everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### open letter to vzs1 other pages: [[muckrights-tips]] | [[rons-ongoing-bs]] | *originally posted:* jan 2021 "/some people have problems/ /you wont be able to solve them/ /theres no need to fuss/ /you just/ /walk around like youre bigger than prince/" -- green velvet, /bigger than prince/ i havent tried to contact you, nor was i going to write this, but ive actually read the nice things youve said in irc. this was during a time when ive been dealing with a bunch of unpleasant crap, and your comments were a nice aside from all that. i mentioned on [[rons-ongoing-bs]] (dont worry about the "ron" thing, i know it looks odd) that you seem to be the trigger for about half the comments of this nature. i also note that you dont take the bait, which is appreciated. im not asking you to take sides in this letter either. vZS1_2 It's a shame fig isn't around anymore. His posts on programming education were good. Jan 27 00:03 schestowitz *he got very upset at everybody* Jan 27 00:04 schestowitz *oliva, rms, me, derek taylor* Jan 27 00:04 lol... when you really dig into his statement its so much bullshit. also the "rms" part is new. it isnt true, im not (i wasnt either) upset at rms. i talked to oliva yesterday. the part about derek taylor is egregiously bullshit-- but thats not the main point of this letter. i am still writing various things about computer education. theyre in all lowers, like this letter. i dont suppose the reason would interest you, but the letters are in the public domain under cc0: ([[letters-to-a-computer-student]]) people can do whatever they want to with them. while writing them i discovered tiny core did in fact move to github: ([[dont-use-tiny-core-linux]]) and while we are on the subject, i dont know if you hate javascript as much as some people, but this page is optimised for wget. sure, if you view it in a browser it requires js to avoid jumbling the text together, but if you are viewing the source with wget or curl, (i know you dont use guis much) youll find the source for this page is less cluttered than html. easier to edit too. sadly, puppy linux (which you mentioned recently-- i read the logs, as people have mentioned) is also developed on github. feel free to look it up, but i can save you some research: fatdog64 is not developed on github as far as i know, but it only works on x86_64 and some arm sbcs. the newest offering from bk may or may not be developed without github, though it has tried to keep out systemd and when i checked last year, it was struggling with that. the mainstream (classic, community, whatever) puppy is based on github as well. in fact i reviewed the 33 "least-github-based" distros that i wrote about previously, and found that except for a VERY small handful (less than a dozen maybe?) basically all the distros that are not on github-based either use systemd, are x86_64 only, or they are not available as a live dvd or live usb. there isnt a single distro id actually enjoy using at this point, but then i dont run the linux kernel anymore. i am running plop linux (live, no installation) for something im writing, but other than documenting some of its features at the moment, i dont actually "use" it for anything, nor is there anything i particularly love about it. i switched to tiny core (from void) in april 2020, then i started migrating to bsd from sometime between august and whenever i wrote the article about completing it. basically im explaining live distros as a stepping stone to bsd, and i wanted to talk about a real example of one. i know youre into gentoo right now-- ive never had much patience with that sort of thing, but i can certainly appreciate the logic. id love to know if youve tried fuguita (openbsd live distro) and what youre experience with it is like if you do. i think it asks too much at boot time-- it probably needs better defaults. i dont have your email anymore, but i dont think youre much of a fan of email anyway. at this point i probably would contact you if i had the means, though i dont-- and its sort of just as well, since youre helping out where you are and i dont want to put you in the middle of some weird tug-of-war between myself and that other guy. the good news is that regardless of where you do what youre doing, doing it there will probably gain some additional exposure, help some other people learn more about things like ipfs and web alternatives, maybe even promote gentoo a bit. i mean, i think the linux kernel is unsalvageable, but that doesnt mean gentoo is-- nor necessarily is gnu itself. both could be rebuilt around a more forkable kernel. and since you routinely avoid getting sucked into personal bullshit, even leaving there probably wouldnt cause you the hassle and grief its caused me. the main reason im writing this-- its the 28th of january-- is to set one thing straight. i dont know who youre going to be told im pissed off at next, but you were always alright; i continue to admire the work youre doing, and i really appreciate the nice things youve said. i do this stuff because it matters to me-- though a sincere compliment is welcome, and refreshing to read. all the best with what youre doing. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org