everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### free-computing-whos-who.html *originally posted:* jan 2022 this page is more about freedom and potential, than fame and glory. there are more routes to the latter than there are to what matters. ### aaron swartz * yet another victim of a corrupt and hypocritical mit. still inspires lessig and too many others to count. helped develop rss. conceived of wikipedia years before it existed. championed free access to knowledge. ### dr. andy farnell (written after the star wars references-- lxo was the second on the list then). * may use umbrella terms like floss. "digital vegan" author. teaches cybersecurity, says you really cant in these farcical times. not stallman-- but maybe the (other) person to go to when asking "what would stallman do?" makes a conscious decision each time he leaves his home whether he will need his mobile phone or not. understands the vital need for education a lot better than the fsf does. ### lawrence lessig * free culture advocate. constitutional law professor. former fsf board member. understands the threats copyright poses to users a little better than stallman. failed to convince the latter. stole some of his best ideas from stallman nonetheless, which he gives stallman due credit for. ### leah rowe * libreboot and osboot maintainer. one of the first to step up when call for "more stallmans" came. wildcard activist and hardware hacker with real skills, accomplishments and even further potential. may ultimately deserve same level of understanding as we grant rms. at least one pinky toe in the dark side. possible relation to leia skywalker... but which one? loves microsoft vim, should fork it instead. ### lxo * the smoking man to free softwares x-files. may have sold us out; may alternatively be the only true clone of stallman in the world. if free software is a mystery, then lxo is free software. wait, thats not how it works. 2 out of 3? co-founder of the most fsf-like fsf since the original. once tried to make linux libre. nearly became the second fsf president. still probably more useful than the second fsf president. how many people do you know that can modify kernel source with a bash script? no hate for this entry pls, it really would have been worse still to not say anything. anyone that mei hates cant be all bad. ranks higher than stallman in alphabetical order, probably considered a name change at some point to fix this. obviously trying to forge peace with the traitors to the movement-- its a trap. (two fucking star wars references two entries into this list, im not even a fan. its more like lucas tourettes today, sorry). ### rms * basically invented free software. co-opted open source (pre-osi) a bit, made open more open (at their expense, but on behalf of the world). semi-retired in 2011. co-opted by open source (osi) until his assassination and falsified (forged) retirement in 2019. survived by own mascot. original fsf founder, forked emacs from emacs, created gcc for ibm (please fix), scapegoated and gang-beaten by corrupt beaver hypocrites, one of the better humans on earth-- never claimed perfection, but obviously tried his best. author of the free software definition and gnu manifesto. co-author of the gpl. founder of the gnu project and chief gnuisance. fuck it, hes yoda-- dammit, george lucas. ### the chief gnewsance * leader of the gnew project. historian, teacher, genuine leftist. math guru. says "more with less", not "less is more". also (like dr. farnell) understands the vital need for education a lot better than the fsf does. ### theo de raadt * lead developer of the most forkable big-name free operating system in the world. got shit on by linus, but linus is a fucking shill. truly doesnt give a shit if you like openbsd. deserves more credit, which he wont ever get. cant be understood or explained in stallman-like terms. doesnt tolerate blobs in openbsd-- all others are outside his jurisdiction. fair warning: canadian. ### yet-unnamed heroes * this is an incomplete list-- hopefully it will remain an incomplete list. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org