everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### fraud-as-in-fraudulent---the-gnu-ass-end-ly other pages: => bullshit-of-the-week.html bullshit-of-the-week *originally posted:* apr 2021 i guess ludicrous courtes has finally done it-- and ive been saying for a while that open source was after the gnu project, hmm? i was JUST adding guile-rpc to the list of traitors and recommending a list of 13 projects for gnu to purge, when the fuckers went ahead and did it for me. none other than lxo himself pointed me to the latest coup, the gnu ass-end-ly. (because youre getting the ass end of gnu with this bunch). its important to point out that this is an outright fraud. ratly and caring slander will probably stake their careers on this, and i hope someone gets disbarred. this is what they might call "intellectual property"-- and eben has already gone after them for pulling similar crap with sfc. i havent even checked if theyre involved with this, but it has their kind of stench and i wont be surprised if theyre all over it. although i hope eben (or someone like him) gets them for this (stallman still owns the trademark, i believe) i think the trademark issue is the minor aspect. theyre not doing a parody (which is a copyright/fair use thing anyway, this isnt) but rather theyre trying to convince people that they are the real gnu project. on top of this fraud, theyre pretending they have the authority (they dont) to change the way gnu governance works. this is a willful deception of the public, there are outright lies where there ought to be transparency, and this is being done to steal control of something they dont hold the trademarks to. you may wonder, "but what about gnew?" its apples and oranges, but of course people will ask that. a year from now, gnew will still not be anything like what these idiots are doing. and there will probably be a lawsuit against them, or they will be spanked just as hard by the community for this as they were for the open letter. dont get me wrong, im not saying they will definitely fail. im saying this is fraud, deception and theft. they can say pretty words like "equity" all day long. theyre still lying to everyone in the world, and theyre doing it because of pure narcissism. this is not a free software story at all. this is the stage in the war between open source and free software where open source tries to steal the gnu project itself. i mean, they just did. lets see who supports that. a gnu that doesnt care about your freedom is of no more use to the public than it is to richard stallman-- are you ready to see what these people are like, when you are anything at all like he is? they wont be able to keep their promises. open source is a bait and switch scam. and thats what these gnu.tools are running. it isnt gnu-- its a fucking scam plus trademark infringement. whats more, its all to profit giafam. dont be a sucker, people. these liars and con artists are ruthless. its a pretty safe bet what this weeks bullshit-of-the-week will be. perhaps this calls for a bullshit-of-the-year. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org