everything wrong with free software

 "obedience breeds foolishness"

### as-the-coup-becomes-occupation-it-rewrites-its-own-history *originally posted:* feb 2022 rewriting history (along with other facts) is a longtime favoured weapon of open source. the occupation of the fsf is in full swing, "restructuring" the destruction into the new normal. if the words "new normal" seem like an artifact of the present era, this game is certainly nothing new. in management theory, the new normal is a predictable phase like the coup itself. in the chaos phase, which was intended to disrupt the status quo (not that open source hadnt already spent years weakening free software at every hinge, joint and support) stallman was brutally attacked. now he is silent and handled, and this is presented to us as his "return". i said before 2021, the real stallman would not come back. he hasnt, and (like torvalds) he never will. only the justification has changed. the justification of stallmans handlers echoes the demands of the coup itself. stallman they say, is a bad man. if hes a good man, hes still not someone who should go around speaking to people. if he speaks, he should stick to a script. and the people who know best, of course, are the people who sympathise with the overthrow of free software. they speak for themselves, they speak for open source and corporations, they do not speak for freedom or for users-- stallman spoke for those. open source is itself bait-and-switch, so it has used bait-and-switch tactics every year it has existed. the coup and occupation are no exception to this. but the coup was brutal, and now, it is over. oh im not being cynical or sarcastic, the coup honestly is over. it continues, but not as a coup. the coup was the work of (but not the planning by) a brutal, disruptive, dishonest mob. the goal was never to be a mob, the goal was occupation. the first task of the occupation is to rewrite both what happened and its goals. it was not about attacking stallman, of course. the same people who participated in the coup-- not only in deed, but in name-- now say this is all about BEING NICE. imagine! remember when it was about stallman being horrible? now its about BEING NICE. thats all! its not lieplanet, its a love-in. we heard exactly this with microsoft <3 linux. its not a new thing at all. this is where coups go when theyve established themselves fully. theyre almost there now. the lies against stallman were propaganda. the new party line is also propaganda, but it has a kinder, gentler tone to it. its still bullshit, it is incredibly manipulative and when you pay the fsf, you pay them to lie to you and everyone like you. i am completely against this. a dishonest campaign is not progress, but regression. the new fsf is not the fsf, the "returned" stallman is nothing like stallman, just as torvalds at least stood for SOMETHING originally (if less, if very little compared to free software itself) but now he has masters and he doesnt stand up to those. this is not fighting for your freedom. the fsf has entered a phase where it solely compromises the freedom it spent decades building. history has more dramatic examples of this, so its not like this is the first about-face for a movement at all. "counterrevolution" is not a word invented to talk about free software. but the nastiest, most horrible, most dishonest and treacherous people are now here to tell you HOW TO BE NICE. this is true at lieplanet, but not only-- this extends to organisations (even fake unions, pretending to care about workers just as open source pretended to care about users or freedom) founded by utter trolls who spend hours and hours fighting against truth and rewriting history-- all to make their treachery seem legitimate. the changes in the fsf match 1:1 the treacherous bullshit of the coup, now occupation itself. the goals are the same, the tactics shift, and we might as well be hearing "open source <3 fsf" any day now. why not? the fsf is now controlled by open source, just as linux is now controlled by microsoft. whats not to love? => https://wrongwithfreesw.neocities.org