everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### foldermap05 other pages: => the-wonders-of-modularity.html the-wonders-of-modularity *originally posted:* jul 2021 this program is a few years old, it typically shows one unicode character for each file. modified to show a div that is the sqrt of the sqrt of the filesize on each side. i dont know what the most recent version of this program is, but im fairly confident its less than 0.5, so i skipped to 0.5. ``` #### license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain) #### http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ proginf = "foldermap 0.5, jul 2021 mn" function fixpath p lpath p left 1 ifequal lpath "/" pl p len minus 1 now p right pl return now fig ifequal lpath "." pl p len minus 1 now p right pl return now fig now return p fig function gc p python from os import getcwd ; return p + getcwd() fig fig function fsize p python import os from os.path import getsize ; return getsize(p) fig fig function listdir p python from os import listdir as ld ; return ld(p) fig fig function osep python from os import sep as p ; return p fig fig function islink p python from os import path ; return path.islink(p) fig fig function nolink p nlink islink p sgn not return nlink fig function nodot p ndot ". .." split ndot " " instr ndot p sgn not return ndot fig function brev path has instr path "/" iftrue has has path reverse instr has "/" now path reverse left has reverse return now fig now path reverse return now #path fig function dc p c 0 forin x p ifequal x "/" now c plus 1 swap now c fig next now c plus 1 return now fig sep osep fc 0 function listd lx sep osep p listdir lx #print plen p len python global fc fig #now fc plus plen swap now fc collects "</div>" arr bhl "" forin x p cc nodot x c nolink x plus cc times -1 ifmore c 1 try path lx plus sep plus x now fc plus 1 swap now fc collect listd path rint dc path ifmore rint 14 rint 14 fig hl "pink coral pink coral pink orange gold orange gold orange lime lavender lime lavender" split hl " " mid rint 1 bhl hl patha brev path now "<div style='padding: 2px; margin: 2px; float: right; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; background-color: " plus hl plus ";'><span style='font-size: 9px;'>" plus patha plus "</span>" # print #collects plus "-= --" collects plus collect #collects plus "-- =-" collects plus now except sz fsize path sqr sqr int plus 1 str divtext "<div style='border-style: solid; border-width: 1 ; border-color: lavender; float: left; background: black; width: " plus sz plus "px; height: " plus sz plus "px;'> </div>" fpath gc "file://" rpath fixpath path now "<span style='font-size: 9px;'><a style='color: black;' href='" plus fpath plus rpath plus "'>" plus divtext plus "</a></span>" collects plus now resume fig next now return collects fig collect listd "." clen collect len now collect reverse bal 0 forin p collect has instr p "<div" iftrue has now bal plus 1 swap now bal fig ifequal p "</div>" now bal minus 1 swap now bal fig now p print next for p 1 bal 1 now "<div>" print next ``` => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org