves is deflection) the problems for / directed at free software as being problems for / directed at open source, which misdirects people. linux for example, derailed the gnu project as an operating system. it didnt have to do this if it had simply competed (in an honest way) with hurd. im not a hurd fan, the design of linux was more practical and hurd was "cooler" in a way that... has taken forever to fix. hurd helps intel more than it helps gnu. at best its a cool relic, and at worst hurd is part of the coup (it isnt listed in the mlsd). what linux did as a kernel was co-opt gnu as the operating system it was intended to be. everything about linux puts gnu in more corporate control-- for many years this seemed like something we could work around, or muddle through to victory, but today it is nothing more than a political liability for free software. techrights waters this down to sell pageviews, not to inform the public. watering it down the way techrights does obscures the problem until it looks like something else entirely-- like a problem for linux, rather than a problem for gnu: > I hope the FSF and GNU are on good footing. Linux though is in a harder spot no, linux is is in the hands of corporate masters-- thats exactly what linux has always tried to be! its like feeling sorry for an investment banker because "oh, poor guy, he must have the roughest time sleeping at night". what about the people he fucked over, who dont even have a place to sleep at night? wont someone please shed a tear for the cannibalistic penguin, the cute little guy could get a tummyache or even furballs! roy turns the gnu victim (once again) into the linux victim. id call him an idiot, if he wasnt doing this on purpose. gnu is in a harder spot-- unlike linux, gnu has actually been taken over. linux was PARTY TO the takeover, it is no victim. techrights has been reframing attacks on free software as attacks on open source for more than a year. when roy is paid by open source, this is closer to fraud than journalism (although if we are cynical enough we can say the line is very fine in practice, and still be right...) > RMS and eventually Linus must pass on the reins this is techrights (and thus anyone who believes what techrights says) divorced from reality: rms and linus ALREADY had the reins taken-- pretending otherwise only gives cover to the culprits. dont worry, roy will expose them later and then like a magician with a handkerchief, make the accusation "disappear" again right before the audience. this is the treadmill at its finest: "THESE BASTARDS! Who have not done anything..." the only point of telling you how terrible github is today is to tell you the day (or hour) after that that github will not be (is not?) a problem! any second now... and be sure to thank techrights for vanquishing them. voila! problem gone... when techrights was saying "stallman is back!" i was saying "he will be powerless." this week, techrights said he is in control, but has no public face... okay, so his powers must not work in sunlight anymore. what did they do to him? it just doesnt compute, unless someone is lying. torvalds too was powerless (open source eats their own) on his return, thats partly how i knew stallman would be. neither of these people hold the reins anymore-- techrights said several times that torvalds has masters! > and eventually Linus must pass on the reins he doesnt. have. the reins. to pass on. > RMS and eventually Linus nope. who is rms going to pass them TO? techrights does not have a (reasonable) answer to this. actually it has no answer, but if an arbitrary (silly) one will do-- way ahead of you roy, with rms THERE ARE NO REINS. they have gutted the power of his position (his old position) entirely-- anyone who is "handed the reins" will get their hands on a fake steering wheel. "DONT WORRY, MEMBERS! IM TAKING US TO SHORE!" in the context of what has happened to the fsf, roys little dander around the outskirts of reality is completely meaningless. but it certainly makes it SOUND like stallman has power. and it makes it sound like linus hasnt already had the reins taken and given to someone else-- but we do know better than that, and so does roy. open source is bill gates wearing a stallman suit! and techrights is (as i said more than a year ago, only to have roy prove me right again and again) a public relations firm for the newly-(de)formed open source foundation. whats funny is that the last time we were having so many conversations of this type, it was this time of year. is this some kind of public relations holiday? i dont have a copy of their calendar. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org