everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### high-priority-omissions *originally posted:* jun 2022 roy has a new toy: http://techrights.org/wiki/High-Priority_Opponents its not a bad page, in terms of throwing a lot of information together in a single place. its actually good enough that if youre new here, youd be forgiven for thinking the following is a nitpick. it isnt. the page omits and tiptoes around the same things techrights always omits and tiptoes around. that makes it worth noting. i should be impressed, i suppose, that it finally admits a point mincer worked for more than a decade on: > IBM has followed Microsoft's outline from the Halloween Documents and been able to use systemd to decommodify GNU/Linux in such a way that it becomes so complex that their services must be hired this is a far cry from "neutral or apathetic", its true-- but the years-late, too-late admission that red hat and ibm have thwarted the free software ecosystem only means that everything has already been taken over. for a more extreme example, its more useful (in practical terms) to note that genocide is occurring and ongoing, than it is to admit it after the fact. the latter of course matters a great deal in historical terms, though it isnt going to bring back those that are lost. this would have been a more useful thing to admit half a decade ago, when roy was still fence-riding. even this is no guarantee that the issue wont be downplayed again. bad companies and things bad companies do are very important in the big picture (and even the small details) regarding what has happened to free software. we should be holding these companies responsible, so naming them and attributing to them to what theyve done to us is worthwhile. but what does that leave out? the greatest omission ive found could fit into any of the following categories or subcategories listed already: * 3 Disenfranchisement * 4 Censorship * = 4.1 K. A custom-made censorship based on profiling * 7 Entrapment * 8 Other Threats (Peripheral) corrupt / defunct / colluding organisations are mentioned, though only when they are ORIGINAL proxies to corporations, such as the ones started by people from microsoft. but organisations that have been taken over by, or lowered the drawbridge to these same companies? they get no mention. media manipulation gets a category, but the very counterrevolution that is "open source"? dont worry about it. osi was taken over by microsoft, and microsoft is listed, but the betrayal by osi almost seems to be something roy hopes can be undone if we just make things clear enough to those responsible. its even more ridiculous than assuming the same will happen to the new fsf, and there is no mention of the coup at all. the collusion of people within the free software movement with open source and these companies, is what destroyed the fsf, ended stallmans career (what he does in his retirement is lovely, but even his talks are berift of soul and vital new information, which is what you would expect from someone who was destroyed by the two-faced among his own people) and now turn the fsf into a pathetic osi-inspired shitshow. the coup has gone on for years, and the damage is devastating. it has become an occupation, but just as techrights took more than half a decade (too late, maybe even by design) to get this right, it has downplayed the coup since 2019 the same way it downplayed systemd. you can be certain that it will be too late when techrights finally has a proper look at what the fuck happened. no coup, no new fsf, not even osi is listed as a threat. in an article last year, techrights said osi is dead. i said that it keeps taking terrible things that are actually true of the fsf and the free software movement, and re-framing those things as being osi and open source-- osi is dead, they attacked open source. the fsf is dead, they attacked free software. thats way more important, but just like techrights rode the fence for years while debian and red hat committed seppuku, roy isnt ready to admit it. he misleads, he downplays, he omits-- while techrights fails to cover the biggest story, except in a way that makes it seem like less than a big deal. the biggest, baddest page on the wiki in over a year just happens to fail to cover it too. is this a drawback of the wiki page? the wiki? actually, its a drawback of techrights itself: cover every story BUT the biggest! i mean thats typical by now. techrights is incredibly brave when it comes to side issues and scandals that people perhaps SHOULD but clearly DO NOT care about, especially after resignations come. when it comes to the biggest problems that are closest to home, techrights says DONT MENTION THE WAR! its also too late for it not to be a 15 (and a half) year old blog that has a pattern of downplaying the most important (even existential) crises in the movement while treating the 3rd-and-4th-worst threats as the biggest. its funny how when you make a habit of that, everything else you do does more to serve bullshit than it does to inform; open source has done the same for decades, using real (but smaller) issues as decoys from even more urgent ones. but then, thats techrights-- to a t. its also what was done to the fsf to destroy it from the inside, what was done by the mob to stallman, and what is still being done by (and to) the board and everything from and tangential to the new fsf. free software isnt bullshit-- but most of the things that propped it up from the beginning have turned into bullshit. techrights just says "COMPANIES DOING BAD THINGS!" yes, thats true. but while its true, its missing a very key part of the story. if you rely on techrights as your "radar" for free softwares survival, youll see the blips techrights shows you and miss so much of whats going on, you might as well say youve been left out of the picture. you will see those blips though-- over and over and over again. and free software continues to fall apart. what a shame, you would think techrights wanted that fixed. how does it plan to achieve that? with the same old shit, just like the fsf itself. when the fsf eats itself, techrights keeps calling it progress. and the corporations are still bad, but the people who sold us out to them year after year? lets not worry, we can just keep allowing that, the real problems are the big bad companies-- NOT the people who keep dragging us into servitude of the same bad companies... apparently. we used to call them shills and traitors. now "we" treat them like victims of circumstance-- as if they were helpless to not stab us in the back. well, the news is out: theyre not our opponents at all! backstabbers and saboteurs are our FRIENDS now. isnt that wonderful? not really, but i guess it gets pageviews. i suppose waiting five years to tell the real story is just a good publishing strategy. for free software, id call it a negative. if this wasnt part of a pattern of deflection and misleading people spanning years at a time, then it really might be a nitpick. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org