everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### gnu-is-open-but-not-free---everyone-is-miguel-now other pages: => a-forced-community-is-like-a-forced-marriage.html a-forced-community-is-like-a-forced-marriage *originally posted:* oct 2021 alright, not literally everyone. i know there are people still loyal to the ideals (ive even seen them, they exist) but i cant imagine what theyre doing when everyone around them is betraying the user. ### i didnt spend 12 years migrating to free software so that we could all gather around nat and suck microsofts dick forever! yet that seems to be the modus operandi of the gnu project and the fsf in 2021. stallman was still against this in 2015, its quotable (ive quoted AND CITED it before). gnu radio gave zero fucks, even mocked OTHER GNU DEVS for giving a shit. gnu radio are all (actually, mostly) traitors (theres at least one good guy left, not that i would ever use gnu radio-- id sooner learn semaphore). guix are just as awful, but nearly everybody who isnt actively selling gnu off to microsoft over a mere hosting deal is defending the other fuckers doing it. and if this were the only problem like it-- but it isnt. but all weve had are excuses and apologetics. yes, a few excellent people have spoken against it. those people are heroes, but its not enough to change the fact that: ### gnu is an utterly corrupt project maybe its the LEAST corrupt project (well, other than openbsd at least-- but that REALLY isnt what this is about) but thats all the more damning. ### gnu was supposed to set the example and in that regard, it has utterly failed. today, everyone (almost) is miguel. pray tell me, how is it that miguel de icaza (this is not a defence, i think hes fuck-awful) can spend years selling gnu out to microsoft, get called a TRAITOR by rms himself (i dont disagree) and then SO MANY GNU DEVELOPERS can do the same thing, BUT WHEN THEY DO IT its different? how the fuck is it different? because they dont get PAID for it? i believe alex oliva gets paid. i dont mind saying that, because this article isnt about lxo. in fact, im not even sure its his fault (i think it predates his involvement in fact, so that probably makes him innocent...ish) that adacore is betraying users, but hes close to stallman and-- oh hell, lets not pretend that being close to stallman means FUCKING ANYTHING whether youre going to sell users out to microsoft or not. (almost) everyone has some (lame) excuse why this is NOT selling the user out to move to microsoft github. its microsoft gnu radio, microsoft gnustep ("mirror" MY ARSE!), microsoft fribidi (self-signed stallman backstabber) and macchanger... ### i keep finding MORE GNU projects on GITHUB! and i know its not a "mirror" if there are BOTH "issues" and PULL REQUESTS, and even WEBSITES ASKING FOR PULL REQUESTS. THATS NOT A MIRROR! youre making people who DONT use github into a second-class citizen. and youre helping microsoft do surveillance on (and poach) developers. this is treachery. again, why is it only miguel who is a traitor for selling the world out like this? so many GNU DEVELOPERS are excusing this or doing it themselves, HOW MANY DE ICAZAS ARE THERE? (i coined "deb icaza", incidentally. though not "caring slander", that was someone else). ### THIS IS NOT how free software works this is how OPEN SOURCE works. and if this is how GNU works, then GNU IS NOT FREE software. ### ITS A TRAP! [insert meme here] wget isnt github-based, BUT PARTS OF IT ARE, thanks to (gnu) wgets own developer. this is treachery! bottom line: ### GNU DOES NOT FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM. gnu sells out users. to microsoft. who spends disgusting amounts of money creating a MONOPOLY on as much of the world as possible. AND ADACORE FEEDS THAT MONOPOLY. and GNU RADIO feeds that monopoly. and GNUSTEP feeds that monopoly. and MORE AND MORE OF GNU is feeding that monopoly. there are even other ways in which this is true also! but the selling out of users to github is the most egregious so far. gnu is recursive: its short for "GNU is not GNU". gnu is a recursive acronym that stands for: NOTHING! but GNU was GNU, INITIALLY. its GNOT anymore! we arent even getting into the crap with the gnu.fools coup, but thats almost as bad. (some days maybe worse). and gnu does fuck-all-- as usual. ### free software is about freedom free software is about the USER controlling their computing. ### open source