everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### github-timeline *originally posted:* jul 2021 > We had quite a day on Monday with over 250k project imports-- GitLab.com Status (@gitlabstatus) June 5, 2018 most gnu developers know that facebook is a terrible thing, and why, but theyre still using what amounts to "facebook for software development". octocat should have a speech line next to it that says "they trust me... dumb fucks". ### 2001 * March: GNU Radio registered as a GNU project ### 2004 * March: D front end for GCC (GDC) announced ### 2008 * February: GitHub goes online ### 2009 * June: Initial GitHub commit for D language ### 2013 * April: Gentoo moves OpenRC to GitHub * November: Boost closes its SVN to migrate to GitHub ### 2014 * September: IceWM 1.3.9 is the first version not released on SourceForge ### 2015 * January: Systemd still builds with Jenkins to GitHub as a mirror * March: Audacity moves to GitHub * May: DejaVu fonts moves to GitHub after version 2.35 * June: tmux moves to GitHub * June: Systemd removes git-push access and makes the GitHub mirror the official development repo * August: Vim completes move to GitHub * August: rdesktop completes move to GitHub * August: WHATWG moves HTML spec to GitHub * December: rms on discuss-gnustep Please, no GitHub https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/discuss-gnustep/2015-12/msg00168.html "GitHub does things that are quite bad for free software and is not interested in changing them. If you want to move off Savannah, please pick some other place." * December: FUSE (and sshfs) move to GitHub ### 2016 * January: Python plans code move to GitHub * March: CUPS moves to GitHub * September: First issue for GNU Radio on GitHub-- [confirmed: 2016-09/msg00128] note this can be a misleading metric for showing how recently it moved. Mailing list/Official website data is better * December: GNU Aspell development moves to GitHub-- Savannah becomes the mirror ### 2017 * February: CPython is hosted on GitHub * July: Squid cache moves to GitHub ### 2018 * May: Net-SNMP moves to GitHub * June: Purchase by Microsoft announced * October: Microsoft deal closed * October: D added to GNU GCC * November: alsa-lib gets first GitHub issue ("just a test") First real issue opened same month * December: First pull request for GNU Radio on GitHub ### 2019 * September: LLVM commits enabled on GitHub * October: (sidenote) LLVM move to GitHub begins http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2019-October/136106.html * November (correction, migration complete in October): Perl quietly moves development to GitHub ### 2020 * September: OpenJDK moves to git.openjdk.java.net and GitHub, and within less than a year (mid-2021 at the latest) the local git (for jdk at least) redirects to GitHub * October: DMCA takedown of youtube-dl from GitHub (its main repo) ### 2021 * March: GNU Radio joins anti-RMS letter on GitHub * March: PHP disables git.php.net (still online, presumably read-only) after two malicious commits are made, now relies on GitHub (pull requests have already been used for years) * April: Someone with an oracle.com email address makes an April 1st joke about OpenJDK supporting code-hosting platforms other than GitHub * April: GNU Radio joins the traitors at gnu.fools * June: Internet Engineering Task Force awards Ribose a contract to migrate various IETF Trac / SVN repos (pertaining to issue tracking and tools used for mailing list access / management) to GitHub => https://www.ietf.org/media/documents/Trac_and_Subversion_migration_to_GitHub_RFP.pdf ### Planned Migrations * WebKit states on their official mirror on GitHub that it will be their canonical repo in the future. Get ready for a WWW controlled by Google, Apple and Microsoft. This is why people love Gemini. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org