everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### more-than-a-year-of-personal-drama-and-weaponised-bullshit---oliva-and-techrights-and-the-fsf-and-the-coup other pages: => mo-money-mo-problems.html mo-money-mo-problems *originally posted:* dec 2021 this was written mostly for the two or three people who wondered what really happened with oliva. oliva himself may be one of the two or three people; he might not. this is just as much about techrights, or the fsf. but without roy trying to play floss puppetmaster, oliva and i might still consider ourselves allies. however, i think its probably just as well. i cant prove oliva is a bad guy, by the way. im not even sure he is. in his open letter (oliva continues to defend stallman publicly, and seems more sincere about it than roy at least) oliva claims a sort of neurological semi-kinship with stallman. lets be clear, im not blaming oliva for that. if anything, its the basis for a reasonable and sound (if theoretical) theory (yes, theoretical theory-- but im not even sure thats redundant given the context) about why things have gone so badly. i mean that olivas best alibi is his own (occasionally obnoxious) pedantry. i couldnt explain why oliva and i are not closer to friends without implying some things that are negative, but the broader context is more the point of this post than trying to say negative things about oliva. you dont have to take my word for it, but ill mention it anyway. i dont think its ever going to change. maybe its a shame, maybe its a good thing. oliva is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. if free software were the x-files, then oliva would be the smoking man. but thats not the basis for my suspicions, only an illustration. underneath this possibly unwarranted suspicion, lies an actual (two-fold) problem: the problem of loyalty. oliva may be (at least appear, but its so hard to tell these days who is actually loyal to stallman, as so many have betrayed him-- this is hardly limited to a few people and by now its a theoretical problem for practically everybody) loyal to stallman, but hes also loyal to people who i think have betrayed him. oliva is divided. and if hes loyal to free software on the whole, then free software on the whole is divided. and i think its going to be a very long time before oliva figures this out or admits it-- though he has his strengths. despite my misgivings, i notice that one of the things that the fsf board locked down was the sort of thing oliva did while he was there-- and i thought that was pathetic, it may on the surface appear like a necessary or good idea, but (assuming good faith FOR THE SAKE OF ARGUMENT) oliva was doing something i would have approved of, and did (and do) approve of-- he sounded the alarm when it needed to be sounded. i may never know for sure what his true motivations were (im speaking specifically; later i will speak broadly of his motivations, in another context entirely) though i approve of his actions in that regard. and the fsf just locked them down. it may be difficult for people to come up with the reason this is so comical. i dont think oliva led the coup, even though he (eventually) worked for ibm. i dont really think he likes the coup either. this post wont be complete unless i explain why i think he has apologised for the coup, but unfortunately there are so many (many, many) layers of absolute bullshit around the fsf at this point, that ANY SORT of loyalty to it or to stallman would be a maze of twisting, turning passages-- but none alike! if i had to sum up the fsf in a word, it would be "self-contradicting". and if i had to sum up stallman in a word, it would be "consistent". how the fuck can anyone be loyal to both? in the interest of fairness, this is the bullshit that oliva found himself in when he was half-vice-president-what-the-fuck-ever-per-stallmans-request-incidentally. im not sure anyone who could appreciate that absurdity of that in the first place could ever deserve it. but thats the situation oliva was in. many times, ive honestly felt bad for him. and i dont do pity, but damn... one of the fatal flaws of techrights is that while it likes to be petty and dishonest and based on minutiae while frequently ignoring larger issues and mitigating facts (it twists things, oversimplifies and even fabricates things i know are factually untrue) it focuses on people (on individuals) to the point of ignoring what groups are actually doing. techrights can never understand the group through its members (the forest through the trees of course, but more specifically with groups of people). because of this, techrights cannot understand (or refuses to understand) debian, gnome, the fsf or free software. but thats alright, techrights is OPEN SOURCE and roy works professionally for OPEN SOURCE. he has for years. what is open source? free software giveth, and open source taketh away. open source uses its own PARTICIPATION in free software as a human shield, even while it attacks, exploits and destroys free software from the inside. ``` open source is a trojan horse, of course the hate letter signed twice by fossforce, of course and roy of course defends the source of the backstabbing debian smegs! ``` roy exploited me for YEARS under false pretenses. then when he had the chance, roy lied about me. he lied TO stallman-- about me. oliva was involved (he apologised too, for the sake of completeness). oliva and i have hurt each others trust more than once. if we ever were friends, we are star-crossed ones. but this story is incomplete without looking at the backdrop of lies and chaos that open source and the coup have put us all in. that is olivas best defence. it may even prove his innocence. and if he is innocent, he is second in how much hes been shit on ONLY to stallman himself. context is fucking everything. without all this chaos, the best people among us wouldnt be walking contradictions. oliva was loyal to the fsf for too long, and they cut him off while granting the actual coup a full pardon. one man could never be as much of a farce as the fucking fsf at this point. even if i hated oliva, the (modern) fsf