is about recapturing users so they wont be free its a bait-and-switch scam that mocks freedom (in both senses of the word). ### gnu is NOT about freedom because gnu doesnt give two shits if the user controls their computing. ### GNU SOLD OUT TO MICROSOFT and the developers are (partly) to blame. no, not every single one. when is oliva going to resign from adacore? adacore are traitors as well. gnu is absolutely BULLSHIT. (gnushit?) maybe we shouldnt say "bullshit" anymore. maybe "gnushit" better sums up what the FAKE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION (osi is no better, the fsf IS osi now) has done both to users (and members) and gnu itself. but thats MICROSOFT gnushit. its only microsoft gnu from here on out. what a fucking farce. for fucking SHAME, alex oliva! this may not be your fault, but youve absolutely failed to be honest about this. ive spent YEARS trying to find truth in these fabrications you help sell people, but there is no truth in it to be found! not that youre TOO special in this. the MICROSOFT GNU project itself, has failed to be honest. but no one who cant bring themselves to tell the truth about this is ENTIRELY innocent. this lie has gone on long enough. i already declared that gnu is dead-- i also said that people would prop it up for fundraising purposes (just like they propped up stallman after conditioning him with public torture-- just like they did to torvalds, as people already know). why do people think they attacked stallman? to attack gnu-- why do people think they attacked gnu? to attack free software! and what is an attack on free software, but an attack on every user? why wouldnt users be furious about that? and why the fuck wouldnt GNU DEVELOPERS care? because they SOLD US OUT! we (yes, plural) PREDICTED they would do this to stallman. WE harshly condemned it, though some of us (a certain german piece of shit i know) recently defended those who subjected stallman to this! even i cant imagine why. but now we get to those who prop up this farce, and the corporate takeover of gnu (and the unethical exploitation of users and developers alike that goes with said takeover) but GNU DOESNT FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM, nor does the tax-free software foundation! but the number of gnu developers who have sold out is disgusting. its unethical, dishonest, deluded and two-faced. thoughts go out to those who know better and sincerely wish they could do something. the rest of you: what the actual fuck? youre not gnu developers-- youre saboteurs and traitors to every user and ever member who ever supported you. except microsoft, of course. theyre the only fsf "member" that really matters now. do i still think gnu should be salvaged? a bit, yes. can it be? i doubt it more and more, though that would only make someone who managed that much more of a hero. however, what CANT seem to be salvaged is the TRUST lost to people who have spent year after year lying to us. lying about their actions. lying about gnu. i think gnu was honest to begin with. thats the only reason it matters at all now. they took something of great value-- something that belonged to the world-- and they gave it to microsoft. MIGUEL de icaza? you people are no better than DARL FUCKING MCBRIDE! what are we supposed to GET if we are "NICE" to you about this? youre going to recognise, admit and FIX what youve done? NO! youve spent YEARS LYING to us all. youre going to spend YEARS MORE lying to the world about this fucking GNUSHIT. so many fucking de icazas-- so many fucking mcbrides! how could you POSSIBLY-- NOT REALISE what youve all done? its unfucking real. oh, and this-- every time people talk about openbsd being less corrupt, someone says that its not suitable for his use. (not that hes been at all honest in his evaluation of it, which would help everyone else at least). THATS A CHANGE OF SUBJECT, isnt it? we were talking about what was LESS CORRUPT, not whether its DEBIAN or not. lying fanboy scumbag... like you have to walk to reddit or ycombinator to find someone who will say "windows is just better for my needs..." i guess it depends on whether you need to be betrayed or not. windows is great for that, but then again so is open source. so is debian-- so is gnu! i mean, if you simply look at who LIES THE MOST, gnu isnt even SPECIAL anymore! its gone totally mainstream! HOORAY! => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org