everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### [generate-title] *originally posted:* feb 2021 ### honourable mention: the gui * i still use it * drawbacks: encourages mouse use, adds bloat, ramps up "fashion" fads in the software industry * legacy support: tk doesnt need harfbuzz, at least ### anything apple makes * obsoleted by: anything that you can depend on for more than half a year * drawbacks: hipsters, controlled by monopolies, surveillance, depletion of global supply of chrome * legacy support: are you kidding? ### github * obsoleted by: git (2005) bittorrent (2001) email (1970s) * drawbacks: controlled by monopolies, centralisation, surveillance, developer poaching, free software project takeovers * legacy support: still used by far too many important projects ### gnu/linux * obsoleted by: bsd (1970s) openbsd (1990s) * drawbacks: google, ibm, facebook, apple, microsoft * legacy support: the licenses are really good and can be applied to other software; many of the tools are worth salvaging ### golang * obsoleted by: even java is better, and java sucks * drawbacks: google * legacy support: no, thanks ### microsoft windows * obsoleted by: bsd (1970s) x11 (1980s) * drawbacks: pure evil, unstable interface, proprietary, built-in spyware, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria * legacy support: kill it with fire ### python 3 * obsoleted by: pypy (2007) * drawbacks: not actually a programming language; more like a subscription to an api designed by google and controlled by microsoft * legacy support: pypy (2007) ### raspberry spy * obsoleted by: other sbcs that dont spy on you * drawbacks: microsoft, debian, uefi in the spy 4, firmware blobs * legacy support: netbsd ### the web * obsoleted by: whatever it takes * drawbacks: fake / bloated p2p, increasing centralisation, surveillance, censorship, browser as big as a frikkin operating system * legacy support: webscraping / proxies / archives => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org