everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### from-the-front-page *originally posted:* mar 2021 actually, this is similar to the writing from the original front page-- first at the top before the links, now on a separate page. the wording was altered a few times a long the way to make it slightly more concise. it was moved here to make room for more links. ### -=- "never start a fight, always finish it." -- david sheridan, babylon 5 activists are people who stand up to: bullies, lies, corruption, injustice. often, activists can do more when they band together. their opponents know this, and try to split groups apart. but when a group is doing more to harm than help you, it is the right thing to do to walk away. when a group turns on you, it is the right thing to do to defend yourself. at the core of what it is, gaslighting is psychological abuse that tries to conflate truth with mental health issues. this has been used to attack stallman based on both his (likely) autism, his temperament and his words (taken out of context). but as the steamroller turns to face his supporters, things get even uglier. nobody is saying that stallmans supporters are individually as important as he is-- but that doesnt mean they have no right to defend themselves. this website began as an act of self-defence. i did not want to make it, i told my former owner to leave me alone and stop lying about me. he didnt stop. this website is about my first-hand experience, and the experience of other people who have been used and exploited by free software. we are not here to rewrite history-- free software was until very recently, a very good thing. only this new corruption of the movement is negative-- but that corruption runs so far across everything, it is not unfair to say that free software is over. hopefully there will be other things much like it-- not fake replacements like open source, but geniune grassroots movements for users, by users. this is also *their* story. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org