everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### bugzilla-watch *originally posted:* jul 2021 just yesterday, i deleted firefox. today, while researching the github timeline, i found this: https://www.bugzilla.org/installation-list/ its not current, though it is updated. for example, as of jul 2021 it lists the w3c. i thought this could be an interesting way to track bugzilla. ☑ 1cpp.ru ☑ AbiWord X Activestate X Advanced Digital Broadcast (since 2010) ☑ Alt Linux X Anope IRC Services ☑ Apache Project ☑ AspectC++ X Asteriou X Astur Linux ? Async Open Source X Avadhi Finance and Technology ☑ Cendio X Center for Distributed Object Computing, Washington University at St. Louis X Center for Hybrid and Embedded Software Systems, University of Berkeley X Codemagus X Code Magus Limited X Compendium, Open University X Computational Biology and Informatics Lab, University of Pennsylvania ☑ ContentLion ☑ ContentLion ☑ Courtesan Consulting ☑ CVS on NT ? DataDino ☑ distributed.net ? DMOZ X DV Digitaler Verlag GmbH X ebase ☑ Eclipse X Ecoinformatics.org X EggHeads.org ☑ ElitNet ☑ ESSPL ☑ ETC s.r.o. ☑ Etersoft ☑ Exim ☑ FreeBSD X Freedesktop.org/X.org X Ganymede ? GCC for RISC OS ☑ GCC ? GColPart.com ☑ Geant4 project ☑ Gentoo X Glub Tech, Inc X GNOME ? Greytip Software Pvt. Ltd. ☑ HPCalc ☑ HylaFAX ☑ Icculus ? imCode X IntelliCAD Technology Consortium X Interactive Limited X Invitel Zrt. ☑ iPLATINUM Pty Ltd X Jabber.ru ? JacORB ☑ KDE ☑ Koha Library Software ☑ LibreOffice X libtorque ☑ Linux Kernel ☑ LiveCode ☑ LLVM ☑ LON-CAPA X Lysator X Lyx X maemo.org ☑ Mageia ☑ Mageia Linux X Mandriva ☑ March Hare Software ? Mediaup Crossmedia X MemeCode Software ? MetaPRL X Molecular Graphics Laboratory, Scripps University X MountAbbey ActionScript Repository ☑ MozDev ☑ Mozilla X mplayer ? Nessus Security Scanner X NetBeans ☑ NetFilter X North Carolina State University LUG X Novell, Inc. ☑ nosuchhost.net X ODAMEX ☑ OKIT GmbH X Open Bioinformatics Foundation X OpenCms ☑ OpenFabrics Alliance X Open NMS ☑ Open Office X OpenSolaris X Open Source Applications Foundation ☑ OpenSSH ? Open Ticket Request System X Open University Compendium ☑ Open Watcom ? OpenXchange ☑ OSGi Alliance X PADL Software ? Participatory Culture Foundation ☑ PrivaSphere ☑ ProFTPD ☑ Project Partners, LLC. X Public Knowledge Project ? Quest Software ☑ R ☑ Red Hat X RITE System X Sable at McGill University ☑ Samba ? Sandia National Laboratories ? Scilab ? SGI X Skolelinux ☑ softCENTRAL ☑ Spam Assassin ☑ SquidGuard ☑ Squid X Stratasoft ☑ SuDo X SuSE Linux/Novell ? Sylpheed Claws X SystemDataRecorder ? TECOM ☑ The D Programming Language X The Globus Toolkit ☑ The OpenFabrics Alliance X The World Wide Web Consortium ? TimeSys X Tinyproxy X Unbound X W3C (since 2019) ☑ WebKit X willuhn.de Buzzword Factory ☑ Wine ☑ Wireshark ? XenSource X XFCE => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org