everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### how-not-to-defend-freedom other pages: => the-fake-stallman-foundation.html the-fake-stallman-foundation *originally posted:* mar 2021 the free software dark ages that followed free software 9/11 were supposed to be followed by the free software renaissance. ive written about the free software movement being dead before; some people understood, others didnt. among those who wont understand are nearly all of the people i saw fighting on the right side yesterday-- the people who stood for freedom, who stood for stallman-- who stood against corporate-led mob injustice posing as progress. so nice of the eff to mention free software for the first time in what, a decade? theyve been blowing open source shills for so long, and the only time they mention the real thing is to say the person that invented it isnt fit to tell it where to go. suddenly, all the open source people care about free software. welcome to the free software zombie apocalypse. the fsf is done. the plan to hide the truth from the world for a year and a half was not a great one. in internet time, thats long enough to start a family and get them into a good primary school. the fsf will be able to court the apathetic, the opportunistic, the fake with ease. the idealists, the believers, the people who made free software free-- they wont believe in an organisation that left everybody in despair and disbelief for more than year. they "allowed" the supporters to be censored on the mailing lists-- who is going to sponsor the fsf now? the fsf has only demonstrated that they will stop fighting for more than a year at a time, to walk away from the fight and become increasingly superficial and pander-- whenever a real fight is the most needed. in that time, the open source shills got used to victory, strutted around like peacocks, and now the fsf wants to take that away and convince everybody who believed, who fought, who pleaded, who finally gave up-- "just kidding guys! we knew about this for ages, we just couldnt say anything because you know, brilliant fucking plan and all!" "sorry about all that!" fuck this, seriously. also the eff will never have any credibility again, the pirates have shown that while theyre against copyright (or whatever, i seriously no longer give half a fuck) theyre totally alright with fraud and censorship and corrupt corporate takeovers. if you already support all of that, whats the actual problem with copyright? the coup is still a fucking fraud. but its a fraud the entire open source world has signed onto, and when ben mako hill gave his eisenhower farewell address at libreplanet, "we should probably distance ourself further from open source"-- nobody fucking listened. whatever the hell hes doing now, mako had the right idea. if you had listened, your organisation wouldnt be dead in the water now. youre done. you wont come back from this. people who truly love the fsf will take what they can and carry it to the new world, because the old one is gone. stallman can run the fsf just fine, theres nothing left of it anyway. it was already dead months ago, i dont blame him for it being dead with him back. with a choice between freedom and kowtowing to douchebags, the fsf tried to placate both and then completely forgot to do anything for the people who actually cared. first, it let down the people who supported stallman. then it let down everybody else. a better plan would have been to make a stand, to take a side, to actually represent a cause. instead it tried to do everything-- fake an actual resignation, and leave both sides without the ability to trust. whoever conceived this plan is a fuck-awful strategist. unless of course, they were *trying* to destroy the fsf. well played, you cretinous shitfuck. well played. i still believe in free software, but the real thing was led by its founder, not a bunch of fake snot-nosed pretentious hipster shitstains. if you want open source, you want microsoft i guess-- they run osi, and now osi and the eff want to run the fsf even though they havent given a shit about free software since 2003. its so fucking fake (thats got to be what eff stands for too: "extremely fucking fake"). the fight for freedom will NEVER be led by a bunch of lying idiots who only care about appearances and token progress. theyre fucking useless, and their own efforts (on their own fucking turf) have only dragged freedom backwards into the hands of monopolies. you can see the fsf getting dragged in that direction too, but thats what happens when you stop fighting and start hiding your intentions. either way, everybody is full of shit and im not interested. im pretty sure the fsf will continue to lose people on both sides, because it refused to choose between people who gave a shit and people who clearly dont. did they really think that would work as a plan? watch the sponsors. fuck the sponsors, really-- but fuck them even more when the only people who join them now are the open source arseholes moving in for the kill. fighting is fighting-- hiding is hiding. and 18 months is too fucking long for a 501(c)3 to pretend to do one thing when they intend to do another. and libreplanet, is pure open source bullshit. if you want to know what really killed the fsf-- its squarely on fucking libreplanet. if you want to know what libreplanet is, its like a big trojan horse that troy built themselves-- then they said "hey, everybody-- we are just going to leave this outside the city walls for a night or two, and none of you greeks go sneaking in and stowing away for a ride inside the gates, alright?" then they brought it inside the walls and said "hey! is anybody in there who might like breakfast? its alright, there are no guards posted! everybodys in the temple for some kind of trojan holiday!" who honestly thought it would destroy the entire organisation, if they pulled a stunt like this EVERY FUCKING YEAR? "oh hey everybody, the walls are still standing! i guess we better dust off that old horse again!" but even then! all might have been ok, if when it was actually time to fight for freedom, they had fought-- instead of pandering! reinstating stallman was not what ended the fsf. it ended in 2019, when they hatched and executed this plan. it was a plan that only a fool could love, though an ordinary fool could have probably warned you what would happen. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org