everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### fewer-leaders-or-more other pages: => bullshit-of-the-week.html bullshit-of-the-week *originally posted:* apr 2021 *updated:* aug 2021 free software needs more leaders. people who say it needs fewer are full of shit. osi has fewer leaders, it has more infiltration. there is no difference between these two things. fewer leaders means fewer people guarding the movement-- it means more takeover. it means everything becomes more corporate. so its no wonder that the people calling for fewer leaders are well known shills and bullshitters. stallman will always be a leader-- he leads by example, he leads with charisma (which is a feat for any true geek, but he does it just the same) and even charm-- your mileage may vary, but people want you to believe that nobody really loves stallman, when in fact many of us absolutely do. when they insist that nobody admires or still follows him, what theyre trying to do is convince the world that stallmans movement no longer exists-- so they can finish taking it over. i still participate in-- and compete WITH the free software movement. i do not follow "open source" but i fight it, and call it out for the bullshit it is. open source is a FAKE corporate astroturf movement, which uses code and money like a worm on a hook-- and goes fishing to tell fish that "we can be friends!" well, thats bullshit. you can see the history of "friendship" (betrayal) within the open source world. theyve even betrayed themselves! so if you want to go fishing with these liars, be sure you dont take their bait. and if all you want is worms, try windows-- its a great way to get those. but no matter which way i go, im not going corporate and playing osis fake game. and stallman will always be the founder of this movement. these people talking about it being leaderless-- you cant make stallman not a leader, you can only try to say the people who follow him dont exist. thats who theyre really trying to cancel, as i said years ago-- not just stallman, but all of us. they dont just want us to be leaderless, they want us to be voiceless. they want monopolies like ibm, who already buy their place in media, to be the sole voice of the future of computing, privacy, freedom-- so they can make you their property. this is an old trick, open source has done this for decades, but just like they do patent evergreening to keep technology from being public domain and just like they attack copyleft to make it so they can take away our defences against their copyright AND their patent exploitation-- they need to evergreen their bullshit arguments so they sound like new solutions to new problems (not old scams against non-problems). they want to attack our movement by knocking down our leaders, and pretend its about equality or an even playing field. these companies NEVER cared about an even playing field. they bought the doj so that the doj wouldnt enforce antitrust (and make the playing field more level). they took over our communities so we couldnt plan or speak out against monopolies and make the playing field more level-- they want a more "level" (cut lower) playing field when it comes to people trying to level the playing field-- in other words, the EXACT opposite of what they bill it as (but what else is new?) their only true motivation for removing our leaders is to put in their own. its a scam, it always was a scam, its not a new scam, but theres a new layer of bullshit on top of the mountain theyd already piled up before. freedom can always use more leaders-- martin luther king was not a monopolist-- the best leaders even call out for MORE people to become leaders in their own communities. thats the kind of leadership thats needed-- as opposed to none, so it can just fall apart and be exploited further. thanks, but no thanks, jan! (you sophistry-loving douchebag...) => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org