everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### [generate-title] other pages: => why-bsd.html | *originally posted:* feb 2021 i dont make changes to freewiki without a certain level of care and consideration. i cant promise the result is perfect. what i can say is that im pleased with the results. gemini is here, and i wanted to do something to celebrate that. ive just learned the syntax for text/gemini and i thought it would be fun, if not also useful, to be able to use gemini syntax in freewiki. the first thing i wanted to do is drop support for italics and bold. but i *like* bold text. so i *compromised*, as you can possibly notice here. or perhaps not. when you type an asterisk, it is bolded. it does not bold the text between asterisks like it used to. i like to think this is a backwards-compatible way to tell when text is intended to be bold, while taking a step towards gemini text. likewise, /this/ no longer makes text italic. i dont use that much, and i regret choosing it for the syntax. sure there are easy-to-use [*lit*] tags that i can use like this: gnu[*lit*]/[*lit*]linux, but thats so ugly when you have to do it a lot. now you can just type gnu/linux and it comes out like you typed. freewiki is a mix of bbcode-like tags where desired, markdown for a couple of things, it even lets you use leading spaces for preformatted text. but now, if you prefer you can use ``` on one line and ``` after your preformatted text to do the same-- just like gemini does: ``` for p in range(10): print p ``` because of the way freewiki now handles asterisks, they can be used: * to do lists * quite easily * without [*lit*] tags and gemini has this syntax for headers: ``` # h1 ## h2 ### h3 ``` # freewiki ## has ### that plus, gemini uses this syntax for links: ``` => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org/ ``` => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org/ while freewiki still lets you use [*url*] tags or local wiki-style links, you now have the option of creating one-per-line links with gemini syntax. you could even take freewiki (the first version that supports gemini syntax is 1.0) and remove the other features to create a gemini text "wiki" parser for your websites. maybe i will do that, but that was not the goal of adding these features. the purpose of freewiki was to make it simpler to edit webpages, with a cleaner, more minimal syntax. it even makes it easier to get data with wget or other command lines tools, because the text in a freewiki page is closer to plaintext than html is. but, now that its possible to do gemini syntax in freewiki, i can optimise my pages for importing to gemini capsules-- and consider making more pages that dont use the extra frills that freewiki was designed to allow. if you want to play with freewiki, on your own neocities/website or even offline, it is a single public domain javascript you can download here: => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org/freewiki/freewiki.js just copy that to a folder named /freewiki/ and copy this page too, to see how to link them together. => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org