is pathetic next to him. what oliva did showed balls. it showed (either truly, or superficially-- ill never know which) integrity. if oliva is not a plant, then hes at worst like neville longbottom when he tried to stop hermoine, ron and harry. it takes courage to stand up to your friends. and the fsf ignores bigger problems than someone from the board standing up to their bullshit-- which is why the new moves are such a grotesque and complete farce. they address the wrong problem. its the organisational and bureaucratic equivalent of convicting the wrong man, while the murderer goes free. whether oliva was acting out of best intentions or not, his actions WERE defensible. and the actions of the coup were NOT! and the fsf addressed the defensible actions and cut them off from happening again (after the fact, too little too late guys, but at least you look busy!) while the coup was-- FULLY PARDONED! this fsf is still spineless, and more pathetic than ever. but at least stallman is-- NOPE! not a fucking word from him. nope, not the president. the fsf has been feckless for a decade straight, and there are no signs of this changing at all. the fsf would drag their feet straight through the apocalypse-- and for the fsf, frankly, whats the fucking difference? so olivas career is one farce after another, sadly, and the question remains whether any of that is actually his fault. i said months ago that his biggest crime was supporting the fsf. funny, right? but i meant it. he supported the fsf during a coup, you know. isnt that lose-lose? you know, when i set out to explain why he and i dont get along, i didnt intend to spend the entire time sounding like i might be defending him. but credit where credit is due, right? i mean, if you defend the fsf during a fucking coup, is it because you support the real thing, or support the coup? its fucking hard to tell, isnt it? everyone is so fake, and oliva (like stallman i might add) is a pain in the arse. hes a bit insufferable. as for the three of us, that is (only for context, not fame and glory but speculate if you like) stallman, myself and oliva, we are members of the same species. i dont mean human, though we all belong to that species as well. all three of us have been exploited by narcissists and by open source. all three of us have been lied to. and all three of us have been punished for doing the right thing. and this is never to conflate the instances but to remind the world that THIS IS A TREND for open source to exploit our kind-- techrights noted this again recently (with regards to the epo and microsoft) though techrights is guilty IN SPADES of doing exactly the same! all thats left regarding olivas situation is to determine WHY and whether it was for the right reasons. but he did the right thing, at least in terms of what we KNOW happened. the rest of it is still a mystery, since the fsf likes to be its own little fucking world, with cloak-and-dagger nda bullshit and "dont call us, we will call you" in terms of ever fixing anything. and they keep ignoring the real problems as if they dont exist. and that is EXACTLY how stallman got ousted. which i predicted, by the way. on that note, next april a bunch of idiots will be celebrating the one year anniversary of the "coup", but thats stupid. despite what techrights waffles and fence-rides around, the coup did NOT happen in april. this month marked not the first, but the THIRD anniversary of the coup, which kicked off at lieplanet-- in december of 2018. it was that event which truly marks the beginning of the coup, though at the time (to me, to some of us) it was only a warning of "the coup to come". WE KNEW STALLMAN WOULD END UP LIKE TORVALDS: back, but beaten into silence. and here he is, folks-- hes back! just like linus. of course linus is a piece of shit. but hes been replaced by people who are worse. open source is a dick-measuring competition, and the people in charge of linux now are bigger (arseholes) than linus (almost makes you think of the beatles-- except the beatles didnt suck). the point is, we ALREADY KNEW the tactics against stallman, before they played out-- because we had seen them with torvalds. we knew stallman would get the same. and the goal was to control gnu the way that microsoft and lead zemlin control the kernel. and the fsf doesnt care about other kernels anymore. isnt that nice? i said years ago: ``` gnus not unix gnus not linux! gnus not unix gnu is free ``` but gnu IS linux now, or rather gnu is MERELY (that is, organisationally and practically speaking) gnu/linux now-- but gnu/linux is not gnu, its microsoft! but hey, these days gnu is also microsoft. i didnt excel in whatever branch of mathematics (topology?) would let me create a backronym worthy of the corporate monstrosity gnu has finally become. but "floss" sort of works: ``` f.ormerly l.ibre o.penly s.leazy s.oftware ``` and i trust oliva less because he works for microsoft adacore. and i trust microsoft adacore less because oliva works for them. i mean one or the other is fair, but maybe not both, right? oliva defends stallman. then he turns around and defends the backstabbers and the coup (a bit, but still too much). then he gives me a bunch of shit (like ive given him). but if i put even a smidgeon of trust in him, he just does it all over again. then roy drives the wedge in farther, telling actual lies (to me, to oliva, to all his readers, to stallman) and even fabricates things about stallman ive proven are untrue (and i think safe to say, completely made up). its worth noting that open source (like the fsf during the coup-- but hey, the coup is not over yet, and the fsf is still attacking the better, pardoning the worse, and treating the founder himself like spent fuel rods, none of which is actually stallmans fault-- BUT SEND MONEY! MONEY WILL FIX IT! DONT LISTEN TO THE BOARD, JUST STICK YOUR FINGERS IN YOUR EARS, GO TING-A-LING-A-LOO!) and given how the fsf treats money (the treasurer is president, lol!) money matters a lot more than the founder or whistleblowers, eh? I MEAN OBAMA WENT AFTER WHISTLEBLOWERS AND WE DECIDED HE WAS A CORPORATE SHILL. then the fsf does