everything wrong with free software

 "free as in speech"

### mlsd-log *originally posted:* oct 2021 ### what is this? see: => mlsd-faq.html mlsd-faq for more. ### october ``` * downloaded thousands of files (at maybe about 40 kbps, if youre curious) * removed thousands of GITHUB-based entries (not all, actually reviewed them though not extensively) * created faq * removed hundreds of JAVA-based entries (not all) including a couple of java-based GNU projects * coaxed what started as 0.5 gb of html into non-html list of urls (found rdf export later, havent tried it) * removed GNOME librsvg and several other GNOME projects (librsvg based on a discussion of the project moving to rust) * created this log * removed LINUX-libre and alsa-- linux will never be free * gnu BASH removed until someone makes a lighter, stable fork (recommended names: bashlite, baash, lbash, baksh) use pdksh, it makes the shell SO MUCH LESS BULLSHIT this is not mere favouritism, bash is UNJUSTIFIABLY bloated someone can salvage bash if they really want to * z entries complete (.07k urls) * removed double entries within a group, like this: title yes https://example-one https://example-two https://example-one title no https://example-two https://example-one https://example-one https://example-two ^ that would become: title yes https://example-one https://example-two title no https://example-two https://example-one i was cleaning up enough of these that i spent 10 minutes writing a 16-line program to clean them up. cat file | sort | uniq | wc -l returns the same number of lines for both the "clean" version and the original, so if anything it didnt remove a single unique line. * 0 and a entries complete (.02k and .60k urls) * removed all member projects of SFC for their alliance with the open source war against free software. the chief gnewsance can override this (for example, on behalf of git). note that some of these projects were already removed in the github removal phase. just like giafam, you give money to these people and they use it right back against you. sold out non-profits are just another stone in a corporate pyramid. ``` ### november ``` * b entries complete (.38k urls) * c entries complete (.87k urls) * nov 7 2021 (utc) the database is online and public, if incomplete (on a single page) ``` => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org/mlsd.html ``` * d entries complete (.54k urls) * e entries complete (.32k urls) * mlsd contains thousands of entries ``` there is no policy to list projects being held hostage by the gnu.fools. they do not care about your freedom, and they are lying to the public. please feel welcome to fork those projects if theyre important enough. gnupg will likely remain listed, but not out of any respect for koch. gnu would be stronger if it washed its hands of some projects (it wont). another option is to assert itself regarding those projects (it wont). gnu rolls over for gnu.fools while saying it "fights" for your freedom. this has gone on for YEARS-- these are full on traitors, >= miguel. those projects are run by people who betray users, freedom and truth. how can you say they make people more free? because of the license? if thats all it takes, then github is EXCELLENT. LOADS of free stuff! some freely-licensed projects make users less free. "dont trust us? erm, we have root!"-- mark shuttleworth nice way to sidestep the question of whether people can CONTINUE to trust you, mark. didnt know yesterdays trust was a blank cheque with no expiry (root privileges revoked). im not going to recommend people give root to gnu.fools, either. though the unhappy reality regarding gnupg is its probably the best thing weve got. thats not great, because even gnupg saddles us with a traitor-- but thats no reason not to jettison whatever bullshit we can. its YOUR computer. so why trust corporate sellouts and backstabbers who have spent years trying to gain control of the movement with treachery, mass censorship, fraud and lies? YOU may. i think its a terrible idea-- why even pretend thats activism? its only ceding, and falling for bullshit. so heres the big question: how can gnu "fight for your freedom", if it wont even stand up to such horrendous and treacherous (and ongoing) bullshit? theyre just going to let it go on. theyre going to do absolutely nothing. thats how they fight-- they do NOTHING. great plan! a course theyve stuck with for the better half of a decade! and naturally, when you do nothing, the people trying to take over everything you do just get BORED and go away... someday. i take it back, that is a REALLY FUCKING STUPID plan! probably better to call it a complete lack of a plan. theyre going to fight for your freedom... by not resisting a takeover at all. a bit like when gandhi fought the british by having fish and chips every day. dont knock it, it worked! => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org