everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### dividing-things-pointlessly-and-inaccurately-along-age-lines *originally posted:* nov 2021 ``` Techrights-sec Again, Generation Z is flicking away with their thumbs the very same freedoms that the Greatest Generation fought Nov 06 10:42 Techrights-sec and died to gain and/or keep Nov 06 10:42 ``` is this guy sirius? i know the scapegoating isnt deliberate, nor is it aimed at people my own age. but as stupid as the above argument is, the stupidity is worth addressing because there are actually people who believe such nonsense. there are so many angles you could view it from that would make it wrong, that you almost have to imagine an intricate dance around the obvious to arrive at such an assumption. i think its more likely that everyday life is an intricate dance around the obvious for most people-- i dont think techrights-sec is likely any more prone to this than average. (though he does hang around roy a lot). this is an argument that has flabbergasted me for years and years, so lets look at some of the things that make it wrong: 1. the same people who "fought and died" for these freedoms in the "greatest generation" came home and (some of them-- too many of them) ran for office and proceeded to take away more of those freedoms, even before and leading to the 1970s (way, way before "generation z" was ever born). so the whole "fought and died for" argument has problems, at least. this is fighting a pointlessly ageist argument with another ageist argument, but its an ageist argument with the express goal of illustrating the very pointlessness (and arbitrary nature) of dividing politics along such a line. 2. the above erosion of liberties by older authorities against younger people has continued nonstop from the end of wwii to the present, making the argument not only scapegoating, but wildly hypocritical. 3. it was older generations teaching younger people to give up these rights-- in the press, in schools, and in broadly in tech companies, with some important and noteable exceptions like zuckerberg. 4. it was older generations who were funding and exploiting (and profiting from) any erosion of liberties by tech companies. 5. it was older generations who passed, then supported the major (and illegal) erosions of freedom at the turn of the 21st century. 6. it is older generations (more than younger, at least) who prevent the repeal of such erosions and the prosecution of those responsible. BUT PERHAPS MOST OBVIOUSLY... it is HARDLY only "generation z" that is "flicking away with their thumbs" any freedoms that could be "flicked away" on a smartphone! people in their 60s and 70s are a significant portion of those "flickers", and the people STILL profiting from this are older than "generation z" on average. however, my goal here is not to blame ANY age group or "generation" for these atrocities, only to point out that OLDER generations are *AT LEAST* as much to blame as any other group. its not that its unfair (though it is) to blame younger generations for this problem-- its that its fucking STUPID to blame them. a huge percentage of the people working to fix this happen to be younger. perhaps its the majority, however-- the people who are FIXING this dont give a shit how old you are. its not important, relevant or insightful. at best, its a distraction. at worst, its blaming the victim. we owe everyone a better education, in terms of how to stand up for and defend their rights. the older generations need to stop pointing fingers at the generations theyve exploited and defrauded of better opportunities-- based on greed and ignorance. but really, dividing the future along age lines is unnecessary and unhelpful. anyone willing to help can be part of the solution. anyone unwilling to help is (at best), NOT part of the solution. there isnt an age group or generation that exists, which you can help the future simply by belonging to. and its pretty dumb to think there is. its what you do-- not when you were born, for fucks sake. the civil rights movement happened AFTER world war ii though. the free speech movement happened AFTER world war ii as well. so lets drop this "greatest" vs. "latest" bullshit. the "latest" generation will have the biggest mess to clean up of any generation ever, IF the mistakes of previous generations even let them survive. youre going to blame them for creating it, too? what the fuck? => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org