the same thing and we are like "whoo hoo! progress!" rofl... they always go after the whistleblowers and not the people the whistle was blown at, you know? "fight for your freedom" my fucking arse... anyway, maybe oliva is just a sucker. maybe hes a traitor. itll never be easy to tell, because he tried to be loyal to stallman, stallman (foolishly) sided with the fsf instead of free software (but we DO grant him full pardon since HE FUCKING INVENTED IT so thats a pretty untouchable alibi in my opinion-- also they betrayed him, hes just too damned forgiving for anyones good-- not exactly a war crime you know-- except when oliva does it) and by being loyal to stallman being loyal to the fsf, oliva absolutely betrayed us. by default. if you got the point that this is actually an incredibly flimsy line of reasoning to blame oliva for everything, then you got it right. but its only part of the story. amidst all of this, he routinely, petulantly, stubbornly and with a pettiness rivaled only by roy, defended the coup SORT OF. everything they did to oliva, oliva did to himself (and us, sort of) too. but if stallman had done the same thing (which he did) then it would be okay, because its stallman. only its not, it was oliva. and theres the fucking problem. sort of. maybe its not treachery, maybe its only pedantry. but i cant imagine someone like stallman or oliva being pedantic, can you? (no, never). with that said, it WILL be ten or twenty years before he figures out hes been on the wrong side-- inadvertently or otherwise. and by then, they will have taught him not to say anything. plus, hes still working for microsoft. i mean, he was working for red hat (now ibm) and now he works for adacore (who works for microsoft-- just like any other group using github) and this is the problem. hes STILL working for the enemy. not that he was ever in a position to win. from a personal standpoint, you should probably feel bad for him. from a strategic standpoint, he should probably be up against a wall. maybe. who knows? i know if i ever trusted him, he would only let me down again. every time. but we may never (ever) know if he did it for the right reasons, even if he did the right thing. context is still fucking everything. but the details, and the playing field-- what a fucking mess! we are still trying to find the context, while techrights throws techrights-branded chaff into our radar like a ticker tape parade. i will say this much for oliva though: if we are going to convict him of anything at all, everyone brought before trial has a right to representation. who is going to defend this guy? again, it is his right. please god, dont make it me. oliva and i both deserve better than that. so does stallman-- but never again the tax-free slavery foundation, which had stallman serving as its defence. but the fsf REMAINS indefensible. oliva either walked straight into, or possibly was himself, a trap. but only stallman retains the right to defend the fsf, you know? even if its wrong to do so. oliva chose to ignore this and defend the fsf and/or the coup. and his punishment comes not from those who were let down, but from the ones he defended! what a fucking mess. but this is exactly why i advocate what i have: techrights and the fsf can only lead us to open source. if youre looking for free software, you better lead it yourself-- stallman retired in 2011. this guy that looks like him is only a mascot for fundraising, sadly. if youre being handled, but you agree (with your handlers) to be handled, then its not the handlers fault, right? even if theyre lying to you. NOPE! not the fuck at all! the coup manufactured the crisis that remains the sole excuse for silencing the founder. and the founder is still silenced. boole would have no trouble solving that one. though maybe it would be more fair to blame stallmans defence of the fsf instead of olivas, since at least oliva dealt with and sometimes listened to the public. its moot though, since we cant (and wont) blame stallman for betraying himself. unfortunately, olivas willingness to do what others did not bother to do only makes him look more questionable. but it is the fsf that truly failed. maybe oliva is the fall guy to the fall guy. sucks a lot, doesnt it, that we wont ever know? i have been very open (before, and now) about how much ive struggled to figure this particular piece out. oliva is the greatest mystery ive had to deal with. as it happens, my associates do not trust him, and myself i trust them more than i can trust him. either way, the free software movement is a shitty place for everybody right now. except open source is doing just great. they got exactly what they wanted-- ibm and microsoft deciding our next move again. think the fsf will ever stand up to this decades long effort to usurp free software, which bruce perens (who wrote the very definition of open source, based on debians dfsg) said esr planned originally? the fsf stands for nothing at all. open source at least, is consistent in their sheer (overall) betrayal of human rights. yes indeed, mr. oliva: lets hitch our wagons to that turd, shall we? i mean, you have... you and mr. stallman have no control of the carriage, its on fire, and you wont jump. are you both tied up, or what? we may never know the answer. but we do know the fsf sells us floss, even if it was invented to promote free software. yes, even now. still, if youre looking for the largest player in this in terms of sheer numbers, we DO have the answer to that: debian. with gnome close behind. and techrights STILL defends both! why, why does everybody want to fix everything EXCEPT the coup? can they not grasp what a betrayal that is? strategically, its like throwing a grenade at your foot. this is what techrights and the fsf ultimately demand we overlook-- or at least, that we do sweet fuck-all about it. i still think thats incredibly telling. its not a basis for trust at all. and THAT really is the point i wanted to make, amidst all the difficulty and complication and the noise from every side of it. get a fucking clue-- what a fucking coup. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org