everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### if-you-want-to-you-can-watch-my-favourite-tech-documentary *originally posted:* aug 2022 i dont know how else to say how much i liked this documentary, but this: if i had made every tech documentary that presently exists, theres only one i would still be really proud of. not "the code!" NOT revolution os. those are like watching open source (a fake and cloying thing) be in love with itself. the one i actually like, is: "guardians of the new world" => https://yewtu.be/watch?v=vvZ3NgAVwuQ granted, the title is bit... this one is mostly french? with english subtitles, and well worth the combination. anyway, this particular video is NOT about corporate traitors to hacker culture, which makes it kind of special. i counted the hypocrites, found few or none, i looked up every single name for traitors-- the closest ones were not people in the video. because theyre still awesome. even stallman was there. in context, for once. it was cool. about the software: i really dont care very much for the tor project? tor, yes! tor is a good thing. roy is an idiot about it, but roy is an idiot. the tor project NEEDS TO KICK OUT ITS TRAITORS. it probably wont-- it probably cant. will it matter in the long run? probably. should we still use tor for now? i believe so. do we need more things like tor? yes. with a big caveat: tor at least, does not base itself on github. im still by impressed by that. tor alternatives: you NEED TO FOLLOW SUIT. what are you waiting for? fan of tor here! not the people who cancelled stallman, just the work that came before them. as far as im concerned, when theyre shitting on stallman theyre shitting on tor as well. also gnupg is (barely) featured. awful shame the gnupg people are such petty narcissistic backstabbers. do we have an alternative? fuck, we are stuck with gnupg until some equally or more talented hackers replace that someday. life sucks. in general, i recommend avoiding avoid traitorous projects that lied to the public and stabbed everyone who stands for freedom in the back: kde, fuck them-- eff, the best of them are either dead or ousted, fuck the eff! fuck gnome, fuck debian, fuck worthless corporate slavedrivers who dye their hair and hate our entire species... (no, i have nothing against hair dye... ill probably need some soon...) FUCK CREATIVE COMMONS, TOO! but basically fuck lying, corporate counterrevolutionary mobs posing (most likely) as anarcho communists. that includes you, mr. swiegart. getting back to the point though? before THOSE fuckers destroyed so much, for SO little... hacker culture looked like THIS. take a good look, it might be back someday. okay, lets talk for a moment about that. this shit has been going on FOR YEARS NOW. the diaspora is ONGOING. the COUP has become an OCCUPATION. this is more like tech apartheid. wait! im not talking about the conditions here-- if you want to see BAD APARTHEID conditions, go look at fucking palestine. thats why ive been boycotting israel-- a place i can probably go live under the law of return, if i want to! for YEARS! and WAY before the chief gnewsance rightly suggested it. this isnt about apartheid in palestine, im just saying-- thats a REAL example. but whats happened to (anti-establishment) tech culture has things in common with the MECHANISMS of apartheid. rule from outside. occupation. division as a means of conquest. and terrible conditions, NONE OF WHICH hold a candle to the shit going on over there. but compared to where tech culture was going, like a decade ago? its devestating. so yeah, this is a documentary where you can see what for a GOOD WHILE now, might be PEAK hacker culture. what goes for "hacker culture" today is like what goes for cab driving now that ubers here. only if cabbies were part of a counterculture to save the world from bullshit. i dont want you to think im one of those people that think tech is the answer to everything, or that we should all hang our future on a some crypto-messiah, even if tor IS a cool thing. (there will be others, eventually). but theres good stuff here. go here to see it at its best: => https://yewtu.be/watch?v=vvZ3NgAVwuQ i watched it to the very end, with a rare "treat" in the very last minute: "[in a few years time, maybe] marketing and advertising will have swallowed another counterculture for good." yep! thats what they did to the fucking free software foundation! my point in mentioning apartheid was this: native americans arent all gone-- theres no question about genocide, theyre the ones that are LEFT. palestinians arent all gone-- but theyre in great danger and VERY, VERY wrongfully oppressed. i believe the third reich failed to completely liquidate ANY of the groups they targeted (i probably belong to three, if not four of those, but its not a fucking contest, just part of a side point-- stallman belongs to at least three of them as well! jews, people with disabilities, and people accused of being communists...) what has happened to hacker culture is NOT tragic the way that the worst human rights violations are tragic. rather, its another situation where good people and good ideas are systemetically targeted and some of them are destroyed, so that a more demanding, all-encompassing, MANDATORY culture can be OBEYED. (remember, at lieplanet, you need to have a PERMIT for unhappiness. if you dont have sunshine and bullshit coming directly out of your arse, you can buy it at the door). someday, hackers, or people very much like them will start winning again. and this time it wont be for justice in tunisia alone (which was awesome, viva la fidh) but for the entire human race. (and this time, hackers will most likely play a smaller but still important role). until then, i have mixed feelings about julian assange shirts, but i already joked about che shirts with stalllman on them. (i doubt either stallman or che would be a huge fan of those). so... buy one today? => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org