everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### [generate-title] other pages: => why-bsd.html => letters-to-a-computer-student.html *originally posted:* feb 2021 the little maoist douchebags that run wikipedia make it the encyclopedia that nobody can read. im so tired of these snivelling little shits, im boycotting wp for the rest of the year. maybe i will start using a real encyclopedia. fix your fucking bullshit wp, ive seen this sort of thing happen too many times. from http://techrights.org/irc-archives/irc-log-techbytes-270221.html: schestowitz__ So, I haven't said anything to anyone about this, but a few days after the xxxxxxxxxxxx videos story ran, someone initiated a fairly extensive campaign to delete my wikipedia page. Feb 27 06:49 schestowitz__ Wikipedia doesn't define me. Feb 27 06:49 schestowitz__ I found it a bit amusing because I was the one who RMS tasked to promote GFDL, so I was a "pusher" of contributing to wikipedia and nupedia... and I was eventually deleted Feb 27 06:49 schestowitz__ One reason stated: Feb 27 06:49 schestowitz__ not being a lawyer - which shouldn't matter because it was an author stub also having broken links which were fixed but no matter, still deleted. Feb 27 06:49 schestowitz__ as for the not being a lawyer, I don't need to defend and I don't ... however... just because it is annoying, it has been pointed out before...about me even after I clearly state IANAL Feb 27 06:49 => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org